Stryker Tech Interview Process


Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies that offers products in Orthopedics, Medical, and Surgical items. It is a multinational corporation that houses over 45,000 employees worldwide including staff, industry workers, manager associates, factory workers, and engineers. Stryker is a trustworthy corporation that caters to developing, manufacturing, and selling medical equipment. It is a well-structured company with its revenue growing exponentially in the coming years. Numerous people have the vision to work in this tech giant. Let us know “Stryker Tech Interview Process”

Stryker Tech Interview Process

Stryker tech corporation has a unique interview process. Every tech corporation depends on its software development teams to function smoothly. Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, and Front-End Developers help in developing the user interface of the corporation. Stryker offers various benefits to its employees, such as health insurance, mental well-being programs, and financial education. If you wish to apply at Stryker, there are some points you need to look forward to. It is not fairly easy to get an interview at Stryker Corporation. You should be ready to apply for the upcoming interviews at Stryker tech.

Stryker Interview Process:  

Stryker Tech conducts 5 to 6 interview rounds divided into behavioral interviews, technical tests, HR rounds, and final stage interviews. Here is the interview process that Stryker follows, from the first telephonic interview to the last stage.

  1. Phone Interview 
  • Once your application is shortlisted, the hiring managers will schedule a phone call. The duration of the phone call might last for 30 minutes. The recruiters will ask general questions based on your communication skills, previous workplace, basic technical skills, and culture fit questions. They assess your background and skills and see if you are deemed fit for the company and the job role.
  1. Online Video Round
  • This round would be conducted by the hiring managers and they would assess your work ethic, technical knowledge, and team spirit. The duration of the call would last approximately 1 hour. It could be a video call or a simple telephonic round. The hiring managers would ask basic programming questions to test your knowledge. Make sure you are prepared for the fundamental topics of computer science. The recruiters might ask you a bunch of situational questions to assess an appropriate response by a Stryker employee.
  1. Gallup Interview Round
  • Stryker accommodates the Gallup Consultancy Group to ensure the quality of candidates they hire. The Gallup organization conducts a professional interview on the phone where they assess different aspects of you, for instance, if you fit into the team. This is said to be a psychometric part of the assessment, where a trained analyst asks strategic based questions. The duration of this round lasts 30 minutes or 1 hour, based on your efficiency. You move to the next round only if the Gallup organization passes your assessment. This is said to predict the success rate of your desired job according to your caliber.
  1. On-site Interviews
  • Once you have completed all the previous rounds, the hiring managers are aware of your exceptional work qualities. For assessing your diligence, HR prepares a series of on-site interview rounds. Here, various department heads, engineering managers, and team heads would evaluate your industry knowledge as well as its implementation. Software engineers are given a coding test to complete so make sure you are proficient in data algorithms and programming. A system or product design interview may be conducted as well. The recruiters will also test your perseverance and team effort. Ensure that you are well-versed with the situational questions on the on-site round.

How To Apply At Stryker Tech?

If you wish to apply at Stryker tech corporation, you can submit your resume to their website. It would take mainly 5 to 20 minutes to fill out the online application depending on whether you complete all the fields. There are separate forms for each position. Once you submit the application, you may receive a confirmation email. 

Stryker also offers a portal where you can receive regular job alerts. The interface will scan your skills and send you an alert where you can apply for the role.

Are You Eligible To Apply At Stryker? :

If you wish to apply at Stryker tech corporation, you should check the official eligibility criteria on the website. Here are the lists of usual criteria that Stryker follows.

It is conditioned that you must possess a bachelor’s degree from a reputed university to apply for the level 1 job position at Stryker. Even if you are a fresher, you must have scored at least a 7 GPA in any BE/B.Tech – CSE, IT, ECE field. 

If you have 2 or 3 years of corporate experience, you must be proficient in technical industry knowledge. With a few years of experience in software programming, the professional must have knowledge of data algorithms, structures, and at least one programming language.

Before The Interview:

Update Your Resume/LinkedIn Profile

  • Before you start applying for the role, make sure your resume is updated with the latest information. Update your LinkedIn profile to create an impressive portfolio for the hiring managers to look forward to. Here you can demonstrate your experience and explain that you would be a great fit for the team.

Technical Preparation

  • Except for the behavioral questions, Netflix asks you a series of technical questions related to coding. Make sure you are proficient in at least one of the coding languages including Java, Python, C++, or JavaScript. They require you to have an advanced level understanding of data algorithms and basic programming structures. Prepare thoroughly for this round as it may play a major factor in your chance of rejection.


Stryker Tech Corporation mostly follows a rigorous interview process and hires only the best in the field. If you are well-aware of the core values and proficient in technical knowledge, you have a better chance of approaching the interviewer. If you receive the offer letter, the managers will discuss your start date and salary benefits. 

  1. How many hours do Stryker employees work?
  • An average day at the office consists of 8 hours or less while some people do have long days working up to 12 hours.
  1. How long do recruiters take to respond?
  • After the on-site interview, Stryker tech recruiters may take 1-2 weeks to formulate a decision.
  1. Does Stryker offer work-from-home benefits?
  • Due to Covid-19, Stryker tech continues to offer its employees to work remotely.
Stryker Tech Interview Process

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