How long is an Orientation at Michaels?

How long is an Orientation at Michaels?

About the company:

It is the American company that has the largest arts, crafts, framing, floral, and wall decors. It operates in 1250 locations and has more than 40,000 employees working in an organization. There are different job roles at Michaels. Every company has a different requirement depending upon the position of the employee. The company provides the training needed to go through before the employee is assigned responsibility. It is provided to the employees who are new to the organization. This is called orientation. It is a foundation that will provide the necessary skills required for the particular job level. The employee should be creative and have an artistic mind to create attractive art for the customers. Here, let’s know about How long is an Orientation at Michaels?

Orientation at Michaels

This is the next step after getting hired at Michaels. It is usually done after a week when you get hired for a job role.

There is an interview and after you get selected, There is a background check which is done by the company.

After both are accepted by the organization, Then the Orientation of the particular job skill begins.

It is an orientation session that is conducted online. This will cover the vision and principles of the organization.

It will cover the sore policies and also the responsibilities associated with your job skill.

In addition, It will provide practical knowledge of the skills that are required for an employee for a particular job. This will help you to enhance your knowledge about the organization and the customers.

It will also pave a way for your success in the future.

After the orientation session ends, There is a quiz that will test their understanding of the job role and organization.

There are also doubt sessions that will give a better understanding of the job role.

It also gives the knowledge about the policies and benefits that are included in your job role.


The training days come under the employment period of the organization. It will be counted as the first day of the organization.

You will be paid for the days when you have started orientation at Michaels. They will make sure that you balance your work and personal life.

Team Members:

There is the introduction of the team members who are working in different levels of the job role in an organization.

It is important to know the job role especially those who are in working in the different levels of the same job role.

This will help you in building relations among the people working in an organization.

Advantages of having orientation:

1. It will provide the skill to the new employee so that the new employee can do day-to-day 

operations with confidence.

2. It will give the new employee  time to be familiar with the culture of the organization

3. This will also be equality among all the new employees in terms of skill and knowledge.

4. Knowing team management.

5. Complete analysis of the job role practically and theoretically.

6. Theoretically, There are set of documents or processes that are done daily.

They can carry notes so that The task can happen smoothly.

7. Practically, You will know how to carry specific task which requires knowledge of the software, technology, or about working

with the software. It can also include a certain skill that is required for the particular job role.

Support of the management:

The management of Michaels is completely supportive of the employees working in the organization.

They will ensure that you are familiar with the job role and the organization.

Customer handling:

This orientation will also provide you with the skills that will help you to handle customer grievances. Customers play an important role in an organization.

This organization provides services to the customers. It is the duty of the organization to keep customers happy and satisfied with the services.

Duration of the training session:

The duration of the training session depends upon the level of the job.

The level of the jobs that require less training lasts shortly, It can roughly take two hours or a day to conduct the orientation.

The level of the jobs that requires a lot of training and practical knowledge requires a lot of training sessions.

The organization makes sure that the employees have deep knowledge about the particular skill before taking the first step in the organization. It can last up to two weeks of joining the organization.


Orientation plays an important role in Michaels. This will help the growth of an employee at Michaels.

They will be able to experiment with their work at Michaels.

This will help them to be creative and artistic.

It will also give the employees the experience to be part of the team and also lead the team when they will get the opportunity.

They will also learn muti-tasking. They will also get familiar with interacting with the customers and building relationships with them.

How long is an Orientation at Michaels?

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