Starbucks Barista Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

Starbucks barista interview questions

Starbucks is part of almost everyone’s morning routine. It needs no introduction. This company proved to the world that 5 USD isn’t much for a great cup of coffee. Here are some Starbucks Barista Interview Questions.

Well, congratulations to you if you made it to the interview round for a barista at Starbucks. I mean, now you are one step closer to knowing the recipes of Starbucks. But, to get this job, you need to nail the interview. 

If you want to slay that interview and get that job, don’t worry, we got your back. In this article, we will inform you of everything you need to know and give you an insight into the Starbucks barista interview. 

Here are 8 Starbucks interview questions usually asked. 

1. Why did you choose Starbucks?

This question asks whenever you go for an interview by whatever company you are applying to, for whichever position. The company wants to know why you are intrigued about them and why you want to join them. 

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Answer this by starting with your admiration and qualities about the company, like, how they provide coffee with the best quality. Then talk about the value you can add to the company or the outlet. 

Example answer:

I have admired how Starbucks has changed the nation’s approach towards spending money on good-quality coffee. Not only this but, it also has become a part of people’s lives and made it more homely and welcoming with its values, food, and drinks. Hence, this will be a way to experience this from within and give the same experience to the world.

I know how much Starbucks values its employees and customers, and I would love to be part of this team.

2. Explain customer service, what it means to you?

They want to know how you will handle things with customers during the prime time of work. They want a team that can do well under pressure. Let them know about how you do under pressure and how you will treat your customers.

Example answer:

Any customer should leave satisfied, content with such an experience that they return in future. It is about getting their order done to perfection and on time, but it is also about getting their name right, greeting them, and asking how their day was. Customer service means this to me.

3. Why should we hire you?

This question is the most common and essential in any interview, as the interviewers want to know what you have to offer. Read the job description properly and prepare the skill set required. 

Example answer:

I have good people skills and am well at communicating, which will help in dealing with customers. I am meticulous and devoted to the work. Punctuality is a crucial skill, and I abide by it. I take the team together, which makes me a good team player.

4. How would you deal with a picky/rude customer?

 Here, they want to know your approach towards demanding customers. How you will deal with a customer in a worst-case scenario. Explain how and what you will do in such a situation.

Example answer:

I will let the customer vent and listen to their concern. Then,  how I would try to resolve the issue and find a middle ground. Being patient and calm during this situation is necessary. However, if that customer is causing hindrance for other customers, I will have to ask them not to disturb others or leave politely.

5. What is your favorite drink on the menu at Starbucks?

The interviewer(s) want to know if you are familiar with the company menu and their work. They want to get an insight. So it makes sense why this question asks often.

Example answer:

I am not a huge coffee consumer, but the Starbucks menu is a delight. However, I like peach citrus tea; it is refreshing and personally works for all the seasons. It is just the perfect drink to have if you long for something light and refreshing.

6. Do you have any questions that you would like to ask us?

This question might catch you a bit off guard. However, they want to test you here. They want to know how seriously you thought about the job and how aware you are of it.

Example answer:

Yes, I do. What are the challenges a Barista has to face here every day? Is there anything that surprised you when you started working for Starbucks?

7. A customer sipped their drink and looked unhappy. However, they don’t report it to you. What will be your reaction in such a scenario?

Many employees would not do anything in such a situation. However, this is not right as in this digital era; one single review can bring down the reputation of an outlet. Furthermore, you never know what that customer goes and says to others, which is not in favor of any company, including Starbucks.

Example answer:

If a situation like that happens, I would reach out to the customer and ask them about it. I would know their concern and then fix it. I would also apologize for the inconvenience caused to them. In case the drink is not correct, I would redo it by using their input.

8. What is your goal for yourself in the next five years?

The interviewer is trying to know your personal and professional goals. They also want to know what plans you have to grow along with the company.

Example answer:

I want to see myself in a management position, shift, or store manager. I hopefully have my degree by then utilizing Starbucks’ college achievement scheme.

9. What past work experience do you have? Tell us about it.

This question is clear-cut; However, they don’t necessarily need you to have a Barista work experience. Remember the skill set required in a Barista position and reply accordingly if you don’t have any occasion and focus on your studies. Let them know that and tell them about your devotion to prove yourself in a professional environment.

Example answer:

Yes, I had a few internships while at school as a content writer. However, my main focus was school back then, though I have organized events and have good people skills. I want to implement the skills I have built over time in the real professional world.

Besides these eight questions, can ask many other questions like:

  1. Tell us a mistake you made at the time and how did you fix it?
  2. How would you explain to a customer if we run out of an ingredient or an item unavailable?
  3. What shift do you like to work? Can you work on weekends and holidays?
  4. If you see a coworker taking money from the register and keeping it, what would you do?
  5. Any incident where you went out of your way for a customer? If so, why?
  6. What traits do you want to build up from this job?
  7. What makes you different from other candidates?
  8. Do you think you can work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment?
  9. If a customer complains about a drink, how would you handle the situation?

Tips to keep in the head for the interview:

  • Be smartly dressed in a Business-casual formal look.
  • Be punctual, arrive at the interview venue at least ten minutes early.
  • Make good eye contact and have confident body language
  • Do not speak rapidly or sluggishly.
  • Know the items on the menu and all the drinks. Take up quizzes to get better.

Final words

Starbucks is a renowned company; it calls its employees partners. It values its customers as well as employees and Beliefs in giving the best quality. Good luck with your interview! 

Do free to refer to this article in the future for any doubt.

Starbucks Barista Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

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