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This is not a quick easy method to get an internship. We are here to help you, but make it easy for us to help you 🙂 Tell us about yourself. We are not looking for you to know everything in the World, just be truthful and tell us your strengths and weakness.

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How is this different?

Internships are the best way to learn and first step towards your career. Currently students apply to 100s of companies and you don’t hear back. Companies are not expecting interns to know everything in the World. They are willing to train you.

But you need to show them you are hungry and willing to learn

We help you land your internships by directly matching you with companies. Tell us your current skill set,interests etc. We work with you to find best match. If your current skill set doesn’t match we will tell you exactly what to learn. Learn that and come back to us.

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“Last year I applied to 83 companies for internship but none of them gave a call. This year I’m very excited to share that I already landed an internship as a front end developer. ”
Sameer Krishna
Intern, Steadfast Technologies

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