How to Prepare for a Promotion Interview?- Questions to Ask

How to Prepare for a Promotion Interview?

When you are considered a potential candidate for promotion, you are supposed to prepare for an interview. A promotional interview is taken by the employer, to discuss with you the terms and responsibilities. It is also a test where proof is necessary that you are a perfect candidate for the promotion. The questions asked during this interview are based on the internal environment of the employee’s department. Let’s know How to Prepare for a Promotion Interview?

What is a promotion interview?

A promotional or internal interview is conducted with the working employees of the company. The employees are chosen, for a new job or position, with more responsibilities within their department. It is a process for hiring internal candidates for the company. The company decides to hire their current candidates for some position within the company, the reason for this being, knowing the work of the employee and their job description. Also, the candidate is familiar with the company and its departments. However, the candidate has to go through a promotional interview to make the employer certain about the promotion.

How to prepare for a promotion interview?

Just like any normal interview, preparation is necessary. But a promotion interview requires special preparation since you are chosen, through that. The employer would test your skills through this process. Here is how you can prep for a promotion interview:

  • Speak to your boss: If you are selected for promotion, have applied for that and tell your boss. He should learn that from you rather than from anyone else. Seeking permission from your current boss is necessary. It’s good to have his support.
  • Research: Just like when you prepare for an interview, researching plays an important role. Do you study about the position, what skills are required? Gather all the necessary information that may help you with the interview.
  • Reshape your reputation: You being part of the company, may be criticized for your previous work. Even your colleague may not support you. To change this, talk to them without defending yourself. Try to change their opinion before the promotion.
  • Deal with your competition:  There may be other candidates standing in the race of promotion. Try to differentiate your skills from them. They are external candidates who don’t know about the company as you do. So take that advantage to boost your chances for promotion.
  • Compile your achievements:  Jot down all the awards and rewards you have received while working on your current position. Be specific, mention the task and area of work. You have helped the company during the time of crises or emergencies tell that in the interview.

Things to remember during the promotion interview

Although you have prepared for the interview beforehand, there are certain things you should remember during the actual interview. These things may help you stand out during the interview. Below is the list of things 

  • Remain Professional: Being part of the company, you may know the hiring process and the interviewer is a familiar face. But remember you are there for an interview. Don’t lose your professional attitude.
  • Talk about your strengths: You may have some strengths due to your work with the company. You must describe familiarity with the new post, your achievements in the current position. It might give an idea about your strengths.
  • You don’t know everything: There might be moments when an unfamiliar topic would be discussed. Be prepared for not knowing everything. Assuming you have complete knowledge about the work, you can be caught off guard.
  • Show your enthusiasm: During the interview, remember to let the employer know how grateful you are for this opportunity. Also, appreciate the chance given to you. Show how excited and enthusiastic you are for the position.
  • Do not have overconfidence: Having an overconfident attitude may be damaging. Presuming you will get the job could lead you to get rejected. So stay positive and calm.
  • Ask questions: If you are doubtful about the position of the work, ask it during the interview. It may show your interest to the employer, and they may consider you a better candidate. Make sure the questions are logical and meaningful.

Things to do after the promotion interview

Once the interview is over, there are some post-interview steps an employee needs to follow. Every candidate must follow the interview procedure. Here is what you have to do after the promotion interview:

  • Don’t forget to say thank you: Once your interview is completed, mark to write a thank you note for your interviewer. It will show your gesture and interest in the new position.
  • Have the same respect: Don’t burn your bridges with your co-workers once you get the promotion. You might be working in a superior position now but show them the same respect. Also, don’t disclose the news till the company approves. Treat your co-workers the same way when you used to work with them.
  • Don’t keep hard feelings: If you are not selected for the job. You fail to get a promotion, leave the negative feelings behind. Don’t hold on to those thoughts.  Work hard for the next opportunity. 

Requirements for job promotion application

A promotional interview requires some documents. The employee must provide them.  Below are the documents, for the promotional interview application:

Question asked by employees during a promotion interview

It is not just the employer’s job to ask a question during an interview. The employee also has the right to clear their doubts and ask a few things related to the interview and position. Here is some question that an employee can ask during promotion interview:

  1. What qualities are required in a person to be successful in this role?
  2. How has this role developed in the last five years?
  3. What is the role of this position in the growth and success of the company?
  4. Does this position require collaborating with other departments?
  5. Where do you see this company in the coming years?
  6. What role can I play to make this position better than it was before?
  7. Do you have any reservations about my suitability for the role?
  8. What does the career path of people working in this position look like?

