Does DHL Drug Test At Interview? – Complete Guide

One might be wondering what DHL is. Is the drug test a part of their interview process? If Yes, how frequently? What type of drug test do they perform? What is the duration of the interview process, including drug tests? Let us know Does DHL Drug Test At Interview?

Does DHL Drug Test At Interview?-Complete Guide

Does DHL Drug Test At Interview?

DHL is One of the world largest American-founded German logistic organizations that offer services like courier, packaging, delivery, and express mail services. DHL founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn in 1969. Thus, DHL is name after their initial. Yes, DHL performs a drug test before hiring the employee, within their interview process and when things are messed – up. They perform drug tests through the urine of the employee. The interview process is conducted for 30 to 60 minutes longer by the HR Department of DHL.

It is known for having delivery of approximately 1.8 billion parcels per year nationally and Internationally. DHL is also actively performing well in various cities of India, apart from other courier services like DTDC, Bluedart, and Ecom express. 

Steps of performing the DHL interview that includes drug test 

Getting hired by DHL, you had to undergo a 5 step interview process. Each carries its importance and percentage scoring criteria. Candidates should prepare accordingly – 

Step 01 – Phone Call/Screening

The prime step is a phone call from a company personnel to the candidates who applied for the job. The first phone call from the company to candidates is the screening test to check your confidence level in communication skills and also checktheir phone etiquette. Although it bears 32% in the DHL interview process, This is a gate opener for the candidate. So, candidates should not overlook it. Proceeding interview steps is based on this first phone call screening test.

Step 02 – Written Test

After the ones selected in the phone call screening test, candidates had to appear in the written exam. In the written exams, the interviewer reviewed the candidate’s answering and writing skills. Also, DHL checks their mind regaining ability while writing. Although, it scores minimally 19% in the DHL interview process but should not neglect it.

Step 03 – On-site Interview

The first step in the interview process is a face-to-face interview by the HR department of DHL as they evaluate and analyze their confidence and communication skills. Now another essential step as a candidate selection based on this step. It carries a 70% chance of getting selected if the interview goes well.

Step 04 – Drug Test

The drug test is another important parameter in the selection procedure. This test was performed through their urine samples that came for interview purposes. And get the result within a short duration. Organisations have strict laws against those candidates who are misusing drugs. More importantly, logistic drivers carrying parcels for delivery and other company purposes. The drug test carries a 61% score in the selection procedure. It was done usually once during the interview process but may repeat in case of accidents, suspicious behaviour, or required anytime as protocol.

Step 05 – Background Check

Background check seems a mere aspect but is an essential parameter for the security of the other employees. It aids in checking the legality of what the candidate is claiming. It also occupies a comparatively higher percentage of 59%.

Based on their percentage score in the DHL interview process, these are enlisted as follows –

On-site interview. 70%; Drug test. 61%; Background check. 59%; Phone call/screening. 32%; Written test. 19%.


DHL is one of the most reputed and renowned logistic organisations offering a wide-range of a services like courier, package delivery, express mail, and much more. Its headquarter is in Bonn Germany. Being a part of DHL is one to be proud off. So, It provides one good reason to leave drug misuse and others not misusing drugs to adopt a good quality life and move forward in a positive manner with the DHL.

  • What does DHL stand for?

Ans. DHL is an American founded german logistic company named after the initials of their founders named as Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn 

  • What is a Drug Test?

Ans. A “Drug test is an investigation done in urine samples to predict whether a candidate is using or misusing the drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and many more.

  • What if the “Drug Test” reports positive?

Ans. If a drug test is detected ‘positive’ it means one or more illegal drugs consumed by the person tested. He/she is detected positive, doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria of the job, and thus is rejected for the particular job applied.

  • Why did DHL include a “Drug test” in their recruiting procedure?

Ans. DHL considered the “Drug test” as an important basis for recruiting procedures to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment. 

  • Why should one work for DHL?

Ans. One should work for DHL as it is one of the leading largest agencies that give in great job opportunities and exposure to their employees. And thus, one can visualise their future growth from their career and financial perspectives.

Does DHL Drug Test At Interview? – Complete Guide

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