Latest Pega Interview Questions to Prepare

Pega Interview Questions

Pega is a software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1983, and it creates software for people in Customer Relationship Management. The company mainly dominates in the Pega Platform. Pega’s platform is for customer engagement and digital process automation. The company makes its clients happy by literally simplifying their technical work to focus more on the creative aspects of the business. Pega’s main unique selling price is that they save their client’s time, so the employees and the customers can focus on what’s really important. In addition, Pega lets you design the application so that you can add on your own features. The company’s founder is Alan Trefler; a fun fact about Alan is that he developed those complex systems that enabled the users to play chess. When the company was in its earliest stages, it provided case management for companies like American Express. We will discuss Pega Interview Questions to prepare for your interview in this article here.

Pega Believes in These Founding Values

  • Innovation. They are the visionaries, creating creative solutions to the technical problems faced by the people.
  • Genuine. They believe in making everything the authentic way, as trusting someone with the technology now can be a bit risky, so Pega always assures that they are genuine and creates trust amongst the clients.
  • Passionate. The company is passionate about helping its clients out in the most creative ways.
  • Engaging. They keep on listening and improving their services constantly to keep the clients happy.
  • Adaptable. They are adaptable to the dynamic environment of the business and keep on changing accordingly.

Pega and India 

Pega has created another hub in Hyderabad and Bangalore, which is good news for the budding developers in India. As said by the CEO, the largest team created by Pega after the US one is the Indian one and is very much crucial for the growth and success of the company. The CEO regularly keeps up with the teams on strategic directions and the details on specific projects.

Not only this, the Indian hub was crowned as the best place to work for women award not for 1 or 2 years but 3 years in a row. This is because they value ethics and understand that each employee should be given a chance to maintain the work-life balance even in these times; they give off time for the well-being of the family and the well-being of the employee. With this benefit, they also give access to digital learning, as they feel that the learning should never stop at any age.

The creator says that he started with an idea to ease the work of businesspeople and provide them with software that can basically take the 50% workload off of their shoulders.

Recent Advancements in the Company

Pega is moving forward by working with famous companies like Cisco, PayPal, and Philips using Pega software’s services. In addition, they are using the Customer Relationship Management software. Not only that, Pega has grown over the globe with 6000 employees and has created a global presence by tying up with more than 250 global partners. Currently, they have 3 regional headquarters. Those are in North America, Europe, and Asia pacific.

Not only in the matters of Gaining fame through diversification, but Pega has created its name by giving back to society. Also, they have created a huge impact in supporting the education of women and children in technology, youth development, and many fields. They have 120 charities supporting them in 2020. With that, they completed 80 projects of volunteering, and they have a policy of giving 2 days off to every Pega employee for volunteering annually. When it comes to the interview, there can be many specific questions asked for the interview. Some specific terms can be asked in the interview, and you need to know them beforehand.

Pega Interview Questions

Basic Questions

There can be basic as well as advanced questions that the interviewers can ask, so prepare well for the interview and look over these questions before going:

The basic questions can be the ones that are asked almost everywhere, as such:

  • Why do you want to work in this company,
  • Are you familiar with the work our company specializes in,
  • Where do you see yourself in the future,
  • Tell us about your position 5 years ahead,
  • Why you want to join this company particularly,
  • Did you had any past experience handling this much work pressure and
  • Have you handled a team before?

These questions can be asked at the beginning of the interview. You can be creative while answering these questions and show them how passionate you are to get a job at their beloved company.

Specific Questions

Let’s go over the specific questions that can be asked about the company.

  • What comes to your mind first when you hear about Pega software?

Pega is new-age software created for the people in Customer Relationship Management with digital process automation; it crosses off the need for coding and simplifies the process of the workings in business. Moreover, it aims to enhance the functionalities and keep on adding to them.

  • How many developer tools are available for Pega?

There are mainly 2 developer tools in Pega, which are:

  • Pega Express
  • Designer Studio
  • What is a portal in Pega?

First, a user enters the application through a portal, so a portal is like a gateway for the user to get into the application.

  • How many portals are in Pega?

There are two types of the portal in Pega those are:

  1. Case Manager
  2. Caseworker

First, the portal for case managers provides a view to check on the progress of the cases under the specific manager.

  • Is there any way to configure the portal? If yes, then how?

The portal can be configured, yes, but first, you need to identify the type of portal and then access it for configuration.

  • Tells us the difference between a worklist, work-basket, and workgroup?

The workgroup is the identifier. It identifies the manager in that group and gives them the authority to check, assign and report the work of the particular workgroup. The worklist is, as, by the name, a list that shows the tasks that are yet to be performed by the worker, and the list shows that assignment first, which is needed urgently. Finally, Workbasket is a type of queue that tells about the cases taken by any of the operators.

  • What is a flow, and also explain the types of flow?

A flow chart gives out the details about the process, telling straight by levels describing the work to be done in that ‘ flow. For example, ‘ There are 7 types of flow:

  • Simple
  • Complex
  • Straight-Through
  • Screen
  • Parent
  • Subprocess
  • Parallel
  • How many types of arguments can be accessed by the activities?

There are 2 types of arguments that can be accessed. Still, the activities are the parameters, just telling about the input and output variables. Because of this, it’s known as a class page and is also called a parameter page. The second type is the local variable telling about the text and is also known as a text string. It uses up less memory than the parameters and eats up less overhead of the computer than the parameters. This type of data cannot be carried forward, but parameters can be carried forward.

  • What is a validation, and if any, describe its types?

Validation is basically a check-up of all the rules and regulations. If it fails, then it pops up a message. Yes, there are 3 types of validations which are:

  1. Dictionary Validation
  2. Model Validation
  3. Object Validation
  • Shadows some light on the declarative rules and their types?

The term associated with the declarative rule is declarative processing. It is the type of processing created to ease the pressure of the workload as it reduces the activities you need to do and purifies the application for your better use. The declarative processing works when these rules are supported:

  • Declare express rules
  • Declare on-charge rules
  • Constraint rules
  • Declare index rules
  • Declare trigger rules


So, that was all about the company Pega software and how it emerged from being a simple mode of CPM to being used by the companies like Philips and Cisco. It is basically used to reduce workload and simplify the business processes, which would take up the precious time of the organization. Still, now it is all handed over to Pega. We hope the article covered everything there was to know about the company, and these questions might help the interviewee score a seat in this growing company.

Latest Pega Interview Questions to Prepare

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