Security Guard Interview Questions and answers

Security Guard Interview Questions

If you are going to an interview for the security guard position, you need preparation as you do for any other interview. And to do so, one must have an idea of what questions they could get in the interview. And just knowing about the kind of questions would not suffice as you must also look at sample answers for those questions. That way, you can enter the interview well prepared and answer the questions confidently. See the Security Guard Interview Questions in this article.

General Questions In The Security Guard Interview

When you enter the interview itself, the first few questions would always be general. These questions would cover the details about you and your previous experience in the field and such concepts.

Such general questions are not limited to security guard interviews, but the questions do vary. The general questions for security guards can differ from your average interview questions, so it is best to prepare for them.

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions in the interview that cover general information for security guards:

  1. Please walk me through your resume and tell me about yourself.
  1. Do you have any previous experience as a security guard?
  1. Which skill do you have which would be helpful in this work?
  1. Describe one of your biggest strengths as a worker.
  1. Describe one of your biggest weaknesses as a worker.
  1. Do you have previous experience in working night shifts?
  1. Do you consider yourself an active and attentive person?
  1. Why do you want to work as a security guard for this firm?
  1. What do you like the most about being a security guard?
  1. If your previous employer or co-worker would describe you, how would they do so?

In-depth Questions In The Security Guard Interview

Aside from all the basic questions about you and your experience, you would also have to answer more technical questions. These may be about your previous challenges or strategies that you use. 

These questions would be the more in-depth questions that would require a detailed answer from you. Hence, you must read some of them beforehand and plan how you will answer these questions when you get them in the interview.

We have also provided some sample answers with the questions so that you can look at them and understand how to answer them. Try to only use the sample answers as a reference and frame the answers to your questions yourself.

  1. What do you think is the most essential skill that a security guard must-have?

Sample Answer: 

I think that the ideal security guard must have the ability to assess and deal with situations calmly. If a guard loses their cool before the problem is solved, then they would be of no help to the situation. So one must be level-headed in such a situation and deal with it.

  1. Are the graveyard shifts comfortable for you?

Sample Answer:

At the beginning of my career, I felt uncomfortable with night shifts just because I had only heard about them. Once I got a couple of graveyard shifts, I found that they were not that different from regular shifts. They might be more challenging but I can still take them any day.

  1. Tell me why you are the ideal candidate for this position?

Sample Answer:

I have the essential skills that are necessary for any person in this post, not to mention my prior experience. But I believe that what makes me eligible is my strict discipline and experience in dealing with situations. I believe that I can perform well and put my work to use by providing security.

  1. How do you assess a situation if it appears in your vicinity?

Sample Answer:

I try to first look at the people and read their body language before I conclude anything. If I feel like a person or group of people may be a threat to someone, I observe them as much as I can. I make sure they don’t feel that I am inspecting them but stay close in case something does happen.

  1. Are you well versed with the CPR procedure in case of an emergency?

Sample Answer:

Yes, I have been trained and also receive certification in the CPR procedure. I have performed the procedure many times while I was learning and training it. Recently, in one of my older jobs, I also had to perform the procedure momentarily on a senior citizen before the paramedics arrived.

  1. Have you faced a challenging situation in your previous work and we’re you able to handle it?

Sample Answer:

When I was working as a security guard for another residential building, I had to face a situation where there was a fire at an apartment. The whole apartment went in flames and we had to evacuate the residents before help arrived. I and my team worked hard to contain the fire in the apartment and no casualties were there.

  1. How can you decide if you must use physical force in a certain situation?

Sample Answer:

I usually begin by assessing the threat or the situation before I take any firm action. So if I feel that a particular person is too aggressive or harming someone, I get close and merely observe them friendly. If the person gets violent, then and only then will I use force to subdue them.

  1. What would your strategy be as a security guard?

Sample Answer:

As a security guard, my strategy is always to remain focused and only keep my mind on the work. I prefer not to be busy myself and keep my entire focus on the work so that I do not miss out on any security threat. I believe that this principle of mine goes a long way for this work.

  1. Do you prefer working alone or with other guards?

Sample Answer:

Although I have more experience working alone than with others, I can fit in well with both scenarios. I have worked alone and find it independent and liberating. And I have also worked with a team and find it reliable and efficient. So no matter which situation it is, I will settle in well.

  1. Have you ever saved a person from some harm in your previous job?

Sample Answer:

I have not yet saved someone’s life, per se, but at my previous job, I did assist a resident with her issues. She had a person who would follow her to her work and back, though he never physically harmed her. But she talked with the police and I assisted her in catching the culprit when he returned.

