Lottery Offices And Headquarters

Gambling money consists of many forms; one of the main types is a lottery. The lottery is held in a way by which people draw money by choosing a specific number. Lotteries are conducted in a period of weekly, monthly, or yearly which different formats. Let us know about the ‘Lottery Offices And Headquarters’.

Lottery Offices And Headquarters

Lottery Offices And Headquarters

Formats of lottery can be variable, including the price of the lottery to be either in cash or in the form of some goods, most probably ranging from a television set to a car or, in some cases, even property. Still, there is a high risk to the lottery organizer as it depends on how many tickets he can sell.

A lottery office works in a way that it collects tickets from all over the lottery headquarters in different parts of the world and sells duplicates to people willing to participate in the lottery as well as updates the people about the winners and prices. The headquarter play the most significant role as it sends out information about the lottery, distributes the tickets to different lottery offices, and sends out the prize money.

Location of lottery headquarters

Forty-five states and districts of Puerto Rico, Columbia, and the Virgin Islands of the US conduct Lotteries in which Mega Millions and power balls are the most played and famous.

Lottery offices in Florida

The lottery headquarters in Florida is located in Tallahassee. The office is located at 250 Marriott drive in Tallahassee, FL 32301. you can always schedule an appointment or visit the headquarters during office hours which are 8:30 am – 4 pm, according to any of your lottery queries or purchase of tickets. 

Players from around the state can claim their prizes on draw tickets from any of the total nine district offices in the state. The offices’ working hours through which a person can drop off claims or walk-in are Monday to Friday.

The other district offices are located in different cities of the state that are,

  • Pensacola district office located in trade wind shopping center 6601 north Davis highway-suite 54 Pensacola
  • Gainesville district office locates at butler plaza,3926 southwest archer road, Gainesville.
  • Jacksonville district office located at 8206 Philips highway-suite no 36, Jacksonville.
  • Tampa district office located at Centrepoint business park –suite 170, Tampa.
  • Orlando district office located in west town corners 380 south state road 434-suite 1028, Orlando. 
  • West palm beach district office located at 4360 forest hill blvd.
  • Fort Myers district office located at 1170 metro parkway.
  • Miami district office located at 14621 oak lane, Miami.

Over a total of 13,000 retailers in Florida deal in the purchase meant of lottery tickets. The Florido lotto reached an estimated 52 million dollars and has the highest lottery jackpot record till now.

Lottery offices in California

California also has a total of nine district offices and retailers where prizes up to 600$ or more can be claimed, and for higher prizes, they have to visit the district office. The lottery headquarters for California is situated in Sacramento at 4106 vast commerce way, and the offices are located in

  • Milpitas district office, located at 900 Hanson court.
  • Richmond district office, located at 618 south 8th suite 300A.
  • Fresno district office, located at 7620 north del mar avenue.
  • Chatsworth district office, located at 9710 topanga canyon blvd.
  • Rancho Cucamonga district office, located at 11138 elm avenue.
  • Santa fe springs district office, located at 9807 bell ranch drive, Santa fe springs.
  • Costa mesa district office, located at 235 baker street.
  • San Diego district office, located at 5656 Ruffin road.

Lottery offices in Washington

Washington has a total of six district offices, with the headquarters known as washington lottery’s main office located on 814 4th Avenue East Olympia.

The rest regional offices of Washington are,

  • Everett regional office located at 11419 19th avenue.
  • Federal way regional office located at 33701 9th avenue south.
  • Spokane regional office located in Northtown mall.
  • Vancouver regional office located at 1503 northeast 78th street, suite -4.
  • Yakima regional office located on 9th south 5th Avenue .

Lottery offices in Arizona

Arizona has over 3000 thousand lottery retailers, except for the headquarters and district offices. The headquarters of the Arizona lottery is known as the phoenix office, and it is located at 4740 East University Drive .people can redeem prizes of up to 50,000 from these offices.

The other offices are,

  • Kingman office located at 3396 Stockton hill road.
  • Tuscon office located at 2955 east grant road.
  • Phoenix sky harbor office located at terminal 4 baggage claim.

As the united states has 45 of its states participating in the lottery, each has its separate headquarters, and other district offices for the management of a well-working lottery system, including big lottery, draws such as the megamillion,cash4life, Powerball, lotto America, and some other. 

The objective of having a lottery

A lottery is a tactic owned by a government in which they announce prices to the public. The public spends a large amount of money buying tickets and participating in the lottery as a form of enjoyment and hoping to win the grand prize. The government, in this way, gets a chance to increase its revenue without applying more taxes; however, the price is just given to at most five or six persons, and the government gets a lot of money.


Lotteries are played almost daily in the United States, and anyone can participate by buying a ticket as long as it is legal in your city. The main control of all the draws comes from the headquarters, which distributes them into the district with lottery offices. The lottery offices from there help you participate in a certain draw of your choice. 

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who can take part in a lottery?

Well, everyone can participate in the lottery except people in the states where the lottery is considered illegal, and federal employees are not allowed to participate.

2. How many times is a draw announced?

A draw is held weekly, monthly, or even it can be held yearly. All of it depends on the headquarters’ decision.

Lottery Offices And Headquarters

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