Dental School Interview Questions

A dazzling smile makes you shine, boosts your confidence, and keeps your overall health fine. If a smile on the other’s face makes you smile, then dentistry is for you. Becoming a dentist requires a genuine interest in sciences and a willingness to bring happiness selflessly. Let us know about the Dental School Interview Questions.

Dental School Interview Questions

Dental School Interview Questions

If these boxes are checked, then the only thing for you to focus on is interview preparation. Getting good grades in the pre-medical school tests is easier as compared to interviews and standing out through your extracurriculars. Your extracurriculars & interview are the two things that define your personality and show your genuine interest in medicine. 

In the dental school interview, you have to explain all your achievements in the past and the reason why you want to study medicine. If you feel stressed about this, you should not because we are here with the best tips for acing dental school interview.

Common Questions for Dental School Interview

Here we have the most common yet tricky questions that are asked:

1. Why Dental School? Why not any other medical field?

Before pursuing any degree or profession, your “WHY” must be clear. You can answer this question by telling them about any personal experience that got your interest in dental health. While answering this question, one must keep the tone of the voice passionate and slightly emotional. 

Some points that can be included are listed here:

  • Interest in Dental Science: Having a keen interest in a branch of study is a legitimate reason to pursue it as a career.
  • Consistency & Continuous Growth: If you are a hardworking person who constantly wants to grow and excel in his carrier, medicine can be an excellent option for you.

2. Why you? What makes you irreplaceable? What makes you a good dentist?

Now this answer should reflect your confidence and passion (don’t forget to be polite)! Your “WHY” along with the experiences you got from your extracurriculars can help you present yourself in a way that the interviewer has never seen before. 

This answer should be very dentistry specific, explain to them how your personality synchronizes with the profession. For an irreplaceable medical worker, empathy, knowledge, and willingness to learn throughout their carrier can be an outstanding reason. 

Don’t forget to personalize all these answers. Your story, past experiences, and achievements should justify all the skills that you are claiming to have.

3. Why our College? 

Interviewers have to make sure that if he selects you, their college is your priority. It happens in almost all cases, that a candidate applies to multiple colleges and gets accepted into more than one of them. It is the responsibility of the candidate to assure them, that he is made for the institution. Ideas:

  • School values & mission
  • Any particular course only that the school offers
  • The location of the school can help you achieve your goals
  • The research that is going on in the school

Along with these, if you have done research with any faculty, or you have taken certifications from that school, add it as well.

4. How will you contribute to Dental Science in your carrier? 

Again comes the role of the “WHY”. If you know a region that lacks proper medicinal facilities, or you are working to bring advancements in the existing treatment, you can add them to your response. Some demo responses can be:

  • Replacement of the current X-Ray method of analysis with a more cost-efficient & simpler technology.
  • Reducing side effects of pain-killer medicines.
  • Advanced methods of anesthesia or other similar processes.
  • Making cheap and high-quality dental facility access to the underprivileged section.

Hope you got a clear picture of how your answer should be framed. Now, let us move to the next prompt.

5. What are the biggest issues that the industry is facing? How will you contribute to solving them?

This answer tests your research about the market. You should have a deep understanding of the principles on which industry works and its side effects. Your answer should also reflect your knowledge about the ongoing research areas so that you can predict what dental science might look like in the coming years. 

Make sure you are not suggesting too hypothetical ideas otherwise you might end up looking very non-serious about your field. 

Tips for Dental School Interviews

  • Dress up yourself in smart formals. There are numerous opinions on this topic, but to be on the safest side, choose formal. It reflects that you are serious about the task you are performing.
  • Know the school and the notable alumni (their work) of that Dental School. This is another way to create an impact as it signifies your interest in that school. Impressive research can make you stand out from all other candidates.
  •  Mirrors are wonderful! Look into the pattern of the questions that are frequently asked in dental schools and practice answering those questions in front of the mirror. This will make your answers better and help you memorize all the important points during the interview. 
  • Mock Interviews. Now many third-party institutions offer this service, but to get an honest opinion, approach dentists who have graduated from that school. Try to record yourself and fix your flaws.


Getting into dental school is tough. It is one of the toughest degrees in the world to get, and the high rejection rate supports this statement. There are multiple reasons that this happens, mainly due to a huge number of non-serious candidates applying, candidates who are under-prepared, and candidates with incorrect and inefficient strategies.

But the truth is, if you are made for the dental health professional, you will get into a reputed school if you follow the right process. Acing an interview can create a life-long positive impact on your confidence. It is the easiest step in getting into a medical school because all it needs is to reflect honesty, politeness, and passion through your words. We hope that these steps will make your dream of getting accepted into dental school come true. 

Dental School Interview Questions

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