EBay Interview Questions | How To Answer?

EBay is a multinational company that facilitates sales of products either from a business manufacturer to the customer or from one customer who is selling and the other who is buying. Let us know about the ‘EBay Interview Questions’.

EBay Interview Questions

eBay is an overall e-commerce company that provides a marketplace and a platform that connects buyers and sellers.

eBay is a highly technical company where effective coding and software designs for the website act as a backbone. Usually, the company looks for candidates having a technical background or education. The interview process can take from 1 to 4 weeks where a screening interview, phone screening interview, and 3-4 rounds of an on-site interview are included. 

EBay Interview Questions

Steps To Apply For An eBay Interview

  •  Click on the link given below to acess the verified eBay website.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find an “about the company” section.
  • Unser this section select “careers”
  • A new page will open where several options.
  • Select “careers” again.
  • A drop-down list will occur where you will select “Jobs by Location”
  • Now, select the suitable location and search for openings available there.
  • On selecting the job, you must read the job description carefully.
  • Then, you can click on “Apply Now”
  • Now, you can start the process of creating your application, including your experience, personal information, voluntary disclosures, etc.

Technical-Based Interview Questions at Ebay

  • If you are applying for a technical position like an applied researcher, software developer, software engineer, computer vision product manager, etc. you will usually be faced with a similar pattern of questions. 
  • These questions are asked by the recruiter to evaluate your retention from your education, application of past experiences, and development skills as well as your attitude, opinions, and behavior. 

Three main categories of interview questions

Online Coding Aptitude interview Questions at Ebay

  • Here, you must select the programming language that you are most experienced with. 
  • The questions are mathematical and based on problem-solving.
  •  Programming questions are given to test your logical reasoning. 

A few examples of such questions are

Q1. You’re given a list of cash invoices of a company. Write a code to determine at what level of buy and sell maximum profit can be derived. 

Q2. Code an syntax error-free program to validate a given IP address. 

Q3. Write a program to find if the permutation of a string (given) is a palindrome or not

Q4. Given two words (start and end), and a dictionary, find the shortest transformation sequence from start to end, such that:

Only one letter can be changed at a time. If there are multiple such sequences of the shortest length, return all of them.

System Design Interview Questions at Ebay

Here, the questions are designed to test your attention to detail and your ability to work with various software.

Q1. Design a stem depicting a refrigerator that is tailored to the needs of a blind person.

Q2. Design a voting system where users are voters and they cast their votes with the results being automatically tabulated 

Q3. How would you go about designing an API rate liner?

Q4. Design a cab-hailing system.

Q5. Design a system that integrates end-to-end encrypted notifications on an eCommerce platform like eBay.

Behavioral Interview Questions at Ebay

  •  These are the type of questions you will be faced with while giving an on-site interview.
  • It is one of the most important steps for recruiters in understanding your thought process, work ethic, attitude, knowledge, and intelligence hence making it a determining factor in your interview.
  •  Here you will be dealt with questions that will directly target your past experiences whether at work in a previous company or during an educational course.
  •  You might also have to face situational questions, questions about the company, and questions that overall depict your attitude towards this ob position and why they should hire you.

Q1.  According to you, what is the most crucial component to maintaining productivity in a workplace?

Q2. What were the times when you made an error and how did you reprimand them?

Q3. What would you do if you spotted an error in the program but you’re superior does not agree with you ?

Q4. What are the most stretching designs you have worked on?

Q5. Pick a product that you used today, and tell me what you did not like about it and how would you change it to be a better product.

Q6. How would you prepare a new product idea and present it to eBay leadership?

Q7. How will you handle a task where you were met with a deadline but could not finish it?

Q8. What are some skills that you have learned in your present job that you think will be applicable and useful to you at this job at eBay?

Q9. What do you think would be the biggest challenge while being a software engineer at eBay?

Q10. If you were held responsible for implementing GDPR at eBay, how would you go about it?

How To Crack Interviews At High Tech Companies?

Cracking an interview at a high-tech company is not easy if you do not work hard and practice to improve your skills to pace up your preparation you will be outdone by the high competition.

It is an integral part to know the before-asked questions, practicing mock tests, solve many problems, and also work on your behavioral and situational communication skills.

To ace an interview with a tier 1 company, you must be aware of the following things:

1. Choose the correct programming language

  • You must choose the language that you have the most experience with. 
  • Being comfortable in a certain language allows you the liberty of learning many object-oriented principles of that language and making your decisions.
  • You must have experience in Python, C++, and Java. These three programming languages are the most important for any company and proficiency in them would defiantly allow you to ace an interview.

2. Regular practice of problem-solving

  • You must take care that the higher level of problem-solving skills you acquire in coding the higher your chance of answering correctly you have.
  •  You must practice solving coding problems daily, note the concepts that you do not understand, and research to understand it. 
  • You can use competitive programming websites to have more exposure to varying problems with different degrees of difficulty.

3. Attending Mock Interviews

  • Mock interviews are one of the best ways to understand your weak points.
  • Many websites offer mock interviews to assist you.
  •  During such mock interviews, you will be subjected to questions that are frequently asked in the interviews for the job that you are preparing for.
  •  It can be beneficial if you attend such mock interviews with the correct group of professionals.

4. Know about the company

  • It is highly crucial to collect knowledge about the company-specific details. 
  • Although most high-level companies indeed rely on algorithm and coding problems to differentiate between deserving candidates, many companies have a strong point that they focus on, for instance, behavioral questions.
  • To know more about the company, you can watch interview videos of the company and keep understanding the pattern of the questions and the way the candidates answer them.
  •  You can also dig up company-specific archives and problems and practice them to gain a genuine understanding of the level of difficulty the company poses.
  • Largely, focus on researching and learning about the company. and making you more appealing to the recruiters. Work on the skills given in the resume to demonstrate your retention and application. Ask the required questions from the interviewer, which will inform them that you have studied about the company and know about its policies.

5. Staying motivated

There will be many times when you would crash and not be able to solve a certain type of problem or answer similar patterns of behavioral questions. Well losing hope is no good, you must remind yourself that being in the logistical field you can apply it to yourself as well. To face such problems you can use the IPDE method which stands for 

  • Identify: recognize the issue that you are facing and where you are facing it.
  • Process: Understand the components that are promoting your error level and lay out all possible solutions to eradicate them.
  • Decide: Now, decide the solution that according to you will work the best to get rid of the problem.
  • Execute: Execute the solutions that you derived, in an orderly fashion

Do not pressure yourself and overwork, sometimes taking a break results in a more productive mind. Take adequate breaks to freshen up, recharge, and get back at it again. Using meditation and yoga as a medium for relaxation has also seemed beneficial to many people going through stress. 


Largely, focus on researching and learning as much information as you can about the company and making you more appealing to the recruiters. Work on the skills given in the resume to demonstrate your retention and application. Ask the required questions from the interviewer and convince them that you are a good fit for the company.

EBay Interview Questions | How To Answer?

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