Bank Teller Interview Questions

Are you excited to become a bank teller and have been looking forward to applying for the job? Then, this article is meant for you, as most of the interview questions are explained below. Being a bank teller, you will be assigned many tasks on a regular basis which will include monetary transactions. let’s know Bank Teller Interview Questions.

Bank Teller Interview Questions

Job Description: 

Bank Teller is a banking job in which you have to deal with a large sum of cash and other such instruments. As a bank teller, you have to maintain the accounts of customers and provide them with excellent services. On an everyday basis, a bank teller has to transact money by making withdrawals, receiving checks, loan payments, and much more. So there are multiple accounting transactions that are handled by Bank Teller. 

Bank Teller Interview Questions: 

If you have applied for the job of Bank Teller, then you can expect to appear for an interview before getting selected. The interview process at any bank won’t be difficult. You will be asked certain simple questions related to your job role, so be prepared for them. Most of the questions asked at the interview will be basic and don’t include any sought of technical questions. Below are given certain interview questions along with their answers for your assistance: 

Ques. 1: Why did you choose this bank over other banks?

How to Answer: You need to mention each reason why the bank is perfect for you. There can be various reasons for choosing a particular bank, so describe them briefly. Also, you can say that customer service provided by the bank is exceptional and you want to be a part of the same system. 

Sample Answer: Your bank has a good reputation among all the competitors and I want to work for the best company. Also, being a customer of the bank I have received attention, so I want to be part of this effective bank system. Your bank is renowned in the country, so I think I will get various opportunities to grow professionally. I find your bank different in terms of functioning and is suitable for me in every aspect. 

Ques. 2: What do you know about the responsibility and job role of a Bank Teller?

How to Answer: Being a bank teller you must be aware of the job role very well. In the answer, you should highlight and describe them effectively. Your knowledge about the job role will make you more eligible for the role and the company will look forward to hiring you over other applicants. 

Sample Answer: According to me, as a bank teller I will be responsible for multiple tasks on a daily basis that will include monetary transactions. I will be responsible for withdrawal and depositing money on customers’ behalf and give them accurate information regarding their queries. Also, as a bank teller, I need to communicate with clients to provide them with the best solutions for their questions. Apart from that, working closely with cash-related activities like receiving cash payments for loan payments and other activities is a primary duty of the bank teller. 

Ques. 3: Since the job role of Bank Teller requires a lot of hard work. So, how will you be going to manage each day at work?

How to Answer: Mention your daily routine that is needed to be followed in the bank. Your job role might require lots of effort, so you should briefly discuss your routine at work. It would be great if you will add your prior experience at work and how you managed the time there. 

Sample Answer: I understand that my day at work can be stressful and time-consuming. But I think with the help of my time management skills, I will be able to manage the task effectively. At the beginning of the day, I would plan everything according to the schedule and would ensure that at the end of the day my entire task gets completed. Also, I will try to balance all the work and projects effectively, so that the quality of the work does not get affected at all. 

Ques. 4: What can you tell about the excellent customer service and how will you be able to provide it to the customers?

How to Answer: The company is looking forward to knowing your perception of customer service. You have to explain what customer service is like and mention what measures you will take to provide the best service to customers. 

Sample Answer: As per my knowledge and experience, the best customer service is when there is doubt and a query is solved. Also, a customer becomes satisfied when they receive the service on time. As far as providing customers with such services are concerned, I will try to build a customer-employee relationship and pay attention to their queries. By providing customers with excellent service, I would try to satisfy the queries and doubts of all the customers. 

Ques. 5: Why did you choose to become a Bank Teller?

How to Answer: Since you have applied for a job role, then there must be a certain reason for liking it. You have to highlight the reasons you can connect your skills and talent with the job role. 

Sample Answer: I always had a craze to be a part of the banking system as the accounting and managing task excites me. For years I have worked hard to achieve this target of my life as I am well-versed with accounting and other management stuff. I used to admire the job role of bank teller because of the perks associated with it and I think I am fit for this role. 

Ques. 6: Do you know anything about our bank?

