Microsoft Office Locations and Headquarters

Microsoft is one of the giant technology corporations in the world right now. Since its inception in the year. Microsoft had produced a solid number of developers, individuals, companies, etc. let’s get to know about Microsoft Office Locations and Headquarters.

Microsoft Office Locations and Headquarters

Microsoft Office Locations and Headquarters

Microsoft has become so important that every office in the world uses software created by the technology company. Indeed, it has earned its place in the world of tech. This is why there are about 192 office locations across the 96 countries globally, with about 181,000 employees all around the globe.

The headquarters of the Microsoft office is situated in Redmond, Washington. It is located in the southern part of northwest king county. It is widely known as a part of the Seattle metropolitan area. This is where all the Microsoft products are newly produced and launched. It encompasses about 8 million square feet, which is also a total of (740,000m2) of office spaces with over 50,000 workers. As a result of many employees, Microsoft provides Shuttle services between all the campus buildings in the headquarters.

Here are areas that Microsoft Office Locations and Headquarters loaded in the various parts of the world;














North Dakota












New Jersey

New Hampshire






Rhode Island





Microsoft has its offices in these locations, with various branches scattered across the countries. Many of these branches have been carefully designed to accommodate Microsoft staff and allow a breeding ground for creativity in all aspects. Asides from this, Microsoft offices have succeeded in creating a safe place for its employees in every part of the world with eco-friendly designs and serene work environments. This is one of the reasons why several Microsoft offices in the world are receptive to not only employees but customers and guests.

Where is the largest Microsoft office located?

In Sweden. The Microsoft office in Sweden is in the northern Kista area. It covers a total area of 8500m2. The idea behind the Microsoft office in Sweden came from Microsoft’s interpretation of the “new world of work,” which stems from philosophy. The Sweden office is filled with various spaces allocated to the art of creativity, cooperation, and other social activities. According to the architects, the primary goal behind this idea was to create an environment suitable to allow various kinds of human experiences while working. This is why all of its offices and designs give off a modern, elegant yet exciting place to work in. Due to the glaring effort put into the design of the Microsoft office in Sweden was awarded as the “most well-designed office of Sweden” in 2013.

Where are most employees of Microsoft located?

The United States of America. This is only normal as Microsoft was founded in America. According to reports, 60% of Microsoft employees are located in Redmond, Washington. This is also the headquarters of the company. There are currently about 103,000 employees in the United States under the American technology corporation. Recently, there have been a lot of technological developments and upgrades in the organization; this has, in turn, attracted lots of developers, software engineers, and other applicants to the technology company.

Where is the headquarters of Microsoft located in Europe?

The headquarters is located in Germany, Munich. It houses both the headquarters of France and Europe. This particular one was designed to ensure that the workers are in turn with the environment and can give their best towards their respective jobs.

Does Microsoft have a New York office?

Yes. The Microsoft office in New York is located in Times Square. The technology center houses about 1,000 employees and receives over 63,000 customers and guests per year. This is a result of its rich infrastructures, internship programs, suitable working environments, tech innovations, and so many technical aspects that make New York offices a welcoming hub. Microsoft offices thrive on creating a rich environment for both staff and outsiders looking to visit. This has, in turn, created an avenue for betterment in the ideas of other tech corporations.

So why should I visit a Microsoft office?

As the top leading producer of software globally, Microsoft offices are known to be a breeding ground for creativity. In other words, visiting a Microsoft office can give you a distinct view of the corporation and its environment. You get to see where all of the software widely used are produced, tested, and distributed. Another reason you should visit a Microsoft office is “for the exposure.” Sometimes, it is essential to spread your wings to areas you want to see. As a software developer or an individual in any tech-related field, visiting a Microsoft office can inspire you in more ways than one. The ability to be in a space where lots of tech-related activities are born can be somewhat encouraging and needful to you as an individual. Lastly, Microsoft has a friendly policy concerning guests. This means that as a guest, you are Welcome to the offices.

To top it all, you might even get to meet the top employees responsible for the organization’s growth, the software engineers, and so many influential people in the office space. Asides from that, there are several takeaways you can get from visiting a top organization like Microsoft, which may not always be readily available to everyone. So, if you are an incoming “tech bro or techsis” with a knack for working in top technological spaces, visiting a Microsoft office will help in so many ways.

Since the inception of Microsoft in the year 1975. The American technology corporation has continued to develop software products that have made the lives of developers and second-party individuals to this software much more accessible. For one, the software created by Microsoft has highly helped in the creation of digital products, organization of office data, curating projects, and lots more. We cannot deny the level of influence it has achieved in the world of technology and the level of convenience it has brought to our workspaces and environment. The company keeps updating its applications and creating several more to ease our everyday lives to make things better.

Microsoft Office Locations and Headquarters

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