What Channel Is Vivid TV On Spectrum?

Spectrum, alternatively called Charter Communication (Spectrum being the trade name), is a renowned subsidiary cable and television service that provides greater connection services to its customers. It was founded in the year 2014. Spectrum produces several products like HDTV, home security internet, Broadband Cable television, mobile phones, VoIP phones, and many more. Since 2014, Spectrum has served more than 35 million customers worldwide. Let us see what channel is Vivid Tv on Spectrum in this article.

What Channel Is Vivid TV On Spectrum?

What Channel is Vivid TV on Spectrum?

Vivid TV is an adult entertainment channel that specifically delivers a diverse band of adult content, take, for example, films, documentaries, reality shows, etc. Also, Vivid TV, California Based entertainment, entertains by streaming adult-based content (shows, documentaries, etc.). People can access their favorite Vivid TV on the spectrum at any time and from anywhere. The channel number of Vivid TV on Spectrum is 1815 in HD and the channel number is 585 in SD. The channel is available in the English language and has TV shows like Building Passion, Unscripted Reality Porn 5, Interracial DD MILF 3some, and Final Grade for Lesbian, etc. The Vivid TV channel is a channel filled with obscene shows made for an adult audience. 

History of Vivid TV

The headquarters of Vivid Entertainment was first established in 1984 by Steven Hirsch. Pornography production was a legacy in Hirsch’s family. However, Vivid TV was established in 2014 and since then, it has released movies over at least two thousand. It also became the first-ever pornography company to receive over 200 awards. Additionally, the shows on Vivid TV are generally telecasted between 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, luring a wide audience worldwide. 

How to Watch Vivid TV on Spectrum?

It is easy to access Vivid TV on spectrum. However, certain steps are to be followed to watch Vivid TV on spectrum. These steps are elucidated below as follows:

  1. Get a spectrum cable connection. Make sure you are registered on one of the packages that spectrum provides.
  2. Once you have a registered account on spectrum, you’re ready to watch.
  3. Go through the spectrum guide; look for the channel number in your state. Tune the channel number it says.
  4.  You are ready to stream Vivid TV.

What is Vivid Channel Number in Different States?

Every state has different channel number. The channel number highly varies from time to time. A person can check the official spectrum guide for channel number information. Moreover, a individual can contact their Spectrum customer service provider for more such information. Spectrum’s service allows its customers to not only provide a range of diverse TV shows but also allows an individual to save a show to watch later. The Spectrum TV packages consist of Spectrum basic, spectrum select, spectrum TV silver, and Spectrum TV gold. Nevertheless, it also provides multicultural channels (Latino view and MI plan Latino) and other services with affordable rates. Sports Channels, Kid’s entertainment channels, channels for adult entertainment, family entertainment, news channels, premiere movie channels, and many others are available within Spectrum.

Furthermore, the channel numbers for some states are stated below as follows:

  • Ohio: 986
  • California: 1157
  • Illinois: 1822
  • Minnesota: 987
  • Michigan: 578
  • Colorado: 1167

What Are The Pros of Spectrum TV?

  • The affordable price range of packages and plans
  • Public access channels
  • PBS
  • Works on any device
  • Plenty of channels
  • High-quality videos
  • Educational channels
  • Music choice channels
  • Additional options to add other channels
  • Sustainable on Roku
  • Supports universal search
  • Works well with Apple TV as well

The top 5 Shows/Movies to Watch on Spectrum are:

Angela Black

Angela Black is an ITV Spectrum Original TV series that was released in 2021. It is an original slow-burn drama that revolves around the female protagonist’s struggle to discover happiness, strength, and freedom amidst her abusive and toxic family in her seemingly picture-perfect life. The series is a good mix of thriller, suspense, darkness, and inspiration.

Long Slow Exhale

Long Slow Exhale is a single-season show which narrates the story of a coach of a champion team whose life takes a polar opposite turn after a news headline catches her in the limelight. How will she deal with and fight the aftermath of abuse? Check the series out if thriller and drama excite you. Long Slow Exhale was released around April 2022.  

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Spectrum Original launched a horror, science fiction-based drama series in October 2020 starring Aliyah Royale, Alexa Mansour, Hal Cumpston, Nicolas Cantu, Nico Tortorella, Annet Manhendru, and other stars. The story deals with the travails of life of the people post-apocalypse world (Zombie world). The TV series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond gained quick recognition among teenagers. The show ventures on the thrilled life of some friends and their struggle to live.

The Bite

If you’re looking for a light-hearted yet unnerving series, The Bite is the perfect option for you. The Bite was aired in 2021 and since then, gained the attention of many people with its witty and clever plot concomitant with remarkable verisimilitude characters. The series has a total of just six episodes and is ready to watch in one sitting.

Mad About You

Tale as old as time, imparting the life of a married couple struggling with their emotions when life presents itself with certain situations. Mad About You is a 1992 sitcom dealing with different shades of married life after twenty-five successful years of marriage. The drama grabbed a flux of attention with its quirky yet depth-ridden plot. 


In conclusion, one can consider Spectrum Service as one of the most on-growing telecommunication services which provide an individual with certain cheaper plans via which they can watch/stream a thousand channels and programs. One such channel is Vivid TV, targeted exclusively to the adult audience which has been gaining massive popularity ever since. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How to stream in a browser with Spectrum TV?

Answer 1: Streaming in a browser with spectrum TV is pretty easy and just has a few numbers of steps. These steps are mentioned as follows:

  1. Visit the watch spectrum site (watch.spectrum.net).
  2. Once you are logged in, go through the guide menu.
  3. Select the show you are looking forward to browsing.
  4. Click on Watch Now section or the Live TV option.
  5. You’re ready to watch it live now.
  • How do parental control work with Spectrum?

Answer 2: Spectrum allows you to keep the parental control tab on or off. In case, you want to keep the control on, you will need to set a four-digit PIN or passcode. Once, you set the passcode, you’re ready with the parental control profile which has several restricted channels and programs. Moreover, Spectrum also allows an individual to personalize restrictions.

What Channel Is Vivid TV On Spectrum?

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