Laravel Interview Questions and answers

Laravel Interview Questions

Laravel is a free and open-source framework for PHP web development and is popular among developers and web programmers. Laravel interview questions are totally based on practical work experience, and due to the structure of asked topics, you need to have practical work experience to deal with the questions. Asking about the applications of this framework and its competitive benefits is expected in the Laravel interview questions.

It is better to make up a list of questions and answers. If you build a list of frequent questions and review them repeatedly, you have no concerns about answering topics and passing the examination. Hopefully, there aren’t many expected topics in the interview section, and the form of questions is fixed. The most significant point is that for overcoming the interview section, you need to focus on your work experience and previous projects that you have done before.

Steps to surpass Laravel interview questions

Reviewing Laravel interview questions and your previous projects guarantees you will have a good level of proficiency in the interview section. The interviewer only wants to check your work experience and knowledge and know if you have carried out useful projects or not.

The level of questions must depend on the job position, and for junior-level jobs, you have more straightforward and simpler questions. Below is a list of the essential topics that are likely to be asked within the Laravel interview questions. You can review them repeatedly for taking the desired job position.

Please focus on your work experience and give comprehensive, short, and exact answers to show your expert level and pass the Laravel interview questions.

  • What is Laravel?
  • What is the latest Laravel version?
  • Which databases are supported by Laravel?
  • Can we implement Laravel for Full Stack web development?
  • What are seeders in Laravel?
  • Explain Events in Laravel.
  • What is PHP artisan? Explain some artisan commands.
  • What is the Composer?
  • How can we clear cache in Laravel?
  • Explain Nova panel.
  • What is a Route, and why do we use it?
  • Explain traits in Laravel.
  • What are migrations in the Laravel framework?

It would be best for you to have an excel file and put all the essential Laravel interview questions in it. If you arrange important questions and answers in a well-designed list, you can manage the interview section better and more confidently.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source and free framework for PHP, and it benefits from many features for web development. Laravel is easy to learn, well documented, developer-friendly and powerful even for junior-level developers. 

This framework is popular for its scalability, and you can implement different packages to provide various solutions.

What is the latest Laravel version, and who created this framework for PHP?

The latest Laravel version is 8.16 that was released in November 2020. Taylor Otwell created this framework to provide an alternative for the Codeigniter framework.

Which databases are supported by Laravel?

Many databases are supported in the Laravel framework as follows:

  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • MySQL

Can we implement Laravel for Full Stack web development?

This framework can be the best choice for Full Stack web applications to develop the backend section. We can implement Vue.js to create a Frontend section. Today Laravel is one of the best frameworks for designing Backends in web applications.

What are seeders in Laravel?

As we understand from its name, seeders are used for seeding the data into database tables automatically.

Seeding is a great approach for working with the database, and with the artisan command “make:seeder”, we can create a new seeder.

We can create tables by running “Migrations” and after that, by using the “php artisan db:seed” command, the seeder puts data in the database tables.

Explain Events in Laravel.

Events in the Laravel web framework provide a simple observer to subscribe and listen to various events in applications. We can use Events in Laravel to represent user actions like log in or log out.

below artisan code is used to create an Event:

  • php artisan make:event UserLoggedIn

What is PHP artisan? Explain some artisan commands.

Artisan is an exceptional command-line tool used to help developers in developing applications. There are many useful functions with the Artisan command tool, and some of them are as follows:

  • php artisan make:controller
  • php artisan make:model
  • php artisan make:migration
  • php artisan make:seeder
  • php artisan make:factory

What is the Composer?

Composer is an application-level package manager and presents a standard format for managing and arranging software libraries and dependencies. Also, we can implement Composer for installing third-party libraries, and it is the most useful tool for managing different packages in PHP.

How can we clear cache in Laravel?

To clear all cache in the Laravel framework, we can make use of artisan commands. The following commands are used for clearing different caches in the Laravel framework:

  • Application caches: “php artisan cache:clear”
  • Configuration caches: “php artisan config:clear”
  • Route cache: “php artisan route:clear:
  • View cache: “php artisan view:clear”
  • Event cache: “php artisan event:clear”
  • All caches: “php artisan optimize:clear”

Explain Nova panel

Asking about the Nova panel in Laravel interview questions is expected, and it would be one of the most frequent questions in the interview section.

Nova panel is a great tool for creating admin panels and custom CMSes and is supposed to be an admin panel tool. This tool is useful compared to CMSes and is more flexible and developer-focused.

Many benefits are provided with Nova panel, and you can customize all sections and things in your application with Nova. So, it is highly customizable and optimized for facilitating developers’ work.

What is a Route, and why do we use it?

A Route is used as a pointer in the Laravel framework, and it allows you to route all application requests to definite controllers. In other words, Routes provide the ability to forward valid requests to their appropriate controllers.

Explain traits in Laravel

Traits in the Laravel framework are a set of functions that we create first and use in another class. They are similar to abstract classes and are extensively used in the Laravel framework.

Traits solve some limitations of developers in dealing with single inheritance by allowing the developers to reuse some methods and a set of functions.

What are migrations in the Laravel framework?

Migrations are the most useful capabilities of the Laravel framework and have similar functionalities like version control approaches for databases. They allow the developer team to share and modify the application’s database schema. One of the essential things in developing codes and programming is to handle changes. So, Migrations act as Django’s method for controlling the versions and changes.


For Laravel interview questions, you need to have a deep understanding of functions, and work experience is also essential. Mostly, interviewers ask about basic topics about the Laravel framework, and the difficulty level of the questions is based on the level of job positions. There may be comprehensive questions for expert-level developers and Laravel programmers to understand your knowledge in this PHP framework. For getting the best results and achieving your goals, it would be better to review frequent questions. You need to provide short, precise, and thorough answers to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are asked regarding the Laravel interview questions?

The number of expected questions depends on the level of job position and your expert level. Also, companies would ask different questions and maybe have different rules for the interview section. Generally, consider 10 to 20 questions for the Laravel interview part, and this number can be changed according to different factors.

How much time does it take to pass the Laravel interview questions?

This depends on the number of questions expected to be asked in the interview section. According to interviews of Laravel job positions, the estimated time is supposed to be 45 minutes to one hour long. But, it may take longer if there are further questions.

Can we achieve the desired job without overcoming the Laravel interview questions?

The interview section is one of the fundamental parts to get the desired jobs. Meanwhile, this section exists in most job positions. company owners and recruiters would rather know your skills and abilities before offering you the job. So, you will see the interview section in most of the Laravel job positions.

What is the difficulty level of Laravel interview questions?

There is no concern for you if you are an experienced Laravel developer. In fact, you need to have practical experiences with different projects and familiarity with problems. So, keeping this in mind, the Laravel interview questions shouldn’t be hard to deal with. 

What are the important tips to consider when attending the Laravel interview section?

It would be better to stick to the main topic when a question is asked, and your work experience is more important than everything else. Providing short and precise answers gives you a competitive advantage compared to others, and if there is a need for more details, the interviewer may ask for it.

Laravel Interview Questions and answers

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