Texas Roadhouse Hiring Age- Know More

Texas Roadhouse is one of three American restaurant chains with stores in 49 states across the United States; and 29 in other countries. The restaurant uses Texan-style cuisine to delight its customers. The brand is famous for its signature free peanuts and freshly-baked bread with honey cinnamon butter. The majority of the employees at Texas Roadhouse say that the company is a great place to work, but many people want to know the age requirement at the company is. The minimum hiring age for a job at Texas Roadhouse is 16 years. At 16, you can work as a busser, dishwasher, or host. To get another kind of position, such as the restaurant administrator or marketing coordinator, the potential employee will have to be at least 18 years old.

Texas Roadhouse Hiring Age

How Do You Get a Job at Texas Roadhouse?

If there is a space for you, you can easily fill in once you meet the criteria.

Texas Roadhouse usually announces job openings on its website.

If you are looking forward to working at Texas Roadhouse, you can secure employment in one of two ways: online application and physical application (Checking in with your local Texas Roadhouse)

Online application

  • Visit www.careers.texasroadhouse.com  
  • Fill the Search Our Jobs form.
  • You will be given the option of choosing between any of the three brands within Texas Roadhouse Incorporated (Texas Roadhouse, Bubba’s 33, and Jaggers). Choose Texas roadhouse, except you want to work for any of the other brands.
  • Choose your preferred job category: International Jobs, support center staff, or a managerial position. There are also the hourly workers who consist of the bakers, bussers, and servers.
  • Then select your city and state of residence
  • Apply for any of the jobs available in your area.

Physical application

The physical method is more straightforward, not to mention, it is more personal. You can:

  • Pay a visit to the Texas Roadhouse store closest to you.
  • Speak with the hiring manager to see if they need your services.

What Meals Does Texas Roadhouse Sell?

Texas Roadhouse sells burgers, sandwiches, steak other dishes. They are famous for keeping peanuts and freshly-baked bread for incoming customers.

How Much Does Texas Roadhouse Pay?

Pay at Texas Roadhouse depends on your position and your level of experience. Hosts, servers, and bussers, you will be paid hourly. They them between $8 and $20 an hour. Managers are not paid per hour. A restaurant manager is paid between thirty thousand dollars and forty thousand dollars a year ($35,000 to $40,000 per annum).

Average Pay and Minimum Hiring Age of Texas Roadhouse Staff

Job TitleAverage PayMinimum Hiring Age
Line Cook$1316
Restaurant Host/Hostess$816
Prep Cook$1216
Meat Cutter$1516
Cook, Restaurant$1216
Training Coordinator$1416
Kitchen Manager$1416
Kitchen Worker$1316
Grill Cook$1118
Key Holder$1418
Food Service Manager$1418
Food Preparation Worker$1118
Restaurant Manager$1218
Marketing Specialist$1618
Office Administrator$1218
Pastry Cook$1118
Pantry Cook$1318
Marketing Manager$1518
Marketing Coordinator$1618
Management Assistant$1318
Corporate Trainer$1518

What Do Employees Benefit from Working at Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse employees stand a chance to enjoy some benefits, some of which include the famous Andy’s outreach program, discounted food and beverages, flexible schedules, and some health benefits.

Texas Roadhouse Sample Interview Questions

Like every other kind of interview, Texas Roadhouse wants to get the best of the lot in the pool of applications they receive. To stand out, you have to prepare to answer questions concerning:

  • What you will bring on board: the team would want to know what you are bringing to the table.
  • Your restaurant experience: Texas Roadhouse would want to know any experience you’ve had that would be relevant to their operations. If you have worked in their niche before, it would go a long way to help your chances.
  • Your work history: Texas Roadhouse would want to your attitude to work based on your experience in the places you have worked before.
  • How you work in teams/individually: are you a loner or a team player, Road House would be interested in that aspect of you as well.
  • How you handle conflict: have you dealt with challenging situations before? How about disagreement with colleagues or bosses. What did you do to manage it? How did you do it?
  • Your knowledge of customer experience: How do you see your customers? How do you treat them? What is your idea of customer satisfaction? These would be part of the areas of interest for the interviewers.

Is Texas Roadhouse a Great Place to Work?

7740 persons, comprising mostly former employees of the company, scored Texas Roadhouse 3.8 of 5 on Indeed. Most of them said that the company is a good place for those that are just starting, management is great but complained about the coordination of servers and management of shifts. In another poll on Greatplacetowork.com, 91 percent of past and present employees said the company was a great place to work. This is a high score considering that only 59% of employees rate a typical company in the United States that high.

What is the Hiring Process at Texas Roadhouse?

The hiring process is straightforward. Employments, especially for hosts, servers, cooks, and bartenders, can happen in under a week.

Many Texas Roadhouse branches use the standard hiring procedure, where the qualified candidates will be required to meet with the hiring managers to discuss the job opportunity. The other locations use the walk-in and referral method to fill the available spaces.

There can be up to three interviews with the hiring manager and their team. Once an employment offer is given, training, paperwork, and onboarding are done briefly to get the new employee working.


Texas Roadhouse’s hiring age is 16 years, and at that age, the new employee is only fit for hourly job positions: server, host, bartender, and busser. To get a more advanced role at the company, you must be 18 years old. Texas Roadhouse has several ways of hiring its staff, including the online application system and the walk-in system where you go to the local restaurant near you to seek employment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Texas Roadhouse Employees wear a uniform?

Yes. They have a prescribed dress code. It is usually a dark or dark brown belt with black shoes (the no-skid type) and Texas Roadhouse T-shirt

What can you wear for the Job Interview?

You should go for the Texas Roadhouse interview in professional attire. Some locations may be fine with you wearing business-casual, but corporate dressing cannot go wrong. If you can, go for it to be on a safer side. You would want to appear dressed in like Texas Roadhouse staff dress or close. 

Does Texas Roadhouse allow tattoo and facial hair?

Some Texas Roadhouse locations may permit beards and tattoos, but servers are not allowed to have those.

How good of a first experience is Texas Roadhouse for entry-level workers?

The company culture can be beneficial for entry-level workers. You will have the chance to undergo training on the store opening process. The environment is fast-paced and, if you are hardworking, would be given responsibilities that toughen you up for future jobs. You will be exposed to life skills, such as communication and customer service. These skills will come in handy your future endeavors.

Texas Roadhouse Hiring Age- Know More

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