How to Answer: You should have proper knowledge about the bank where you are applying for the job. You should thoroughly read about the banking agency for which you are applying and try to mention all the factual details about the bank. 

Sample Answer: I have been admiring your bank for a long time and am looking forward to being a part of your bank. As per my knowledge, your bank (name of the bank you have applied at) has been founded in (year of bank’s foundation). Throughout the functioning years, the bank has been serving its customers well and its headquarter is set up in (location of the bank’s headquarter). 

Ques. 7: How are you going to handle an angry customer who visits your bank?

How to Answer: You have to show the recruiters how generous and calm you are while dealing with angry customers. Your patience level will be effective for you to deal with such a situation. Also, you can mention that you are a great listener and a problem-solver, so it won’t be a big issue for you to solve their problems. 

Sample Answer: According to me, I will try to understand their situation and problem afterwards I will come up with solutions for the customer. I think my problem-solving and decision-making skills will help me to make the customers get out of difficult situations. The initial step would be to listen to their problem and try to give them effective solutions for the customers. 

Ques. 8: Are you looking to be a bank teller for a longer time? If yes, then why?

How to Answer: You should give a positive answer to this question, it should not sound as if you want to work in the short term. Apart from that, you should give reasons for your liking this job role. Be confident while answering this question as it can either fix your job in the bank or throw a negative impact on recruiters. 

Sample Answer: I was always looking forward to becoming a bank teller and I am passionate to work as a bank teller in the future. It would be my pleasure if I get to work as a bank teller in the long run, as I will be able to follow what I am passionate about. Being a bank teller, I will be able to get benefits from the perks associated with the job role, so I will prefer to work as a bank teller in the long run. 

Ques. 9: Why should we pick you over other candidates as a bank teller?

How to Answer: In this question, you have to highlight the talent and skills needed by a bank teller. You must have all the required skills and show how experienced you are in the job role. Give every reason why you should be hired apart from other candidates. 

Sample Answer: I have all the skills and qualifications required to become a bank teller. From managing a large sum of money to effectively talking with customers to solve their problems, I have all the skills. Also, my experience level being a bank teller will help me to serve the customers more effectively. I would try and give my best to help the customer and other co-workers for the growth of your organization. Apart from that, I possess the perfect level of skills better than other candidates. 

Ques. 10: As a bank teller you need to work with a large sum of money, will you be comfortable with it?

How to Answer: You should sound confident and polite while answering this question. If you have prior experience, then you should mention it to increase your chances of getting hired. 

Sample Answer: I am aware of the fact that I need to manage a large sum of money. I think my experience in this sector would be beneficial to keep account of a large sum of money. Being in the banking sector it is evident that I need to work with a large sum of money and my education in accounting will help me to deal with a huge sum of money. 

Ques. 11: How will the position of Bank Teller fit in your career?

How to Answer: Firstly, tell me about the educational background of yours and the experience you have got so far. You can talk about your future career goals. Show your love for the job and how much you are willing to work as a bank teller. Also, give an idea of your future career. 

Sample Answer: According to me, the position of Bank Teller will fit in my career for the long term. As I am planning to become a (mention your future goal). This job position will allow me to enhance and improve my skills and I will build experience in my field. As a bank teller, I will focus on my various skills and gain experience in the same field. Being a bank teller will be an advantage for me, as my career goals will be easily achieved. 


In this article, all the candidates who wish to work as bank tellers must have got the idea about the interview questions asked. All the questions asked are usually basic and related to the job role. The applicants must have got to know how to answer the question and what should be included in the answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ques. 1: Is it hard to get a job as a Bank Teller?

Ans. 1: If you have skills and appropriate qualifications, then you can easily get a job as a Bank Teller. Also, certain talent and dedication are needed to become a Bank Teller. However, the interview is simple.

Ques. 2: What skills should a Bank Teller have?

Ans. 2: Being a Bank Teller, you must possess good communication skills, listening qualities, passion to work, basic technological knowledge, and other interpersonal skills. 

Bank Teller Interview Questions

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