Google APM Internship Acceptance Rate

Google- as the name suggests, is googled by all for getting a job in it. Being the most searched and the most demanding corporate company  for job, Google is dominating the world with it’s highly cultured working environment and awesome facilities and most importantly the handsome salary package. Lets know about Google APM Internship Acceptance Rate. Lets know about Google APM Internship Acceptance Rate.

Google APM Internship Acceptance Rate

Google’s Associate Product Manager program the most prestigious PM program available yet on the Earth

With the monotonous , hectic and huge amount of responsibilities Google provides to it’s employees, the high salary, products to the market, there is no doubt that Google hires approximately 45 APMs per year across various offices in the United States as well worldwide despite of  thousands of applications worldwide. The acceptance rate is 0.01 which clearly shows it is bit tough to crack this prestigious job. It is because, Google needs high quality than quantity. This is the beauty of Google and the secret of its huge success. 

What is the role of an APM? 

Google’s Associate Product Manager (APM) is a designation of dignity and responsibilities. The designation focuses on- 

  • 1) Providing desired product to the market with proper design and marketing. 
  • 2) Grow personally and professionally to become the next generation of leaders. 

History Of Google’s APM Program 

The role was launched  in 2002 by Marissa Mayer, an employee of Google. It aims to develop and train new product leaders who would be extremely successful in maintaining Google’s  innovation-driven culture and keep Google ahead of its competitors.. As an APM, you can have an opportunity to learn and work as a full-time Product Manager (PM) within Google if your performance is up to the mark.. This entire   program takes place over a year and a half and generally accepts candidates  of around 50 APMs each year which is 0.01 percent of applications worldwide which shows high competition. 

Why Does The Program Exist? 

Marissa Mayer and other senior leaders realized that the only engineering-driven culture without management of skillful managers was in a need of Project Managers (PM) who could work with the engineers to understand the needs of the market and hence design the required product. Basically, PMs, have communication with the clients which the engineers don’t because of heavy workload of designing the product. 

 To fill this gap, Google hired Program managers who could work with full devotion and dedication to fulfill all the needs of the global market hence putting a step ahead of the ongoing competition. That’s why Google is ruling the world now with its quality product and efficiency.  

Eligibility Criteria For The APM Post 

  • 1) Recent graduates with a background in computer science or related area who have interest in project management. 
  • 2)People who enjoy thinking and developing the  products and collaborating with others for the product improvement. 
  • 3)Extreme  Proficiency in English language, communication skills, leadership skills. 

Why Be An APM At Google? 

The prestigious tag Google itself is an achievement for career enthusiastic persons.  Of course, APM job is highly prestigious, highly salaried. Besides you will- 

1)Get an opportunity to work on a variety of technological and emerging products, which  are mainly  based on starting from  cloud-based video gaming to advancements in healthcare  technology, artificial intelligence. 

2)Work with other people who are highly enthusiastic to work not just for profit but for bringing a change in the world. 

3)Get an opportunity to be a part of engineering-driven team where brilliant minds work for bringing out their best hence you too will grow with them . 

  1. In one line  it’s an overall Personality Development Cum Career Development Job. 

About The Google APM 2021 Internship 

The afore said  internship is intended for students those are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree program in Computer Science or a related field. Their expected graduation date falls between between 2022 and July 2023 ,depending on their program. 

Participants must be located in one country throughout the internship and hiring process. The concerned Google authority would talk to you for further process. 

For starting the application process, you should have an updated CV, resume which would be in purely English language only. 

The following steps are occurred in the selection process- 

Step 1: In the “Resume Section “ where a candidate is selected based on the resume, the
projects, portfolios, skills etc.. 
Step 2: In the “Education Section:” where candidates are selected as per their educational
background of various programs, grades, portfolios etc. 

Job Location

  • Preferred job  location is United States of course because the PMs and APMs 
work with the Managing Team at the head office for proper decision making 
along with Higher Officials. 
  • However the selected candidates for the role may be posted in various locations 
as per the requirements and role in those particular job locations. Hence there is 
no guarantee that your preferred location would be your job location.. 

What Does The Interview Process Look Like? 

In brief, the interview process is  like- 

  1. Resume screening- The interviewer screens your resume, your achievements, hobbies. 
  2. First round interview 
  3. Homework assignments followed by  final round of  interviews. 
  4. Offer (hopefully if you get selected) 

Strategies For The Preparation- 

  1. Have a clear understanding of  Google’s products and strategy: Start by understanding the working culture of Google, their management techniques, current IT skills (e.g what actually does the cloud or AI space look like and how can we manage space in cloud?) , the roles an APM does there, their profit gaining skills. Mostly focus on what is the main goal of Google. You can even suggest some better strategies to 

HR during interview process for proper management techniques. 

  1. Behaviorals Along With The Favorite/Least favorite products, with the specific reason: Get yourself prepared with the emerging IT products. What products do you opt and why?  
  2. Learn The Most Preferred Frameworks: You got to learn frameworks like scripts and various techniques to get yourself prepared for the interview process. It is because you are going to be an APM where you must be aware with the IT skills too. 

Useful resources: 

  • Reading  the APM Interview books:  You can learn  some chapters on what an APM is?. You can also learn frameworks. 
  • a collection  of questions available on the internet and pretty good for the interview preparation.  
  • Watching the “Mock interviews on YouTube” : You can watch the YouTube videos based on the very topic where you can get the experienced suggestion from the already selected interns and APMs. 
  • You can follow some really useful blogs intended for the job by the APMs and PMs at Google. 

Tips For Cracking The Google APM Competition  

  • Get your brain fulfilled with opinions. The more you suggest better strategies, the more you make the possibility to get yourself selected for the role. 
  • Be aware of the  competition, accessibility,legacy: You Product’s suggestion  can be better than the competitors if you have perfect skills and strategies. You should never ever forget considering the stiff competition (CTPMI offers some fancy framework). Be better than the competitors hence you can put feather on you cap.  
  • You can ask some leading questions to the interviewer about their strategies which you are not aware of. You too can ask what techniques do the follow which are quite unknown to you. Ask questions based on your job requirements and salary related queries. You too can ask about the extra facilities they provide to the employees. 
  • Last but not the least be Confident and Polite. Hope for the best and remember HARDWORK NEVER GOES USELESS. 
Google APM Internship Acceptance Rate

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