Mobile testing interview questions- With Simple Answers

Mobile testing interview questions (at least 10 with short sample answers)

Introduction: Experienced application testers, particularly mobile testers inside the future, have an enormous expectation. The fact is that IT is constantly improving so more creative technology applications need to be evaluated with plenty of space. Here are some Mobile testing interview questions with Simple Answers.

Paragraph answer: Every tester needs to be skilled and willing to take on new technology developments of a final mobile testing profession. It requires the desire and expertise to learn much more about various test methods and instruments. Every corporation/organization has years of knowledge or official designation.  The mobile industry was no longer a majority, as we’ve seen that all software products also have their smartphone applications, therefore we can claim that the need to test smartphones and mobile programs is increasing constantly and it will increase in the next few days as well.

How to establish a successful mobile application testing career?

  • Mobile device familiarity – good knowledge of mobile gadgets, their peripherals, networking, etc. A fondness for mobile devices, iPads, or tablets may do amazing things.
  • Analytical competencies – this helps split apart complex tasks into small components to improve their comprehension and management.
  • Technical abilities – including emulation, awareness of mobile automation, installation, an MS word for the development of data sets, and the creation and comprehension of testing activities. 

Skills Required for Mobile Testing Jobs:

  • Certificates – while this may or may not be considered a compulsory verification of skills such as the CMAP level Foundations can achieve wonderful things.
  • Enhanced gadget knowledge – excellent understanding of many of these popular devices such as I-phones, telephones, and tablets such as Samsung Phone, Sony Xperia, etc. Also, several mobile applications including iOS, Android, etc.
  • Testing knowledge—Agile and traditional approaches are just as crucial for applications for smartphone tests when comprehending SDLC, STLC, blacks, white boxes.
  • Mobile tools – Every smartphone tool expertise is very useful and a benefit to your job in mobile testing. The largest mobile application testing tool is MonkeyTalk. It is possible to manage iOS and Android applications. There are many Mobile testing solutions, such as Ranorex, Appium, and UI Automator.

Interview questions

Question1: What are tests for mobile applications?

Answer: Mobile application analysis ensures a procedure by using a portable request to evaluate its basic functionality, usability, and accuracy. The implementation has been established for smartphones. Testers can manually or automatically execute mobile applications testing.

Question2: How important today is mobile testing to companies?

Answer: Testing is an essential aspect of any creation of technology. The increasing percentage of mobile devices creates severe software fragmentation, screen resolution, and also more. Mobile apps are nothing like that. That is why Q/A teams make huge efforts to offer a smooth customer encounter throughout different mobile platforms without glitches and problems. The development team can improve the app’s ratings and users ’ happiness by carrying out thorough testing of the mobile app.

Question3: What is the biggest distinction between testing and testing mobile devices?

Answer: The testing of mobile devices checks the functionality of a device – evaluating its hardware & system functionalities. This method is intended to test functions, such as display, storage, cameras, and programs. It also includes industrial testing and screening for certification.

Instead, mobile applications are tested to guarantee the integrity and operation of mobile applications on various mobile devices. After this procedure, you may test the performance of the target program, if its hardware, programming, and connection are ideally matched for the phone, etc.

Question4: How many mobile apps are there? What are these? 

Answer: Mobile phone applications are available:

  • Native Application

LA native application is a computer app created for a certain mobile system, iOS or Android. It can be readily loaded and stored on any gadgets, such as WhatsApp, or Facebook.

  • Application Web

A web-based software works within smartphone Browsers, for instance, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or WIFI. Such web apps are, for example,,, etc.

  • Application Hybrid

A mix of a development environment with a Web service is a hybrid solution. Although it is possible to download this kind of software on a phone, this is an app developed using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, and it works in such an internet browser, like such a mobile platform.

Question5: Identify mobile application testing categories? 


  • Testing Accessibility
  • Testing of suitability
  • Testing interfaces
  • Testing of products
  • Testing of Low Resources
  • Testing efficiency
  • Testing functional
  • Testing of placement
  • Testing for safety

Question6: What are the main issues raised among most testing for mobile applications?


  • Test scenarios with different operating platforms
  • Test the functionality of the program on several devices
  • Convergence of screen resolution
  • Test apps on various mobile carriers
  • Various applications demand various techniques of testing
  • Selecting the proper mobile Team member testing tools
  • Design and approach for mobile testing

Question7: What kinds of mobile testing must the Android test method be included?

