Esthetician Interview Questions -Know More

Estheticians are licensed, skincare professionals. They provide hair removal, facials, body treatments, and other treatments related to skincare to maintain their clients’ appearance. Estheticians work under a dermatologist, resort, clinics, spas & salons. let’s get to know the Esthetician Interview Questions.

Esthetician Interview Questions

The Estheticians consult with their clients about their requirements and give recommendations and explain services, assist them to the correct treatment and make sure about their care and satisfaction. The esthetician will make sure treatments start and conclude on schedule. An esthetician must keep the work area neat and clean, all equipment should be sanitized and lines should keep clean all the time, and treat clients in a respectful, polite, and caring manner. You should be able to market and sell services and retail items if you want to work in the industry.

If you wish to become an esthetician you should have the necessary knowledge on how to meet revenue goals, ensure client retention, and try to build a solid client base. Caring, understanding, and making the clients feel good about themselves- you should have these qualities to become a professional Esthetician. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Esthetician?

  • Providing skincare treatments such as facials, hair removal, body treatments, and also providing make applications and lessons.
  • Always maintain the appointments with clients on time by monitoring the schedule. 
  • Welcoming the clients in a respectful, warm, and friendly manner. Accompany them to and from treatment rooms, and express heartfelt gratitude upon their departure.
  •  Interviewing the clients before treatment and informing them about contraindications, and also examining their skin for evaluating the suitable treatment for them.
  • Assist customers in selecting appropriate skin care treatments and home care routines.
  • Speaking with their clients about things that are relevant to their interests during their treatment.
  • To promote and sell spa and salon services and retail products, product knowledge is essential.
  • Replacing linens between sessions and keeping the work area neat and clean, all the equipment sanitized and clean.
  • In case if any guest behaves inappropriately during the event, then stop the treatment and inform the supervisor.

What Are The Prerequisites For Becoming An Esthetician?

  • Should be able to communicate well both verbally and in writing.
  • Should have the availability to maintain clients confidently
  • State-issued esthetician license
  • Expert to conduct all applicable procedures
  • Should have outstanding social skills and a friendly manner.

If you guys are thinking about becoming a professional esthetician then you guys need to apply at certain resorts, clinics, and spas & salons. To get selected by them you need to pass the interview round & here I have listed some of the important interview questions they might ask you during the interview round.

1. What motivates you to pursue a career as an esthetician?                                                               

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Interviewers frequently use this question to learn about your motivation for applying for this position. Confirming your interest in the position and demonstrating your motivation are the best ways to answer this inquiry.


I’m a very understanding and enthusiastic person who performs skin, body, and hair treatments. I also have the skill of socializing with clients and also have skills required in consulting with clients to evaluate the requirements for them, give necessary recommendations, and explain services. 

2. What do you think about the role of an Esthetician?

Interviewers may ask you this question to know if you are aware of your responsibilities & duties. You should highlight all the necessary duties an Esthetician must do while answering the question.


An Esthetician’s role is to provide a warm and polite welcome to their clients. Their main role is to beautify their clients’ skin and improve their facial features with treatments. Also, an Esthetician is to consult with their clients about recommending them an appropriate skin care treatment. 

*Above I have mentioned some more roles of an Esthetician, you can check it to know more about this question.

3. To become a good Esthetician what qualities are necessary?

Interviewers may ask you this question to know how much knowledge you have about the qualities that make a good Esthetician. While answering this question try to highlight some of the good qualities necessary to become a good Esthetician.


A professional esthetician must give excellent both spoken and written communication skills. They should know how to maintain client confidentiality and be able to stand for long hours. They should know how to maintain time properly as they can’t delay their client’s appointment, should have sales skills, and should be proficient in using and performing all the treatment equipment. 

4. Share the major challenges you faced during your last job & how did you manage them?                                                                                     The interviewers may ask you this question to know about how you manage your challenges and how good you are at managing challenges. So, try to highlight your ability to solve all types of challenges maturely.    


Standing for a long time while attending multiple clients in a day is the biggest challenge for me at the beginning of my journey of becoming an esthetician. But when I realized that it’s becoming overtired for me, I decided to maintain a schedule and organize all my work and time. As a result, this helped me a lot when I worked with clients who have strict time requirements. 

5. What do you think is the daily routine of an Esthetician?

Interviewers frequently ask this question to their candidates to know how they list up their work in a proper manner. To answer this question, the best strategy is to try to point out how to properly use your time while performing your role.


The first thing I do after entering my workplace is to check all my emails and messages. If there is nothing important or urgent then I go back to my usual schedule such as:

  • Consulting with the clients and recommending treatments as per their skin.
  • Recommending different skincare products like moisturizers, body wash, face wash, and lotions to our customers.
  • Always keeping my workplace clean and maintaining all skincare treatment tools.

6. Tell us about your work experience?

The interviewers may ask you this question to understand how you line up your experience with the needs of the company. The best way to answer this question is by giving a brief description of your past work experience concerning the job description.


I am a professional esthetician and have a license. I’ve been working in this field for more than five years and have gained many skills like handling clients properly to ensure that they get the proper treatment, also I meet the client retention, revenue goal, and building a strong base with them. I can maintain the knowledge to promote and sell products and services. If I am given a chance then I will show all the skills that I have experienced over the years and will apply all my knowledge to become successful in this role.

7. Explain the strategies and attitude required for this role?

Interviewers may ask this question to their candidates to know their attitude towards this role. You should try to highlight all your skills and strategies while answering the question.


