Instructional Coach Interview Questions – Know More


All of us have given interviews at some other point in our lives, be it in the employment sector or as a student in schools and universities. Prepaing for interviews always seems like a daunting task. Doing the research well regarding the role and company you are applying for, being confident in your behavior and abilities, maintaining a positive body language, and communicating in a polite and clear manner are some of the important factors that would ultimately aid you in acing the interview. Let us know ‘Instructional Coach Interview Questions’.

Instructional Coach Interview Questions

Instructional Coach

There is a myriad of roles that applicants apply for. Have all of you heard of the job of an Instructional Coach? All of you must be wondering what that is!

Well, an instructional coach is an educational leader who works in a school or district. They recognize the key areas which need attention. In addition to this, they also assist the teachers in reaching their goals. They provide resources, and best practices for instruction, analyze the needs of students and help students and teachers reach their goals.

Schools put up their best teams to interview and hire instructional coaches. Applicants are subjected to a variety of questions and are judged based on several factors such as their analytical, communicative, and research skills, their confidence, and their abilities to bond well with the students and teachers.

Let’s take an in-depth look into the different types of questions they are asked during the interview/the hiring process- 

Instructional Coach Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Let us see few Interview questions for the job role Instructional coach.

Why are you interested in this role?

Ans- “I believe an instructional coach plays a key role in the growth of students. The coach imparts practical knowledge and provides mental and emotional support to the students. They extend their support to teachers to help them reach their goals as well.”

What are the qualities that you believe an instructional coach should have, to be successful?

“I believe that a person should have the communicative skills necessary to provide the emotional support that children need. In addition to this, the coach should be able to create the conditions vital for the children to grow, learn, and develop. An instructional coach should possess a passion for knowledge and should be detail-oriented as well.”

What kind of strategies do you believe is right for this role?

Ans- “I believe that apart from strong communicative and interpersonal skills, an instructional coach should be able to realize that curating learning processes for young minds is a big challenge. The person should have the abilities to guide them in the right direction. One should also be able to impart special attention to disadvantaged young people in society with learning disabilities or language deficits.”

How do you handle stress and pressure at work? 

Ans- “I always believe in keeping myself calm and composed. I believe in setting realistic goals for myself and practicing relaxation techniques such as Yoga, deep breathing, meditation, etc as well. In addition to this, I always motivate myself to perform well but take breaks from time to time as well.”

How do you plan to stay motivated at work?

Ans- “I believe that the biggest motivation is to see the students that one has supported, succeed. The joy of seeing the students perform well and get better grades and do well as overall individuals are itself a great motivator to perform better in our role.”

What are some of the principles you abide by when it comes to instructional coaching?

Ans- “Some of the principles I strongly believe in are to focus on the process and not the results, to remain impartial in the classroom, actively listen to the students, and to help the students identify their strengths to reach their goals.”

If a child is facing difficulties in performing well, how would you handle such a situation?

Ans- “I feel that every child is different with different strengths and weaknesses. I believe in having a one-on-one conversation with the child and would ask them about the difficulties they are facing. I would aid them in the areas which need specific attention. I would appreciate them for their performance till now and motivate them to perform better.”

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Ans- “One of my biggest weaknesses is that I am a direct and honest person hence it gets tough when I provide critical feedback. Although, I do perceive it as a strength as well as the students need a coach who appreciates them when they perform well but also points out their mistakes and tells them to correct them.”

What is your working pattern?

Ans- “I am a reliable person who believes in focusing on the process instead of the results. I always submit my work on time and meet deadlines. In addition to this, I am a quick learner and I have the ability to work efficiently with different kinds of people.”

What changes would you like to bring to the organization with your role?

Ans- Apart from helping students in overcoming the difficulties they might be facing, I would also pay special attention to imparting emotional education as I believe it is vital to their overall development as an individual. I would teach them to identify their emotions, teach them to identify the thoughts that trigger certain emotions, be aware of their behaviors, and equip them with several emotional strategies and resources that would aid them in managing their emotional states. 


Hence, an Instructional Coach is a person who is an educational leader who works in a school or district. They aid the students and teachers in reaching their goals and provide them with various sources and learning strategies. There are a variety of questions that the applicants who apply for the role of an institutional coach, are asked in an interview, to test their analytical, logical, communicative, and interpersonal skills. These questions range from being general to being in-depth and role-specific. The key is to be confident in our behavior, listen to each and every question carefully, analyze it well and then give an answer.

Instructional Coach Interview Questions – Know More

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