KFC Interview Questions – Learn More

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is at the heart of America’s fast-food industry. Founded by Colonel Sanders in 1930, it is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world. Working at KFC is a great opportunity, especially for people looking to start their career in the food industry, are looking for some job prospects to earn some extra money or want a summer job. You also get to finally know the secret set of spices by being a part of KFC, *wink wink*, you must not let this opportunity go!

KFC Interview Questions - Learn More

Whatever your motivation might be, it is best to show up prepared. Interviews inherently are frightening and anxiety-inducing, interviewing for a prestigious enterprise could be even more stressful. Being prepared beforehand is completely worth the extra effort as it makes the entire process a lot smoother. 

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of all the questions (along with sample answers for each of the questions) asked during a KFC interview that we could find. Use them as your guide and manual for your upcoming interview. 

  1. Why Do You Want To Be A Part Of Kfc? 

Let the interviewer know what differentiates KFC from the other fast-food chains. You must also discuss the values of KFC that align with your values, goals and aspirations. What about KFC motivates and intrigues you. 

Sample Answer

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“I have been a loyal KFC customer for many years now. The food quality, the impeccable taste, the friendliest customer service, everything makes KFC so much better than any other food chain restaurant.

Plus, the extraordinary things I have heard about the employee training program makes it, even more, iron-clad that KFC is the only enterprise I wish to start my working career from.”

  1. Tell Me Something About Yourself

Although this question demands an expression of “you”, your skills and experience, it has to be done in a certain way that connects to the skills required for the job you are applying for. Therefore, the answer to this question is highly influenced by the position you choose to apply for. For example, if you are looking for a job to be a cashier at KFC, narrate your people skills, administrative skills, etc.

Sample Answer

“I believe that I possess a set of skills, values and have an experience that is appropriate for working at KFC. I am a detail-oriented, hard-working person. I believe in creating connections and helping people and thus, am a good team worker. I have wide-ranging experience in handling managerial tasks and dealing with clientele. I believe that working hard for my employer will help me achieve my life goals. I can work well as an individual and as part of a team. For the reason that I have such a skill set, I am assured that I will be a worthy match for KFC. I promise to be committed to my work and my team and to provide impeccable service. Currently, I do not have any assignments and should you hire me for this position, I will commence work as soon as you need me. I will work hard to maintain a positive role model for the KFC brand”

  1. Why Do You Think We Should Choose You?

Like any other interview, here also an interviewer wants to see how sure you are of yourself, your skillset and your abilities. They wish to identify what sets you apart and makes you the finest applicant. To answer this, along with your skills and experience, you must specifically mention those aspects of your personality that connect to the skills required for the job you are applying for.

Sample Answer

“I humbly believe KFC will benefit from several of my strengths. I am meticulous, dependable, and capable of working under duress. I prefer working in groups, so I’m excited about being a part of one. Finally, I have a high desire for new information and self-improvement. I bring other factors too that I believe would benefit your institute. I am a highly detail-oriented person, I am very creative and a people’s person through and through. I assure you after I am hired, this coffee shop will have more people in it than ever before.”

  1. What Is Your Strategy For Dealing With The Negative Feedback Of Your Customer Service?

Customer service is of the utmost priority to KFC and the interviewer wants to know that you would be respectfully able to handle whatever a customer throws at you.

You must mention that you would attentively listen to all the things the customer has to say and will not take it personally. However, you will work on the things that need your attention. You can focus on the fact that you will try your best and will also act friendly to everyone. In this way, you plan to lessen the number of grievances or conflicts with the customers.

Sample Answer

“First and foremost, I recognise the importance of consumer input when working for a company like KFC. I’ve dealt with consumers previously, so I’ll keep my cool and try not to take their criticism personally. I’d try to figure out what was bothering the client, then listen to them and see if I could solve the problem. If the situation was beyond my ability to resolve, I’d pass it on to my manager and move on to the next customer. In any case, I shall make every effort to be courteous.”

  1. If Selected, What Days And Hours Of The Day Would You Be Available? 

Although KFC works on a very flexible schedule where workdays are decided much well in advance, it is advised to have a set plan of your availability. Having a clear idea of the days and hours you can spare for the job shows credibility which goes a long way in an interview. This depends on your goals, ambitions and the role this KFC job would play in your life, i.e., it being a full time or a part-time job, etc.

Sample Answer

“I have a lot of free time on my hands currently, therefore I am available for a full-time work schedule. However, I do attend a community college and I have a class every Tuesday and therefore, only on Tuesdays I would do part-time. As for the hours, I am available to do a full 9-5.”

  1. This Is A Rather Repetitive Job, How Do You Plan On Staying Motivated Through It?

To some people, the prospect of a repetitive job sounds like a nightmare, while some thrive in a routine. This question requires you to introspect and know which one you are. Whether interacting with customers, making a variety of drinks and mastering them will give you a level of satisfaction that a job in a food service industry wouldn’t bore you. It is important to have a source of motivation and/or strong values that support your decision of working as a food service employee. For this question, you can discuss the objectives that you desire to attain in your life outside of work and your preference for routine jobs.

Sample Answer

“I can see why some people would think of this as a repetitive job, but not me. I love interacting with new people, I can never get tired of it. To be honest with you, I prefer routine jobs, I like the feeling of going home with a clear head after a fulfilling day. Helping people every day on top of that is icing on the cake. A pleasant working atmosphere is important to me, and I like the environment, and the vibe of KFC.”

