KY Unemployment Office Locations & Headquarters

People who are unemployed without their fault can get temporary financial assistance from Kentucky’s unemployment program. People who voluntarily exit from their job cannot get the unemployment benefit claim. People can lose their job during times of recession and situations like Covid-19. Let us know about the ‘KY Unemployment Office Locations & Headquarters’.

KY Unemployment Office Locations & Headquarters

In such a situation, a person can get insurance from Kentucky’s unemployment program. The first and most important requirement of this program is that a person had worked within the limits of Kentucky. There are various offices of unemployment in Kentucky. 

Kentucky’s unemployment and its headquarters  

Kentucky is situated in the United States, headquartered in Frankfort, United States of America. Kentucky includes many unemployment offices in their region. The fear of losing a job is dreadful, and an unemployment claim is helpful to combat the fear.  Kentucky provides insurance for twenty-six weeks. There are different Kentucky unemployment offices in different areas. People can contact the headquarters at (502) 564-2901. People can visit the headquarters located at 276 Main Street, 1st Floor Frankfort. People can also visit their website

Unemployment office in Kentucky

There are different unemployment offices in Kentucky. The headquarters of Kentucky is situated in the USA. The following is the list of offices based in Kentucky: 

  • Allen’s unemployment office is based in Chestnut Bowling Green Kentucky. It helped people to get financial assistance. Affected people at Allen will get help from the unemployment office. 
  • Adair unemployment office is based in Campbellsville, Columbia. Columbia provides six month’s unemployment benefits to people after losing their job.
  • Ballard’s unemployment office is based in Paducah. They provide new opportunities for people to find good jobs.
  • Anderson’s unemployment office is based in Frankfort, Kentucky. They provide unemployment benefits only when people have paid their premiums. 
  • Bath’s unemployment office is based in Morehead, Kentucky. They provide new tools to people to find good jobs for themselves.
  • Bourbon unemployment office is based in Georgetown, Kentucky. People lost their jobs in the recession periods held in Georgetown. The unemployment office in Georgetown helped people to get jobs and temporary financial assistance.
  • Caldwell’s unemployment office is located in Murray, Kentucky. If someone does not get any help from the Murray unemployment office, then they can take help from the government website. Everything is mentioned on the website to get the claim.
  • Greyson’s unemployment office is based in Leitchfield, Kentucky. There are various ethnic groups residing in Leitchfield. The unemployment office at Leitchfield helped the ethnic group to get various job opportunities and financial assistance. 
  • Hopkins unemployment office is located in Madisonville. In 2010, the unemployment office in Madisonville held an employment workshop for people to get a job. 
  • Jefferson’s unemployment office is located in Louisville, Kentucky. During Covid-19, the unemployment office at Louisville helped people to get financial assistance. The unemployment office at this location helped various people who lost their jobs. 
  • Johnson’s unemployment office is located in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.  This office is located at North lake. If someone has an issue filing a claim then they can visit this location to combat their doubts.
  • Lawrence’s unemployment office is located in Ashland, Kentucky. People residing near Ashland can contact 682-7220 to get clear their doubts about financial assistance. They offer jobs to jobless people. 

International location of unemployment offices

  • Arizona unemployment office: People who want online assistance from the unemployment office located in Arizona can log in on the website or send a mail around 12:00 am to 6:00 pm. People can call 1 (877)600-2722. If a person wants to continue their claim, then they have to inform or file a weekly claim to get the benefit.
  • California unemployment office: The first unemployment office in California provided unemployment insurance to people who earned sufficient wages to get the insurance benefit. People can log in to to get the insurance benefit.
  • Georgia unemployment office: People can visit to get unemployment insurance benefits. They provide unemployment benefits for 14 to 26 weeks. The contact number of Georgia unemployment is 404-232-3001. 
  • Hawaii unemployment office: The Hawaii unemployment office provides benefits to people such as $560 per week. People will get this amount per week as temporary financial assistance. The contact number of the Hawaii unemployment office is (833) 902-2255 
  • Indiana unemployment office: The Indiana unemployment office provides a minimum of $6 to a maximum of $340 to jobless people. Earlier few workers helped people to get jobs. Now, they have many workers who help people to get temporary financial assistance. 
  • Kansas unemployment office: People can visit the website to get information on unemployment claims. They also provide pandemic payments to jobless people. 
  • Louisiana unemployment office: The unemployment office in Louisiana provides a weekly payment of $10 or maybe more to jobless people. People can call (866) 784-5567. 


Kentucky unemployment office headquarters is situated in Frankfort, USA. The Kentucky unemployment office is situated in different regions in the USA. They provide unemployment insurance to people who have lost their jobs not voluntarily. They provide insurance for up to twenty-six weeks. People can fill out the application for unemployment claims online.

The only condition is that they have to be residents of Kentucky. During the period of Covid-19, Kentucky provided unemployment claims to jobless people. There are various unemployment offices around the world. These offices help people with no job. People who got dismissed from their jobs can seek help from the Kentucky unemployment office. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can apply for unemployment insurance?

People who do not voluntarily leave their job can apply for an unemployment claim. Kentucky will prescribe the wages they have earned in their previous work. Based on that, they will get an unemployment claim. 

2. Are there various Kentucky unemployment offices?

Yes, there are numerous Kentucky unemployment offices situated in the United States Of America. These offices provide help to jobless people. Jobless people are those who have been dismissed from their job without providing a valid reason. 

3. Where is the Kentucky headquarter located?

Kentucky’s headquarters is located in Frankfort, United States of America. 

KY Unemployment Office Locations & Headquarters

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