Does Sysco Drug Test At Interview? – Results And Consequences

Sysco is a multinational food service distribution company headquartered in the United States. Many job seekers who are interested in working for Sysco may wonder if drug tests are part of the hiring process. Sysco is a company that values safety, which is why drug tests are performed as part of the hiring process. Let us know ‘Does Sysco Drug Test At Interview?’.

Does Sysco Drug Test At Interview?

Does Sysco Drug Test At Interview?

Sysco’s hiring process includes the following steps:

  1. Job posting on their website or on other boards.
  2. Submission of application by candidates which includes their resume and cover letter.
  3. Review by the hiring team and shortlisting of candidates.
  4. Interview via a call from Sysco’s representative to the qualified candidates.
  5. In-person interview for those who passed the call interview.
  6. Behavioral, technical, and previous experience questions on the panel.
  7. Conduction of background check and drug test after selection.

Employees should undergo drug testing to make sure they are not impaired by drugs or alcohol while working, which could compromise their ability to do their jobs safely and effectively. Drug testing is frequently mandated by law or industry regulations in industries where safety is of the utmost importance, such as transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Drug testing can also be incorporated into a company’s overall risk management strategy. Employers can avoid the cost and disruption of dealing with drug-related incidents and accidents in the workplace by identifying potential drug users during the hiring process.

Sysco’s Drug Testing Policies

All applicants must pass a drug test before being hired, according to Sysco’s drug testing policy. Sysco covers the cost of the drug test, which is performed at an off-site laboratory.

Sysco’s drug testing policy applies to all job positions within the organization, from entry-level to executive. Employees who test positive for drugs or alcohol may face disciplinary action, up to and including termination, and the company reserves the right to test them at any time during their employment. The drug testing policy of the company also specifies which drugs are screened for in the test. Marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine(PCP) are the most commonly tested substances.

Types of drug tests 

Sysco’s most common drug tests are as follows:

  1. Urine tests are relatively cheap and can detect a wide variety of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP.
  2. Hair tests are more expensive than urine tests and necessitate the collection of a sample of hair from the individual’s head.
  3. Blood tests are more invasive than urine tests, but they are more accurate and can detect drug use in less time.
  4. Saliva drug tests are less invasive than blood tests and can detect drug use in less time than hair tests. Although saliva tests are less accurate than blood or hair tests, they are less expensive and can be performed on-site.

The testing procedure followed by Sysco

Sysco’s drug testing procedure is typically standardized to ensure consistency and accuracy in the results. Here’s a quick rundown of what usually happens during the drug testing process:

  1. Notification: Once a candidate has been chosen for a position at Sysco, they will be notified that a drug test is required as part of the pre-employment screening process. The notification will include information on the type of drug test to be administered as well as the deadline for completing the test.
  2. Sample Collection: To provide a sample for drug testing, the individual must go to a designated collection site. Depending on the type of test, the sample could be urine, hair, blood, or saliva. A trained technician will typically be present at the collection site to supervise the sample collection process and ensure that the sample is properly collected.
  3. Sample Analysis: After collecting the sample, it will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. The laboratory will run a battery of tests to see if the sample contains any illegal substances. If the drug test results are positive, a second confirmatory test may be performed to rule out false positives.
  4. Result: The results of the laboratory analysis will be sent to Sysco’s designated representative once completed. The person who provided the sample will be notified of the results, and if the results are positive, they may be given the opportunity to explain or dispute the results. The consequences for a positive drug test result will be determined by the company’s drug testing policy.

Results and Consequences: What happens if an applicant fails a drug test?

If the applicant fails a drug test, the consequences will be determined by the company’s drug testing policy as well as applicable state and federal laws. The following are some of the consequences of failing a drug test at Sysco:

  1. Revocation of Job Offer: If the applicant fails the drug test as part of the pre-employment screening process, Sysco may revoke the job offer. This decision will be influenced by the company’s policy, the type of drug found, and any applicable state or federal laws.
  2. Termination of Employment: If an employee fails a drug test while working for Sysco, they may face disciplinary action, including termination. Again, the company’s policy, the type of drug detected, and any applicable state or federal laws will all play a role in this decision.
  3. Refusal to Hire: If an applicant refuses to take a drug test, Sysco may refuse to hire them based on the company policy and applicable state and federal laws.


In conclusion, drug testing is a standard practice among many employers, including Sysco. The company has a strict policy in place to ensure that its employees are drug-free, and it screens job applicants and current employees using a variety of drug-testing methods. Depending on the specific circumstances and applicable state and federal laws, applicants who fail a drug test may face consequences such as revocation of a job offer or termination of employment. While drug testing is legal, employers must adhere to a number of legal requirements, such as avoiding discrimination, respecting privacy, and ensuring accuracy.

Does Sysco Drug Test At Interview? – Results And Consequences

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