Zoom Info Office Headquarters-Know More

ZoomInfo is a local business search and information service that compiles contact information for over 100 million executives and professionals. This makes it the world’s largest business-to-business database. let us know more about that the Zoom Info Office Headquarters-Know More.

Zoom Info Office Headquarters-Know More

In addition, ZoomInfo provides companies with services that include contact information access and verification, online marketing solutions, lead generation, sales prospecting, business intelligence, and more. ZoomInfo’s headquarter is in Vancouver, Washington.

A Quick History of ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo, a company that offers cloud-based information management solutions, was founded in 2007 by Henry Schuck.

 It initially operated under the name DiscoverOrg and was established to solve the problem of information overload.

 In 2019, the company acquired its competitor Zoom Information, Inc., later rebranded as ZoomInfo.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

 Later that year, it expanded its services by adding a data collection feature that enabled users to conduct market research and create business reports. 

The following year, ZoomInfo launched a new product called Zoom Data. 

This new product provided a user interface for creating and organizing custom databases that could then be accessed by other applications or shared with customers or employees.

 By 2021, ZoomInfo had become one of the largest global directories.

ZoomInfo headquarters

ZoomInfo headquarters is in Vancouver, Washington.

Located at 805 Broadway St, Suite 800, Vancouver, WA 98660

ZoomInfo offices

The table below shows the various ZoomInfo offices:

United StatesVancouver805 Broadway St #800 (HQ)
United StatesBellevue1750 112th Ave NE d 151
United StatesBethesda7700 Old Georgetown Rd
United StatesConshohocken441 E Hector St #200
United StatesGrand Rapids435 Ionia Ave SW #200
United StatesRoswell695 Mansell Rd #250
United StatesSan Mateo1850 Gateway Dr #400
United StatesWaltham275 Wyman St
United KingdomLondon133 Whitechapel High St 


ZoomInfo’s mission is to build the world’s largest, most comprehensive professional information database.


ZoomInfo creates an inclusive environment where everyone thrives. With opportunities for growth, professional development, and fun perks, ZoomInfo makes each employee feel like part of a close-knit family working together toward a successful future.

ZoomInfo fosters a collaborative and creative environment. They believe that employees are the most critical asset of the company and work hard to ensure they feel appreciated while they continue to learn and grow professionally.

 Employees receive tremendous freedom to innovate within their roles and communicate with team members across departments.

 This fosters teamwork, solidarity, and ownership.

 The flat organization structure also allows people to professionally take on positions that stretch them.

 This includes everything from pitching in with a task outside of your job description to running an office or entire business unit on the road.

ZoomInfo encourages its employees’ personal development by promoting from within: approximately 90% of our current management team started as entry-level employees at ZoomInfo.

Other perks include:

  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Season tickets to sporting events.
  • Sports leagues.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Cultural outings.
  • Educational seminars etc.

 What makes ZoomInfo a unique company?

ZoomInfo is an amazing company in many ways.

  • This company’s culture is built on trust and transparency.
  • ZoomInfo’s top leaders provide innovative solutions for their clients and value transparency in all aspects of their business.
  • The company’s leadership team has been instrumental in developing this culture of openness within their organization, which instills trust across all company levels.
  • The website has established itself as a reputable source of information about businesses, industries, and customers.
  • The company has grown from its humble roots as a small startup in 2007 to become the largest online business database in the U.S., featuring over 100 million companies, executives, and professionals’ profiles.
  • The company was also rated one of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes magazine.


1. Flexible hours– You can choose a schedule that works for you and your family, and you’ll never feel as though you’re being judged or penalized for your choices.

2. Attractive annual salary– ZoomInfo offers an attractive annual salary that is competitive in their industry. In addition, they also have a stock option plan that allows you to earn additional income without taking on any risk.

3. The opportunity to travel– They have annual company-wide events. Here, staff members come together to connect over food and drinks, learn more about one another’s interests, and plan out the next year of work together.

4. Company events– Throughout the year, the company hosts a few events that bring everyone together.

5. A generous health plan– ZoomInfo believes in taking care of their employees from head to toe, so they offer a wide range of medical options that help provide you with top-quality care at affordable prices.

6. Professional development opportunities- This ensures career growth while bringing new skills to the team. They also have an open-door policy, so if there’s something you think should be done differently, you are free to let them know.

7. A creative and supportive environment encourages self-expression and allows employees to bring their best selves to work every day. 


ZoomInfo provides a variety of services that benefit businesses in many ways. Its comprehensive database offers powerful, easy-to-use tools that help businesses better interact, contact, and locate business partners or professionals. Databases are updated regularly and can be customized to meet your company’s needs.


1. Where does ZoomInfo get data?

ZoomInfo gets its data from several sources, including public records, press releases, corporate website profiles, business listings, and documents submitted by users.

2. Is ZoomInfo a job search site?

ZoomInfo is not a job search site. However, many good sites exist to help people find jobs, like Indeed or CareerBuilder.

The site is more geared towards helping users find their best employees and identify their competitive advantages in the marketplace.

3. What is the cost of using ZoomInfo?

You do not have to pay to open a ZoomInfo account or request information. If a company wants to be listed, it can reach out to them through its business listing program.

4. How does ZoomInfo work?

ZoomInfo works by helping users establish connections, find the right people, and know why they matter.

Zoom Info Office Headquarters-Know More

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