Situational Questions In The Security Guard Interview

One of the most essential qualities that a security guard must have is the ability to deal with adverse situations. If the skills of a candidate are lacking in dealing with problems, then their qualifications would not be as effective.

It is why you must answer carefully to these questions that test your situation handling skills. It is best to use your problem-solving skills and imagine the situation before answering the questions.

Just like for the in-depth questions, we have also provided sample answers for the situational questions. Since everybody has a different way to deal with different situations, you must alter the answer and frame it according to your skills.

  1. Imagine yourself in a situation where you notice a suspicious person trying to enter, what would you do?

Sample Answer:

I would begin by asking the reason for their visit and also their identity card. If they do have a valid reason to enter the building, I would keep a close eye on them just in case. I would also double-check with the resident if they do know or expect the person to come or not.

  1. What would you do if you are facing a rude resident or person?

Sample Answer:

I have dealt with many rude residents in my previous work, and I handle the situations quite calmly. I try to listen to them without responding in between and then try to calm them down gently. I am aware of the fact that they aren’t exactly threats to others, they’re merely rude. 

  1. If you have to deal with a crowd of people in the building, how will you do so?

Sample Answer:

Dealing with crowds is undoubtedly a difficult task, but patience is key for it, like everything else. While dealing with multiple people, I try to utilize digital equipment like CCTVs to monitor everyone better. I also try to visit the crowds myself every once in a while.

  1. Imagine that you have a graveyard shift, how will you keep busy during it?

Sample Answer:

I tend to focus on my work even though not many people require my assistance at all times. The graveyard shift is usually ghastly quiet, so I fill in the necessary paperwork, check the cameras and make my rounds. If I feel tired, I make myself a coffee or do some exercise.

  1. Visualize a situation where you must utilize a firearm, can you manage it?

Sample Answer:

I have used firearms in my career, albeit, I haven’t done so too often. Very few situations require a firearm since things seldom go so bad. But if there is a situation that calls for it, then I have the knowledge to use it. 

  1. If there is a tussle between two residents, how will you handle it?

Sample Answer:

I would not interfere in a tussle if it’s merely verbal since there is no harmful activity going on. But if the tussle gets physical, I would have to ask them to stay apart and resolve the matter verbally. If a resident is posing a threat to another, I would have to forcefully get them apart.

  1. Suppose that you have to deal with an assailant, how would you approach them?

Sample Answer:

If the assailant has not been physically harming anyone, I would start by talking to them. I would reason with them, but if it doesn’t work, then I would have to ask them to leave. If they still refuse to do so and cause harm, I will use physical force to remove them from the building.

  1. Do you usually remain calm even in panicking situations?

Sample Answer:

My patience and calmness are what I believe to be my greatest strength in my work. I can stay calm during situations that can make you panic and worry. I have developed this skill over time and it has proven to be one of the most helpful skills that I have ever possessed.

  1. Imagine if you get hurt in a tussle or situation, how will you react?

Sample Answer:

I have gotten physically hurt before while on the job, but I feel like it is a part of the work. Of course, the pain and discomfort are great, but I believe that the work I do as a result is enough for me to keep going. So I can deal with them if I have to while working this job.

  1. If your teammate, another guard, has differing views, how will you resolve it?

Sample Answer:

Having different opinions is nothing new, as I have already worked with a team before. While having different opinions on games is not as serious, having a different opinion about the working style may be. I like to discuss their and my views regarding something and come to a common conclusion.


Preparing for interviews is a challenging task, and the same goes for people preparing for a security guard interview. The job is a crucial one, which is why one must stand out from the crowd to acquire the job.

So if you have an interview with a firm for the security guard position, you must prepare beforehand for it. By reading and writing sample questions and answers, you can prepare yourself for the main event and ace your interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there interviews even for security guards?

Yes, there are interview processes, sometimes even detailed ones, while selecting security guards. Since the role is a challenging one, firms try to select the best candidate from the pool of candidates for the work.

  1. How to answer situational questions for security guards in interviews?

If you have an interview for the security guard position, then you would face a few situational questions that are usually challenging. The key to answering them is to imagine yourself in the situation and choose the best solution you can come up with for it.

  1. Is it necessary to prepare for your security guard interview?

It is not at all necessary to prepare for your security guard interview, but it may be crucial to ace it as well. Since knowing about the questions and answers can help you answer the interview better, you could prepare for the interview for better results.

Security Guard Interview Questions and answers

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