Answer: These testing methods can be included in a regular Android strategic procedure:  testing, testing phase, integrating, and running tests, according to the mobile software’s accessible functionality. According to the performance of the stem, other sorts of testing will also be conducted if necessary.

Question 8: How is the updated mobile application tested? What kind of tests should be taken into account?

Answer: The approach must be based on a thorough testing method to ensure the successful effectiveness of a particular smartphone app. Many of the most important points are:

  • Displays selection – When selecting the testing equipment, it is extremely essential to analyze business needs and regularly utilized gadgets.
  • Utilizing emulators –The usage of simulators is particularly important in the early creation phases as they allow rapid control of the application. It is a program that handles programs while downloading the settings itself, from one setting to the next. It also doubles the functionality and works on the true system.

Reasons to learn Types:

As regards testing the fresh smartphone app, several test kinds should be used to verify the functionalities as planned. The technique, therefore, is linked to the relevant types of tests:

  • Testing of functionality
  • Testing for systems connectivity
  • Application setup and uninstall
  • Testing of HTML controls
  • Productivity evaluation.
  • Various mobile operating systems are being tested.
  • Attempt to cross and cross-device testing are both important.
  • Testing of the gateway
  • Testing of the connection and batteries.

Question9: What is included in an automation testing strategy for a smartphone app?

Answer: A strategy for automation mobile app testing must contain the following elements, just as it would for any other app undergoing test:

  • Target and goals are being tested.
  • Tool for automating that has been chosen.
  • Reliability is one of the characteristics that must be checked.
  • Protection.
  • Networking.
  • Dimension.
  • The memory of the batteries.
  • Examples of test scenarios
  • Strategy for the test.
  • The individual is in control.
  • Time limit.
  • There is a need for resources.

Question10: What Is Gprs And How Does It Operate? 

Answer: GPRS stands for General Radio Service, which uses IP communications to operate on a cellular network. GPRS allows IP packets to be sent over current mobile connections. It allows you to access the website from your mobile device.

Question11: What Do You Understand When You Say “Streaming Media”?

Answer: The entire procedure of receiving data via the computer is known as streaming. Media that is sent from a computer or supplier to a client is known as streamed multimedia.

Question12: What Automated Test Devices Are Required For Mobile Application Testing? 

Answer: Several automated solutions for mobile applications testing are accessible commercially, but iPhone Testing is among the finest problems for iPhone and android smartphone testing.

Question13: What is the fundamental difference between emulators and simulators?

Answer: Emulator is dependent on software and equipment that uses the program for the simulator. Simulation is a technology like anything else, whereas emulation is like anything else.

Question 14: What are cloud-based mobile testing-based tools?

Answer: Seetest, Perfecto Smartphone, BlazeMeter, AppThwack, Manymo, etc.

Question15: What are mobile app uses for Web applications?

Answer: Many of them rely on the request. RESRful and SOAP are utilized but RESRful is increasingly frequent.

Question16: How to build an Android android device?


  • In this field, give names.
  • Choose from the menu the destination API.
  • Specify the dimension.
  • Choose the skin part you want.
  • To generate AVD, select.
  • Choose the AVD you need.
  • To begin button. Click start.
  • Start it

Question17: List of automation systems for mobile testing?

Answer: Two types of software tools to test phone apps Mobile testing solutions focused on objects have been developed: Response: Ranorex, Jama’s answer.

Question18: How can I configure Bluetooth?


1. Verify the smartphone accessibility for others at the beginning of the search.

2. Attempt a device set.

3. Confirm the date of accessibility.

4. Replace the gadget and attempt to match the very same gadget and check on the expert word refresh.

5. Practice to slave and slave transmit documents to mentor.

6. Communicate the BT headphone invitation.

7. Try pairing with the highest pairing devices. 

8. Try sharing documents at a moment with all the specified highest phones.

9. Verify that Mobile devices can invoke BT when attempting to submit file formats.

10. send BT interaction.

Question19: What’s the message of Mt Sms?

Answer: Generally the text is called Message Originally come and the Transmitted information you obtain is Message Termination when delivering a signal and subsequently get the Text messages for that text.

Mobile testing interview questions- With Simple Answers

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