The main role of an esthetician is to take proper care and improve their client’s skin and facial appearance. To become successful in this role, an esthetician must have a mix of practical and innovative characteristics. You should know how to study a client’s body language during the session if they want to stay silent or talk on some topics. An esthetician should be artistic to visualize the result of the treatment he or she is giving to his client. An esthetician must know how to maintain time so that they can adhere to appointments at the right time. To become an ideal esthetician, he or she must behave politely and professionally in front of their clients and also should have the ability to make their customers feel good about themselves.

8. The biggest challenge that you have faced as an Esthetician?

Interviewers may ask you this question to judge your knowledge related to the changes that are taking place in this industry and field. Try to highlight the knowledge you have regarding all the changes taking place and also mention how you will manage them.


I think increasing the fake chemical and beauty ingredients in this industry is the major problem. When it comes to influencer marketing, the beauty industry is on the top & the majority of the buyers buy products without knowing if the product they brought is real or fake, as a result, they end up damaging their skin. However, as I mentioned earlier, I have been in this industry for more than five years & I can very well tell which product is fake and which one is good. I will use all my knowledge to give my client the best.

9.Tell us how you stay motivated in your work?

Interviewers can also ask you this question to know how much interest and value you give to your work. In response, answer whatever reasons that keep you motivated for your work.


Being an esthetician is itself a motivation for me. I love to socialize with different types of people and love to make them feel good about themselves. I enjoy providing skincare treatment to my clients. I have always wanted to work at a resort, clinic, spa & salon and now I am so happy that I can fulfill my dream.

10. Describe a moment when you failed in this role and learned a lesson from it?

The interviewers may ask you this question to learn if you accept your mistakes. To answer this question describe the mistakes you made and a few up few lessons you learned from them.


When I have just joined this career, a client who couldn’t speak came to our spa. I was unable to understand her so I couldn’t help her and professionally dismissed the client and began to manage my next client. However, I have informed the management about this matter & they assigned a person who knew sign language to that client. Today, I can attend to all kinds of clients and can properly communicate with them effectively.

11. Why do you think you are suitable for this role?

The interviewers may ask this question also to estimate whether you are perfect for this role. While answering the question try to highlight your best skills, experience, education, and all achievements.


I am a licensed esthetician with more than five years of experience and also have excellent communication skills, confidence while handling clients, organizational, time management skills, am a team player, and can provide great guest servicing skills. While working in this field, I have become skilled in handling different types of clients to ensure that I meet the revenue goals, build a strong base with the clients, maintain clients and also maintain knowledge of selling and purchasing products and services. If I am given a chance then with all my knowledge and experience, I will try to perform my duties such as facials, body treatment, body hair removal, maintaining all the skincare treatment tools, and others in a proper manner and make a success of this role. 

12.Tell us your biggest achievement in this field.

The interviewers may ask you this question to know what you consider success as. Try to highlight all achievements you have achieved yet in this role.


My biggest achievement in this field is that I was able to persuade my management to recruit another employee who knows sign language for that client. This allows us to serve all clients as we can effectively communicate with each other, both verbally and written.

13. How do you keep in touch with clients in a professional manner to encourage them to return for more appointments?

Your response to this question will help the interviewers to understand whether you have the skill of maintaining a loyal client base and can also maintain professional boundaries. Try to answer this question by highlighting some strategies you think are best for maintaining a client base and also try to show your dedication to professionalism.


I always try to make sure that I build a long-term relationship with all my clients as soon as I complete my first appointment with them. I do this by Scheduling another appointment based on my clients in the upcoming weeks or next month. I also give them my business card so that in case my clients can contact me & also I call them and send them a little reminder message of their upcoming appointments.

14. Tell us the factors you consider while selecting any Skincare products for clients?

The interviewers may ask you this question if you have a set procedure for picking cosmetic goods for your customers. The best way to respond to this question is to list the steps you go through before applying goods to a client’s skin.


I check over my customer’s chart before putting any items on their skin. After that, I inquired about their medical history as well as their current skincare routine. I understand that some therapies may have an adverse reaction to specific lotion ingredients. My primary objective is to improve my client’s skin tone and attractiveness. As a result, I must verify that my clients are not at risk of developing an allergic reaction as a result of my treatment recommendations.

15. What Is Dermal Filler and How Does It Work? Mention the Filler Types You’re Aware Of?

This is another technical question designed to determine whether you are familiar with the ingredients and products used to treat customers’ skin. Define the phrase “dermal filler” and describe the different types of fillers in your response.


Collagen, hyaluronic acid, and calcium hydroxyapatite are examples of dermal fillers, which refill face skin by removing or minimizing wrinkles. Facial fillers are injected into the surface of the face in small, precise injections. Fillers include Sculptural, Captique, collagen, Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, and Hylaform face fillers, among others.

16. Are you considering other organizations for career opportunities?

This question may be asked by your interviewers to see if they have any competition in employing you. Keep the option open by being honest. In your response, you express a preference for this employment over others.


Last week, I had one interview for a similar position. However, because of the work you have done over the years, I am passionate about your organization. If all goes well, I am looking forward to working with you.

17. When will you be able to start working in this position if you are hired?

If you are hired, the hiring manager wants to know when you plan to start working. Demonstrate professionalism in the manner you shift from one position to the next.


My new contract requires me to give one month’s notice before leaving my existing position. However, once I have completed that responsibility, I will be able to start working the next day. I am very excited to start working here and meet the rest of the team.


The recruiting manager is seeking someone with suitable experience and qualifications. You may demonstrate that you are the best candidate for this position by studying and practicing these questions and answers.

Esthetician Interview Questions -Know More

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