By asking this question, you describe the interest and curiosity within you for this position. It may catch the eye of the employer while considering other candidates. So asking the question during an interview is a necessary process.

Salary negotiation during a promotion interview

It is always said talking about salary or payment during an interview seems impolite. Negotiating about salary during the interview process may be awkward, even presumptuous. But when it’s about promotion interviews, the doubts just cross the limit line. The risk of losing the current position may be disturbing for employees. It is kept in mind by the hiring manager.

If you are a tough and serious competitor for promotion, then knowing about the pay is essential. After all, the work and responsibility would multiply with the new position. Below are some tips you need to know while negotiating salary:

  • Know your worth: While negotiating the salary, do a research study beforehand. Go through the company’s salary guidelines. Know the position and its contribution to the growth of the company. Also, understand your worth through your experience and skills. All these things combined will give you a figure.
  • Flip the salary question: When the company asks about your expectation regarding the salary, try and flip the question by saying your salary is negotiable relating to the position. The employer might be shocked and at the same time impressed. You can support your answer by telling to know more about the new position and the responsibilities that come with that.
  • Think about the big picture: When you ask about the salary range for this position, it might be a bump. That is completely fine, but don’t turn down by knowing the half story. Rather dig deep and know about the long-term benefits attached to the promotion.

Common questions asked by an employer during a promotion interview

Just like any normal interview, a promotion interview has some specific questions. The answer to these questions by various candidates gives them a clear view of who could be a better option for this position. Here are few company questions asked by an employer in a promotion interview:

  1. Why should you be a better pick for this role?
  2. Would you make any kind of changes if you are promoted?
  3. Have you grown throughout the years when you worked for the company?
  4. What do you like most about your current position?
  5. What would be your step if you don’t get the promotion?
  6. What will you do during the start of this new position?
  7. Are you an effective leader? 
  8. Do you think you are ready to take responsibility?

How to answer the questions asked during a promotion interview

Figuring out a perfect answer during the interview might be difficult for many candidates. Interpreting the expectation of the employer while answering may also be hard. So below are some sample questions with the guide for answer:

  1. What were your achievements while working in the company?

The employer through, this question, is expecting to know your achievements in your current position. Your answer will also reflect how determined and goal-oriented you are regarding your work. Share your greatest accomplishment and how that benefited the company. Also, speak about what you wish to achieve in the future.

  1. In what way will your colleagues describe you?

Knowing the overall reaction about other employees while giving promotions to a specific candidate is necessary. This question will clear that doubt, so while answering, be honest with the employer. If you have a misunderstanding with some employees, better clear it out before the interview. Also, these will have a positive impact on the promotion decision.

  1. Will you need any training to succeed in this role?

Through this question, the employer is making sure that you are ready for the position or not. So answer honestly, if you need a specific type of training, let them know. But also convey to them that you are a self-learner. You can adapt to any role and learn skills easily. The answer to these questions will make it clear for the employer to know whether the candidate is ready to board the position.

These are a few questions that can be asked by employers. To interpret the motive behind asking the question might be the key to have a perfect answer that would impress the employer. 


Getting picked for promotion could be surprising for an internal employee. But the procedure to get the promotion is lengthy. The candidate has to go through an interview process. If they are successful, they will get promoted. The preparation for a promotion interview might be similar to a simple interview, but there are few additions. Like, the employee is already a part of the company, he has to keep some things in mind when applying for promotion. Knowing about the position and the responsibilities that come with it is also essential. The salary factor is another thing to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you know if you are ready for the promotion?

Answer: The only person to know if you are ready for the promotion is you. So be confident and focus on your skills. To know, if you are ready for the promotion, know these two things:

  • Firstly are you willing to take the responsibility that comes along with the promotion? Also, the stress that builds up due to the workload?
  • Secondly, are you ready to learn different and difficult skills during the training of the position?

If you are willing to do the above two things, then you are completely ready to get promoted.

  1. How long does it take to get promoted?

Answer: The promotion depends on your work and skills. If you are an expert in your job. and work as an asset to the company, then you are expected to get promoted in three years.

How to Prepare for a Promotion Interview?- Questions to Ask

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