Questions For Facility Manager Interview

A facility manager has to manage, organize and facilitate the equipment and supplies on-demand. However, depending on the company, the nature of the job will certainly, change. The Facility Manager needs to support the core business functioning and help out the co-workers in the best functioning of the company. A facility manager is responsible for keeping records and is in in-charge of the budget for different sectors. So you should know how to negotiate with vendors on buying and selling equipment and other supplies. 

Questions For Facility Manager Interview

Interview Questions asked to a facility manager at a different organization: 

If you are planning to appear for the interview of Facilities Manager, then you can expect to get questioned about different areas. Like you will be asked basic questions that are asked in every interview, then certain situation-based and operational questions can be asked by the recruiters. Below are given certain interview questions along with their answers: 

Ques. 1: Tell us something about yourself?

How to Answer: This is an easy question asked in almost all the interviews, so you must be prepared well. You have to give a piece of detailed information about the professional skills or experience you have developed over time. Also, you should mention things that are not given in the resume. 

Sample Answer: I am (your name) have completed my education in (latest degree you have earned) from (name of the educational institution). Through these many years, I have developed various skills including, communication skills, leadership qualities, organizational skills, and much more. Along with that, I am an experienced person since I have worked at (name of the organization you have worked at) for (duration of having worked at the company). 

Ques. 2: Why do you think you should be hired as a Facility Manager?

How to Answer: This question is asked in a twisted form, recruiters want to know why you are unique among other candidates who have applied for the job role. You should mention your love for the job role. 

Sample Answer: According to me, the skills necessary for the job role of Facility Manager are already inculcated in me, which certainly will be beneficial for your company. Also, the experience I have as a facility manager in another company will help me in effectively carrying out the work. 

Ques. 3: What are your greatest strength and weakness?

How to Answer: Be honest about the strength you possess as a facility manager also the weakness you have. While mentioning your weakness, you need to give solutions or the way you are trying to overcome that weakness. You have to show the recruiters that even after having a weakness, you are a skilled person. 

Sample Answer: As a human, I certainly have a few weaknesses and strengths, but the weakness I have are not something that cannot be overcome. I was a person feel that I take the work too seriously that sometimes, I burden myself with taking a lot of projects at a time. This results in stress but, because of my strengths, I overcome them easily. My decision-making skills, along with my time-management technique allow me to handle each project easily, and ultimately I complete the project on time. 

Ques. 4: How would you plan for an upcoming event? What would be the necessary steps taken by you?

How to Answer: You need to highlight every step you will take while working at the post of Facilities Manager. Any event happening in the company is a major task, so you have certain responsibilities. 

Sample Answer: As a facility manager, I do know I will be responsible for various things including, helping co-workers in an event. I would first write down the things required for the event, then I would arrange the things for an event. According to my role, I will make the arrangements for the event. As per the pointers written by me for the event, I will take the steps accordingly. 

Ques. 5: What all records do you think a facility manager has to keep?

How to Answer: Since you are applying for the role of Facilities Manager, so you must be aware of the job role. So, you have to need to mention the records you need to keep as a Facility Manager. 

Sample Answer: Being a facility manager, I need to keep records of things that are related to equipment, machinery, and much more. I have to ensure that all the documents are legalized and hard and soft copies both are with the organization. A facility manager has to keep a logbook along with a user guide and other manuals related to the work. Also, all the documents related to the building like the building manual, building logbook are needed to be maintained by the Facility Manager. 

Ques. 6: In a situation if all your subordinates have diversity, then how are you going to solve the issues between them?

How to Answer: This is a behavioral question in which recruiters are trying to judge how are you going to handle the situation. Through the answer, they will get an idea about your emotional and professional intelligence. You need to give an answer that showcases your problem-solving skills. 

Sample Answer: As a supervisor of them, I would motivate them to achieve the targets. In case diversity of opinion arises then as a leader, I will assure to take decisions through which the company will be benefited. I will guide and support them with their decisions and plans but certainly, if there would be a conflict of opinion then the best idea will be taken into consideration, and I will make the other person or team understand why their plan is appropriate in the given situation. I will certainly try to solve this by employing my problem-solving skills. 

Ques. 7: Why have you applied for the job role of Facilities Manager?

How to Answer: Give every reason for your liking for the job role. Since you are applying for the position of Facility Manager then, you should have every detail about it. 

Sample Answer: I always had a craze for managing and organizing things, so as a facility manager I will be able to keep up my craze and handle the situations at your company. I have the relevant education and skills that are required to become a facility manager. Even, I have worked as a facility manager in my previous job of mine, so it would be easier for me to take out the proceedings as a facility manager because of the work experience I have got. Also, while working, I will be able to fulfill my desire of managing and organizing things. 

Ques. 8: How will you ensure that facilities provided by you meet the environmental and governmental regulations? Also, how they must meet the health and security standards?

How to Answer: This is an operational question which you need to answer keeping in mind your position. You have to show that all services and plans are made keeping in mind all the factors. 

Sample Answer: As a facility manager, I organize and provide facilities everything according to the regulation of the company. Also, the health and environmental standards are met by the facilities provided by me. All the types of equipment used in construction are user and environment-friendly. Along with that, the project is maintained by keeping in mind whether the quality standards meet with environmental and governmental regulations or not.

Ques. 9: Describe a time when you handled everything brilliantly that makes you proud of yourself.  

How to Answer: From your work experience, you can pick an instance when you performed extremely well and handled the situation effectively. You need to give a detailed account of the situation. But, in case you have not come across any such situation, then simply say it. You can even mention events from your school or high school life too, it is not necessary that it should be related to work experience only. 

Sample Answer: In my previous job, I came across a typical situation (describe the situation you were caught up in) with the help of my skills, I finally overcame the situation, and I consider that I managed everything brilliantly. The entire situation was complex, and it was difficult to come out of the situation, so I am proud of myself that I managed to overcome the situation. 

Ques. 10: Why do you want to work with our company apart from any other company?

How to Answer: You need to give every reason why you want to join the company. It may not sound as if you want to join the company because of the attractive salary or because you need money. 

Sample Answer: I have always dreamt of working with your company, and when I saw the job opening matching my qualification and profile, I applied for the job at your company. Your company has a great reputation in the market which makes me like the company more. Also, as per the reviews, the company takes care of its employees very well, so I would certainly like to work with a company that will give me chance to grow professionally.

Questions For Facility Manager Interview

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