  1. Kfc Usually Gets Rather Busy, Can You Work In A High-Pressure Environment? 

This is a cult favourite question for KFC interviews. In your response, you must showcase your stress management skills including strategies to cope with the stress of a job at KFC. 

Sample Answer

“Yes, I flourish when working under pressure. I achieve much more positive results in such situations. My capacity to multitask benefits me to uphold balance while functioning in demanding circumstances. I recognize that I must keep a level head to accomplish positive results.”

  1. Will You Be Able To Stand For A Long Period?

Standing long hours is the essence of working in any foodservice industry. This question is often introduced by the interviewer to understand how aware you are of the requirements of the job. In your answer, demonstrate that you don’t have a problem standing for a long time.  

Sample Answer

“I don’t mind standing for long periods of time. I understand that it is a necessity for this position. I wear comfortable shoes with low heels, stay hydrated, and keep a decent posture. This allows me to stay at ease while executing my job.”

  1. How Long Do You Plan On Working With Us?

KFC is very open about all kinds of involvement. People come here looking for permanent employment, a part-time job, a summer job, etc. So, naturally, KFC is very flexible and they would appreciate your honesty. Go ahead and express your expectations and plans. If you plan to grow with the company and rise through the ranks, let the interviewer know. If KFC is a pit stop on your career plan, let them know. The interviewer needs to know what meaning this KFC job has for you.

Sample Answer

“I have always wanted to be a part of the service industry, more specifically the food industry. However, because of my college and home expectations, I cannot afford to work full-time at a job yet. Therefore, KFC is the perfect match for me, as it would give me the ultimate experience of working in the food industry and the experience gained would be unmatched. It is perfect because I will get to manage other aspects of my life as well while trying to start my career.”

  1. Would You Describe Yourself As A Team Player?

Being a team player is very crucial to the work environment of KFC. Ensure the interviewer that you are very excited to meet your colleagues and have them become part of your journey. Speak about your people skills and how you work your best in a supportive environment. If you have any prior experience of working with a team, mention that.

Once you demonstrate that you are ready to try your best for both customers and colleagues at KFC, they will almost always hire you.

Sample Answer

“I can assure you, I work well alone as well as with a team. I prefer to be part of a team as I thrive among like-minded, supporting people. I am confident about my people skills and I can work around a conflict rather well. I am an empathetic person and can understand different perspectives.”

  1. What Does Good Customer Service Mean To You?

KFC greatly treasures the service their clientele receive as their complete brand is constructed on it. Your description of exceptional customer service must align with what is important for the organization. Customer service is a crucial part of KFC and it depends on the type of job you are at, so your answer will adjust accordingly. 

In a question like this, you should be positive and welcoming, verbally as well as non-verbally. Also, mention any previous job experiences with customer service that helped you define these skills. 

Model Answer

“I will approach every customer positively, with a smile, and will give them my full attention and process their request as quickly as possible. Serving customers effectively and efficiently will be my priority. I know in what way to interact with customers and be of aid to them. My communication skills are competent enough to assist me to serve them well and responding to customer inquiries. I am also a social person who can easily pick conversations. In every situation, I will try to be on my best behavior.”

  1. How Would You Manage, If You Were Ever Late For A Shift?

The interviewer here aims to understand your dedication to the job, your values, and your problem-solving skills. The best way to go about this question would be to express your commitment towards the job, telling the interviewer that you are rarely late, and even if ever you are due to certain unavoidable circumstances, you would be asked to let the manager know, apologize for it and would never leave your fellow employees hanging. Your attitude is the most essential aspect of you during the interview so show the right one. 

Sample Answer

“I have consistently been on time for my school and my work always. I do realize that my absence will possibly lead to a lot of problems for others and that is why I always show up to work 30 minutes prior. However, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, I will contact the manager as soon as possible to find a replacement or arrange the work of another partner. I will apologize to all my colleagues for the inconvenience caused by me and would pick the slack up of the work.”

  1. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

KFC pays minimum wages to their workers, therefore, it is futile to even try and negotiate. You must be respectful and realistic and say that you would be satisfied with the standard pay that KFC pays all its other employees. You could also mention the other perks that pique your interest, such as the training program, flexible schedule, etc.

Sample Answer

“At this point in my career, work experience is my priority and salary is secondary to me. I would very graciously accept the standard wage that KFC pays to all its other employees at this position. My motivation for working at KFC goes beyond the monetary benefit. The flexible work hours, free meals, and the training program are great incentives for me.”

  1. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

This is not a necessary question, although, it is appreciated. Asking this question depends on how the overall interview went. If during the interview, all your questions were answered, then great, thank them and leave. If you do think of something to ask or are doubtful about something, go ahead and ask.

Sample Answer

“First of all, I would like to thank you for this amazing opportunity and an equally wonderful interview. However, I did have a question regarding the steps taken by the organization to help and support their employees. More specifically, how does the enterprise plan on taking care of the mental health and well-being of their employees?”


KFC is a great place to work as it offers a friendly and welcoming work environment to its employees. KFC looks for young energetic and dynamic people to join their workforce. Being prepared for the interview ensures the managers you are one such applicant.
KFC follows a simple philosophy “Happy Employees Create Happy Customers”. Give them that and you are all set!

KFC Interview Questions – Learn More

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