Facebook iOS Interview Questions


With the increase in Facebook iOS updates, a diverse number of job opportunities have emerged and the interview level has shifted sharply. To develop an iOS app or to become an iOS developer, an individual needs a broad range of skills along with adequate techniques to respond to iOS interview questions. Facebook is a huge social media platform that has multifarious iOS-related jobs to offer. However, it is not the job opportunities that conundrum people but the interview questions that take a solid revision beforehand. Let us know ‘Facebook iOS Interview Questions’.

Facebook iOS Interview Questions

Facebook iOS Interview Questions

There are several interview rounds for an iOS Facebook interview. The first round generally comprises basic interview questions, the next round is followed by a round with algorithm problems, and the mid-intermediate round has some technical and functional questions (leet codes). The level of questions gradually increases with each round. There are plenty of Facebook iOS interview questions that have been asked to date in interviews. Some of these questions that have been asked or might be asked by interviewers are mentioned below as follows: –

  • How do you integrate Facebook login into the iOS app?
  • Which format or framework of JSON is supported by iOS?
  • How would you design Facebook Ads or stories or pages?
  • What do you understand by swift?
  • Can you tell me something about the unnamed category?
  • What are some of the criteria upon which characteristics of iOS can be defined? 
  • Do you know about the UIKit framework? Elaborate further on its features.
  •  What is a Synchronous task? How is it different from an Asynchronous task?
  • What do you understand about ARC?
  • What are visual elements called in iOS?
  • What programming languages do you use for developing an iOS-related function on Facebook?
  • Tell me something about concurrency.
  • Imagine you are asked to develop a system that is used for money transactions through Facebook every day. How would you design it?
  • If you were to create a mini app for Facebook, what would you prefer it to be like?
  • (Any codes), what will be the output?
  • Imagine you developed an app that deals with grocery store shopping by accessing users’ locations and preferences. How would you execute the plan and what will be your priorities?
  • How would you design Facebook search?
  • How would you design Facebook News and Facebook feed in an updated version from scratch?

What are iOS Interview questions like?

The questions are simple, easy, and straightforward. Generally, the first round comprises basic behavioral questions. They generally ask some easy to medium-level algorithm questions. Make sure you practice your algorithm skills before your interview. In addition, the interviewer is most likely to provide you with coding and data structure-related questions. An individual will be asked to create and develop codes right at the moment. They also ask some questions related to leet codes, LC, and questions.  The main key points that they want to access about a candidate are:

  • Their ability to develop and stimulate a project.
  • Have a well understanding of arrays, strings, graphs, stacks, queues, dynamic programming, etc. A bunch of questions related to arrays, stacks, trees, graphs, etc. are usually asked. 
  • Linked link questions.
  • Fundamental knowledge of iOS, programming, etc.
  • Various concepts like thread concepts or when to use different aspects of programming.
  • Proficient understanding of frames and bounds.
  • Good communication and organizational structure.

Other Basic and Behavioral Questions Asked during Facebook iOS Interview

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why did you choose Facebook?
  • What is your life like as a developer? Or what have you learned in the past few years as an iOS developer?
  • What or who is your biggest inspiration or motivation in life?
  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • Where do you see yourself while working with Facebook?
  • Tell me about a time when you faced a difficult situation while developing.
  • What is the biggest mistake that you have made as an iOS developer? What did you do to overcome or rectify the mistake?
  • Have you ever disagreed with a co-worker or your boss? How did it go?

How to prepare for an iOS Interview?

To get hired for an iOS developer job, an individual has to sharpen their skills, enhance their knowledge and get familiar with basic interview questions. An individual also needs to practice diligently. A wide spectrum of iOS-related education platforms is available that provide free courses to learn and develop the required skills.  

Also, research a lot about interview questions. Practice your algorithm and basic coding skills. Prepare with your peers or with experienced professionals as it might provide an individual with better insights and help improve. Also, practice how you will respond to technical questions. Make sure you are doing timed practice too as the interview has time constraints. 


In conclusion, there are a few rounds that are conducted for the Facebook iOS developer positions. These rounds vary based on the type of questions. For example, for basic and behavioral questions, they have embarked on a different round while for coding, there is a different round called the coding round. While the questions that are asked for Facebook iOS developer interviews are not that complex, intriguing, and erudite yet they require a considerable amount of skills, knowledge, and enormous practice. Also, at Facebook, it is more important to have a decent way or strategy for solving and responding to questions rather than being completely correct with your responses.  

Frequently asked questions 
  • What are Facebook’s core values?

Facebook has six basic core values are, Move Fast,Focus on long-term impact (long-term goals and visions),Create inspiration (Build or design things that make a difference in people’s lives),Live in the future i.e. have clear and future-focused goals,Be simple, straightforward, and clear,Respect everyone.

  • Is the Facebook interview harder than the Amazon interview?

No, the Facebook interview is not harder than the Amazon interview. According to some experienced candidates, the interview on Facebook is comparatively more manageable than on Amazon. Facebook iOS interview comprises basic technical questions (coding, algorithm, programming, developing, etc.). However, the difficulty level depends on the job title, job level, and myriad other factors.

Facebook iOS Interview Questions

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