Adidas Headquarters and Locations

What comes to your mind when you are asked about the best sports shoe brand? There are lots of shoe brands in the market . Puma, Nike, Reebok, and Adidas are the sports shoe brands that are ruling the global market. When you visit any shoe mart, you have to make a choice between these brands. These brands have catchy taglines and strong celebrity endorsements. These factors help them to be at the top of the competition.  Here we will see about Adidas Headquarters and Locations

Adidas has maintained its brand value consistently. Strong advertising campaigns have increased its popularity throughout the years. Adidas has maintained its success in the long term. In India, Adidas is the first choice of consumers.

The story or saga of Adidas becoming an international top brand is inspiring. It teaches the lesson that if we stick to our aim, we can achieve it. Today’s youth who get discouraged by little hurdles can learn from the story of Adidas.

Adolf “Adi” Dassler, a German cobbler, designed the first model of Adidas sports shoes. Adolf Dassler was a sports enthusiast. He wanted to design shoes for athletes. So, he invented a special shoe design for sports and athletes. Ji  This new sportswear started becoming popular among the masses, and Adidas established itself as a brand.

In the initial stages, Adolf Dassler didn’t have enough resources to operate his innovative idea. He used to make shoes in the backyard of his mother’s laundry. He faced lots of difficulties on the power supply front also. He used to power his machines with his stationary bike. The raw materials were hard to get. He used discarded military equipment for manufacturing. The hurdles didn’t break the willpower of the passionate Dassler. His vision and hard work established Adidas as the brand. After his death, the company did not abandon his vision. This is the core reason for Adida’s long-term success. 

Adidas Headquarters and Locations

How did Adidas become an internationally recognised brand?

The story of Adidas’s becoming an internationally recognised brand is quite interesting. The saga starts with the 1954 Fifa World Cup held in Switzerland. The German national football team thrashed the consistent victors Hungary  in the final. This created a sensation. The West German team wore Adidas sports shoes. The shoes were very lightweight. It helped the Germans to be quick in the field. This was the breakthrough for Adidas to be known internationally. After this, it got endorsements from the top athletes in the world.

Adi Dassler was registered as Adi Adidas. Adidas Sportschuhfabrik was founded on August 18, 1949. Adolf “Adi” Dassler registered this name and opened its first office in the small town of Germany, Herzogenaurach. He was 49 years old that time.The office started with 43 employees.

The West German World Cup victory altered the dynamics for Adidas.It also started manufacturing tracksuits. They also manufactured footballs for Fifa during the 1970 World Cup in Mexico.

The endorsements from the athletes provided it with international fame.Adidas established itself in the USA in 1986. It entered the US shoe market and established itself with sneakers. The iconic Superstar sneakers became popular among youths in the USA. The reason for it was basketball. The sneakers started their journey as basketball shoes. Basketball is a popular sport in the USA. Gradually, its headquarters spread across the world.

Adidas headquarters and locations worldwide

Here is the list of Adidas Headquarters and Locations

Tokyo (Japan)

Location:-Ark Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower

1-19-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku 1

Tokyo, Japan

Adidas started its first store in Tokyo in the year 2002. It was in Tokyo, Harajuku. It is called the trendiest area of the city. 

The aim was to penetrate the market in Asia and to create a new consumer base. 

Ark Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower office aims to create a singularity in the work environment. With bringing all of the design elements together, This is to solve the problem of expressing the temptation of each new brand. Instead, focus on the elements that can increase sales. and create space in the consumer’s preferences.

The office structure is like a reception with modern, fluid designs. The shapes are hexagonal and the lightning is kept natural. The floors are made like that they contain communication hubs that are centralized. The lounges are vertically stacked.

Japan is crucial to international business. It ranks after China and the US in economy. 

Japan’s market is characterised by the disposable income of consumers. Consumers are drawn to the premium at the high end of the spectrum for goods and services.

Japan is called the gateway for international trade.   In Japan, you can establish any startup in just 14 days and it can become a significant global outfit in 4-5 years.

Shanghai (China)

Location: adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd.

Xujiahui Two ITC, No. 160, Gongcheng Road, Xuhui District

Shanghai, China (2000)

After the economic reforms by Deng Xiaoping, no one can ignore China. China has emerged as the world’s most important manufacturer and its second-largest economy.

Adidas started its headquarters locations in China in 1997. Why is Shanghai so important? Shanghai is not only the centre of trade, commerce, and culture for China. The city has also ascertained its importance in the world. It is also called the Paris of Asia establishing themselves as major global fashion hubs. All these factors make Shanghai an important city for Adidas. Shanghai is one of the six key cities in the world.

The Adidas headquarters in Shanghai are beautiful. They have used bolon flooring, which creates cohesion between departments and gives the feeling of openness. 

Portland (USA)

Location: Adidas America, Inc.

adidas Village

5055 N Greeley Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97217


The USA is still the bigger player in international trade. It has ruled global trade for a century. It is the biggest exporter of information technology, services, insurance, and energy. The US is the world’s largest economy.

This makes the US crucial from a trade point of view. Every brand wants its presence in the US market. Adidas entered the US market in 1986 and became popular by manufacturing sneakers. Mohammad Ali and Joe Frazier endorsed Adidas, which made it more popular. 

The design of the Portland office is unique. The structure is a hybrid made up of precast concrete columns. 


Location: adidas International Marketing B.V. and adidas International B.V.

Atlas Arena offices

Africa Building

Hoogoorddreef 9-A

1101 BA Amsterdam Zuidoost


Amsterdam is a favourite destination for investors. This has attracted one fifth of the total investments from Japan and the USA to Europe. The economy of Amsterdam is based on manufacturing. 

The headquarters in Amsterdam have maintained an innovative atmosphere. The employers here are not just employers but also problem solvers. The Dutch language is not mandatory, and the office has maintained a multicultural atmosphere.

Hong Kong

Location:-adidas Sourcing Limited

10/F Tower 1, The Quayside.

77 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be called the mecca of trade. It is the freest global economy. It has the most developed service sector, contributing 93% to its economy. In the rankings of the WTO, Hong Kong’s contribution to merchandise exports is in 6th position.

The Adidas headquarters in Hong Kong were established in 1985. The office culture is sports-friendly. There are teams for different sports like squash, basketball, soccer, etc. The office has maintained an innovative environment. 


Adidas has followed its principles from its foundation. Through it, it has maintained itself as the leading footwear brand across the globe. Adidas has marked its presence in the key cities of the world. Innovative ideas have connected it to its customers. 


Q1: What was the turnover of Adidas in the year 2021?

21,234 billion was the turnover of Adidas in 2021.

Q2. Who are some celebrities who support Adidas?

Kanye West is at number one.

Kylie Jenner is number two.


Q3. What is the latest shoe launched by Adidas?

Ans. Super Pride shoes. Mens Originals.

Super sleek, 3 women’s origins

Adidas Headquarters and Locations

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