How long is Orientation at Domino’s?

How long is Orientation at Dominos?

Getting a job can be a daunting task, and to get one in a renowned store is not a cakewalk. A renowned brand often has a lot of openings, however, the competition to get in is at par. Here, let’s see How long is Orientation at Domino’s?

Let us suggest to you one such renowned brand, which is present globally and has it easy for the employees to get in. Wondering what it is. It’s Domino s.

Who does not like to earn some extra cash? Imagine the same cash coming through your favorite food chain, ” Domino’s”. Impressive right. All you get is to be in piles of pizzas the entire day, and probably have one or two as your dinner and lunch. 

Wait! Are you thinking it would take ungodly hours to learn what happens inside Domino’s, and you can never make it happen? Well, let me put a little sunshine on your face. 

Domino’s has an orientation of two days. In these, they teach you hands-on taste and the business relating to the operational side. In some franchises, the orientation can last up to only 1 hour in case of delivery service and serving. 

The background of the company

Domino’s started as a small startup in the year 1960 with only one store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, but the success had just taken a step in the world. 1973 marked the exponential growth of the store with the store stealing the hearts of many customers. Ten years down the road, Domino’s had its 1000th store opening in 1983.

Every passing year after 1983 marked the significant growth of the store and the company has not stopped ever since. Be it changing its policy to  ” Total satisfaction guaranteed” in 1993 to grasping the digital technology in the 2020s and starting to order online facilities, every step taken by the store has significantly proven why this brand is an international brand that resides in millions of hearts. 

Application process

The application process in Domino’s is quite simple and usually involves either online form filling via the official franchise website or a paper form that can be filled out from the particular store. 

As mentioned Domino’s is a huge franchise and the job profiles available for you to choose from are more than one. Let us take a quick look at the profiles you could apply for. 

  1. Delivery Driver

The candidate for this job would be required to have a driving license and work to deliver the pizzas to the dedicated zone of the driver. These are some of the most crucial people as they are responsible to deliver the food on time and fresh.

  1. Customer service

Customer service is the main pillar of the Dominos. This person is responsible for holding conversations with the people, taking their orders, suggesting them with new arrivals, and much more. The person also works with making pizzas, cleaning the equipment, and stocking ingredients.

The minimum requirement for a person to be hired for this position is that they should be kind, know how to interact with the public, and work under extreme pressure with calmness.

  1. Warehouse team 

The warehouse team member is usually associated with helping the internal team to stock the ingredients in every Domino’s store. This can also involve looking for the inventory of each store and deciding the number of ingredients needed in every store.

  1. Production team

Production team members are responsible to look after the products needed by the store. They help in stocking the store with essentials. The member can also assist in maintaining tray lines and assist in other works of the store.

How much does Domino’s Pay?

Domino’s pay starts at $7.50 per hour. The rate fluctuates according to full-time and part-time working members of the store. 

As a full-time member, you could also receive various incentives like bonuses, health benefits, etc.

The pay range for various positions could range as follows.

Delivery Driver: $7.50 – $8.50 per hour

Customer Service: $8.00 – $10.00 per hour

Warehouse Team Member: $12.00 – $14.00 per hour

Production Team Member: $23,000 per year

What is the minimum age to work at Domino’s?

The minimum age to work at any Domino’s store is 16. 

Now that you have decided to pursue a job at Domino’s, let us help you a little further. Here are a few questions you should expect in the interview.

Common interview questions

  1. Why did you choose to work at Domino’s?

Be honest and give your answer. Whether it be the love for pizza or a summer job, give your honest reason and that is the best way to land this job.

Keep it light and funny 

  1. How would you handle complaints from customers?

Think about this question carefully and answer how you would look into the problem if you were a customer yourself. Like you would offer a discount, replacement. 

Tell the interviewer how you will be patient and kind and try to solve the problem.

  1. Why do you think you fit the criteria for hiring?

Show them how you fit the standards of Domino’s in this question. Name the qualities you have that are for the role.

Play your cards right and know about the details. The orientation is just going to be a brief introduction and all you would need to do is prove yourself as a loyal pizza fan and a worker as well. 

Now, that you have every detail with you. Don’t miss the chance to work at your favorite Pizza giant Domino’s. After all, who doesn’t like to be among pizza for the entire day?

How long is Orientation at Domino’s?

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