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Snapchat is an American multimedia instant messaging app and services provided by Snap. Inc. The app provides various features like person-to-person photo sharing, 24 hours stories, brands ad, and short-time content. Snapchat is developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in September 2011. Snapchat provides services like messaging, communication, and monetization. According to data from July 2021, Snapchat had 293 million daily active users. Snapchat offers a wide array of career options in fields like content writing, engineering, and data and analytics. Candidates with quality knowledge of product designing and mobile app development have greater chances of being hired at Snapchat.

Snapchat interview questions

In this article we are going to discuss its mostly asked interview questions.

Hiring procedure:


Willing candidates can apply to the Snapchat company through their official website All detailed descriptions of the various job roles offered at Snapchat. Candidates can check all the details and apply for the same.

Interview Process:

  The candidates at Snapchat are selected by a process of rounds of interviews. The interview process is quite tough at Snapchat and candidates need strong preparation to crack a job at Snapchat. 

The entire interview process at Snapchat can take up to 1 month. There are various rounds to test the skills of candidates.

Interview methodologies:

The first round is the initial screening round where the candidate gets accustomed to the employer. The interview generally takes place through a hangout video chat. In this round, the employer acknowledges the candidate about the company background and its different features. He/she also enquires about the background of the applicant. There may also be an online coding question with the employer. Online coding takes place through a shared coding platform, generally hacker-rank. The entire interview process lasts for approx. One hour time, where 40 minutes are assigned for solving the given code, and rest time for the questionnaire.

 Possible coding questions:

The possible coding questions asked by the employer include:

Remove duplicate arrays:

In this, the candidate is required to return an array from a given array, eliminating all duplicate elements of the array. The candidate is not allowed to perform any kind of sorting to remove the duplicates.

Sample Question:

Given an integer array {1,1,0,2,3,5,2,2} return a array consisting of only unique elements from the given array.

Output: {1,0,2,3,5}

String breakdown:

In this, a string is given and the candidate needs to see if the string can be broken down into new words from a dictionary array.

Sample question:

Check if the given string “apple computer” can be broken down into smaller strings from dictionary array.

Output: True

Decimal to binary:

In this, the candidate is asked to convert a given decimal number into its corresponding binary string.

Sample question:

Construct a program that returns the binary equivalent of the decimal number 112.75

Output: 1110000.11

Binary search tree implementation:

In this, the candidate is asked to show the implementation of a binary search tree. Questions are also asked regarding the traversal and inversion of a binary search tree.

Sample question:

Construct a program implementing a binary tree with “add” and “remove” nodes.

Real-life questions:

To check the problem-solving capacity of the candidates, the employers give some real-life problems. Some of the common ones include the street light and houses problem, flood fill paint bucket problem, and many more.

Sample question:

There is a bunch of lamps in the households represented by two distinct arrays. Find the minimum radius the lamps need to cover so that every house in a street get adequate access to light. 


Several questions are asked to check the array concept. Questions are asked from both integer and string arrays. The questions from the integer array include finding missing numbers, finding the sum of any two elements, etc.

Sample question:

Consider a continuous sequence that sequentially incremented by 1. But the given array is {1.3,5}. Find the missing numbers from the array.

Output: {2,4}


Questions from algorithms mostly include problems implementing the greedy approach, knapsack, etc.

Sample question:

Construct a code that implements the greedy approach. 

Possible questions at telephonic interview:

The telephonic interview generally centers around a common set of questions that includes:

Give a brief description of your background:

Through these questions, the employer tries to know about the background of the candidate. 

Ways to answer:

Acknowledge them with your past experiences and qualifications. Mention remarkable deeds in your present organization Also mention all heights of success achieved by you. Determine your quest for acquiring knowledge. Your academic background can also be explained along with your place of study.

 Describe yourself:

Through this question, the employer perceives the candidate’s qualities of self-confidence, determination, and willpower.

Ways to answer:

It is an important question and must be answered in the best way possible. One should go for telling things beyond particulars written in the resume. Inherent qualities of the candidate should be described in the most embellished manner.

What are your salary Expectations?

In this, the employer asks the candidates about his/their salary expectations from the organization. This question is also a measure to check the candidate’s level of self-doubt.

Ways to answer:

Answer this question by being extremely self-confident and knowing your worth.

Why this job?

It is one of the most common questions asked by employers, in which they ask the candidates why they are choosing this particular organization.

Ways to answer:

Do not boast too much about the company because it may appear unreal and too exaggerating.

What is your purpose of the job?

The employer enquires about the reason of the candidate for applying or searching for jobs.

Ways to answer:

Mention your personal or professional reasons to join Snapchat.

What are the things you are passionate about?

The candidate should confess about their passions in this question.

Additional questions:

There is a set of questions additional questioned that can also be asked by the employer. Basic acknowledgment of the above questions will help in answering these questions efficiently.

The questionnaire includes:

How would a candidate handle their positions, if the job is being offered to them?

Sample answer:

I would like to handle my position with integrity, compassion and enthusiasm. I would make sure that I stay aware of my responsibilities and that the company never face any break-through because of me.

Which is more preferred by the candidate-term or self-work?

Sample answer:

Well, I would like to say that the choice depends upon the category of assigned work. There are some works that gives best outcome through team-work while some works require personal effort and action. So, I would choose in accordance with the situation.

Will the candidate be able to keep in mind the cultural diversity in the workplace?

Sample answer:

I believe that every person, every culture has something unique to acknowledge us with. I am a great enthusiast towards embracing diversity and celebrating people.

How can the candidate prove his confidence in a programming language?

Sample answer:

I am confident in the mentioned programming language as I believe I have quite depth in the subject and can solve any given question. I have also achieved many certificates and prizes in various coding contests.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  1. What are the perks of working at Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of those tech start-ups which is expanded enormously in the last few years. so, working at Snapchat is both exciting and daring at the same time. The company provides chances to explore new facets of technologies and develop products that bring in a new era of social media services. This company provides the best platform to explore one’s strengths and put their skills to test. The company provides loads of emphasis on developing new innovative ideas to foster their employee’s creativity. 

  1. What family concerns do the employees at Snapchat enjoy? 
  • To take care of an employee’s family it provides several facilities like paid maternity, paternity, and family caregiver leave.
  • The company provides adoption, surrogacy, and infertility preservation benefits. 
  • The company also provides various insurances including short-term and long-term insurances to its employees.
  • Backup child-care coverage, caregiver assistance, and digital maternity care assistance are also provided by the company.
  1. What are the health benefits provided to Snapchat employees?
  • To take care of the employee’s health, the company provides comprehensive medical coverages including PPO, HSA, and HMO options.
  • It also provides dental coverages including orthodontia benefits and vison coverages including LASIK benefits. 
  • Snapchat also provides various gym discounts, fitness classes, and nutritional workshops to provide its employees with a sound physical state.
  • The company arranges various yoga and meditation classes for its employees.
  • It also has a provision of various health support programs and apps.
  1. How does the Snapchat company provide financial backup to its employees?
  • The company provides rocket lawyer membership to its employees.
  • Snapchat provides various financial education programs too to help its employees.

All of these questions inspect the character and skills of the candidate. So, willing candidates brush up their skills a bit more with enhanced communication skills. Once done, Snapchat is not too hard to crack!!

Snapchat Interview Questions – Know More!

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