Katerra Headquarters & Locations – Know More

Katerra is a provider of land management hardware. Their products cater to landowners, developers, and contractors to manage and operate their land resources more efficiently. Based in California, Katerra has offices and operations around the world. Their international locations allow them to serve customers in many countries and territories. Their benefits include flexible work hours and a quality customer service culture. Let us know ‘Katerra Headquarters & Locations’.

Katerra Headquarters & Locations

Katerra Headquarters & Locations

The Katerra HQ is located in Menlo Park, California. They have offices in Texas(Austin and Dallas), New Jersey (Newark), Colorado (Denver), Illinois (Chicago), Nevada (Las Vegas), Los Angeles, and a European outpost in Luxembourg.

Katerra – Company Overview And Services

Katerra is a company that specializes in the development and sale of innovative residential landscapes off-site. And it has a portfolio of products that are designed to improve the environment and performance of communities. Katerra’s flagship product is StoneBridgeTM, which provides sustainable building materials that help reduce environmental impact while also improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Katerra takes charge of both new construction and retrofit projects, making it an important tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to its core product line, Katerra offers several other housing-focused services like interior designing, laminated timbering, renovation, etc.

Katerra offers three main services: landscape installation, consultation/planning, and maintenance. Installation services focus on creating an ecosystem that meets your specific needs and requirements while consulting/planning helps you to create a home landscape that fits both your style and budget. Maintenance provides ongoing care for all aspects of your landscaping system so that it remains healthy and functional year-round.

Katerra was founded in 2015 by CEO Michael Marks and Fritz Wolf with the mission of creating better neighborhoods around the world by catalyzing transformation through innovation in sustainability, and quality.

Katerra’s Operation Locations

Katerra has 21 offices in the US and several operation locations and subsidies across the globe. They include Austin (TX), Los Angeles and San Francisco (CA), Atlanta (GA), Scottsdale (AZ), Spokane, Seattle (WA), and Littleton (CO).

In a very short time, Katerra has successfully established itself in the global estate market. It has operations in other countries in the Middle East, and India (in Bangalore-based firm, KEF).

Katerra is committed to providing a world-class customer experience and offers an in-house design/build, project management consultant team available 24/7 to support all of your needs when it comes to construction.

Katerra believes in the motto of ‘Grow, Innovate, and Care’, where they work in teams with confidence to curve through modern challenges and come out sustainable to care for the earth.

How Katerra Is Helping The US Economy?- A Look Inside

Katerra is a company that creates transformational infrastructure solutions that improve the competitiveness of US businesses. They do this by providing them with cost-effective, proven infrastructure solutions to help them scale rapidly and compete on a global stage.   

With Katerra, you can resolve any construction issues quickly and efficiently. Plus, their products are reliable and practical – ideal for use in both public and private projects.

Katerra specializes in timbering and wood structure constructions, helping in shaping the real estate businesses of its home country and that of others.

Assembling parts off-site is efficient and cost-effective. Their team has extensive knowledge of digging technology, mapping techniques, project management, safety protocols, and more. The company’s products are designed to improve the appearance, energy efficiency, and health of homes by incorporating natural ecosystems into the design process.

They are always in need of professionals from different backgrounds: from software development to architecture and management. So, they offer lucrative and prospective careers to the young generation, increasing the workforce of the country and creating jobs, and enhancing the overall economy of the country.

Additionally, their partnership with companies from other countries brings the US valuable foreign currencies. 

What Happened To Katerra? – The Timeline

Once emerging as a thriving company, Katerra fell on hard times in just short three years of starting. It was delisted from the exchange after failing to meet its performance indicators. Around that same time, they started laying off workers and halting all ongoing expansion plans for the company. A year later they shifted their construction location to have a cheaper and more automated facility and to keep up their heads up in the challenging times.

When they were just getting into their positions, they were again met with backlashes after failing to raise new capital and with a big amount of unpaid loans. The company operated as a facilitator in developing and managing real estate projects.

At last, after six years of starting, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Company estimated that it would take six months to complete reorganization proceedings. Katerra still manages to serve customers with its primary vision in mind. But its business model has fundamentally changed.

While it is currently unclear what will become of Katerra’s customers or franchisees, its international relations continue to remain independent entities and continue production lineup after that.


Katerra is a company with a presence all over the world and a prospect that entices all in the construction industry with their innovative works, and ideal work ethics. But it fell on hard times due to unfortunate circumstances. But some believe it has the potential to emerge from it stronger and reclaim its standing soon.


  1. Do you think that Katerra will ever move out of its current location in the US?

Katerra, although its amazing capabilities, is a very new company. So it is likely for them to stay in the US for some time to strengthen their footing in their home country.

  1. Do you think that Katerra will eventually become a global company?

Katerra is in a line of business where there is always a need for workforce and growth. So, there are reasons to believe that it may become a global company. 

  1. How many employees does Katerra have currently?

Katerra currently has around 7500 employees working under them directly.

  1. Has Katerra gone bankrupt?

Katerra has been going through some challenging times due to an imbalance in the global economy and failing management. So, they opted for bankruptcy a while ago.

Katerra Headquarters & Locations – Know More

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