What Are Wedding Invitation Wording Guide?

You can expect your guests to notice the invitation to your wedding as one of the first things about your big day. You have a chance to express your style as well as convey the overall vibe of the wedding by designing your wedding invitations. Even though couples sometimes struggle with wording their invitations, it’s not as tricky as it seems. We will cover the different wording options available for all your wedding stationery in this article, so your guests will be delighted with the final wording you choose on your wedding invitation. Lets see what are wedding invitation wording guide. Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

What Are Wedding Invitation Wording Guide?

To create the perfect invitation for your big day, you’ll need to match the style of the wedding to the invitations you choose. Those include your wedding announcement, save the date card, and other written communication. To help ensure your wedding invitation wording is flawless, we provide examples of formal and informal wording to assist you in making sure everything you send to your guests is picture-perfect. As well as providing ideas, we offer suggestions for your creativity as well.

Include these elements in your wedding invitations, Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

There aren’t that many differences between formal and casual wedding invitations, as it turns out. You might prefer classic wedding invitations if your wedding will be formal, which typically feature script, foil elements, and an abundance of sparkle. In case you’re planning a casual gathering, you can select one of our rustic wedding invitations.

You should make sure that your “who, when, where, and why” details are clear and easy to read, regardless of your wedding style. In this section, we’ll share more details on what elements every wedding invitation should contain and how to address them. When preparing your wedding invitations, make sure you list the names of your hosts (so your guests will know whom to thank after the wedding!), the names of your couples, information about your ceremony location, and any post-ceremony plans you wish to share with your guests.

Names of wedding hosts To Know Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

Wedding invitations are typically designed with the bride’s parents listed at the top as the hosts, even for formal weddings. In either case, it is always gracious to name both sets of parents as hosts, regardless of who pays the bill. Moreover, many couples more than ever are hosting their weddings, or doing so with the assistance of parents.

When the parents and both sets of parents are paying for the affair jointly hosted by the couple. For example, “Emma and Jackson, together with their parents, would love to have your company.” There’s a bit of a snag if you want to include a parent who has passed, as someone who has died cannot serve as a host. Let’s look at the example below for the wording of including deceased parents.

Julia Roberts, beloved daughter of Mr. Adam Smith and his late wife Iris French,


Jack Michael, son of Mr. Cameron Mahoney and Mrs. Mahoney,

Request the honor of your presence

On their wedding day,

On the Seventh of June, 2021

At two o’clock in the afternoon,

4585 Woodstock Drive

El Monte, California

Dinner & dancing to follow at the event

A black tie is required

As long as they are each listed separately, you can include both parents if they are divorced and are both hosting. When mentioning a step-parent, make sure to put them on the same line as their current partner. At first, it might seem complicated, but a few more lines are all it takes. In the following example wedding invitation, the bride’s parents are divorced (and remarried).

Dr. Vance and Kathryn T. Young

And Mr. Harry O. Campbell and Lydia O. Campbell

And Mr. Terry M. Roush and Jane M.Roush

You are invited to their children’s wedding

Amy Campbell and Charles Roush

At 11.08.21,

Time: 4 PM

At Our Lady Queen of Angels Church,

3547 Rhode Island Avenue

Reception immediately after

Names of the Couple In Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

A few lines down, their names should still take center stage even if they are not included in the host list. The names of the bride and the groom should be on the invitation, of course, but whose name goes first on the invitation? Tradition dictates that the name of the bride always precedes the name of the groom.

Brides’ parents send invitations to her with her first and middle names and grooms with their full names, titles, and the couple’s name. If the couples are hosts then, the titles are optional.

Unlike traditional marriages, the traditional woman is first, and the man follows does not apply to same-sex relationships. If it sounds better, same-sex couples may choose to order their names alphabetically or just by what sounds more natural.

What’s in the Details

Besides the name of the couple and their wedding location, your wedding invites should include details about the ceremony. If you want to keep your guests informed about when, where, what day, and what time, use the following words. When writing a wedding invitation, keep things simple and focus on the essentials. Be sure to include dates, times, and addresses. If you would like your guests to wear a specific style of clothing, specify it in the event of invitation. When sending formal invitations, many couples will specify the date and time in advance. To give the wedding guests the ability to research the wedding ceremony location and plug the latitude and longitude into their mapping apps, some folks include the latitude and longitude details.

Date and time

The names of all attendees are written in full (no numerals). Weddings are typically scheduled for the nearest such date (assuming your wedding is on that date). It is customary to state the time using “o’clock” or “half after five o’clock.” In addition, an hour can be expressed as “a.m.” or p.m. is optional. You may use numerals for a casual wedding.

Location and address

If you are having your wedding at the host’s home, we would recommend omitting the street address unless it would cause confusion. In either case, you should write both the city and the state out completely.

Plan for post-ceremony activities

Make sure your guests are aware of when to expect a reception after the ceremony. Setting clear expectations for your reception is a great way to get the party started. It’s good to include any cocktail hour, dancing, or dinner information in this section. You could also include a link to your wedding webpage with all the details. If you will be holding the reception at another location, please include the address as well.

The Elements of Design

Guests are awestruck by your overall design as soon as they open their wedding invitations. Designing your invitations is fun because you can include interesting elements in them. Hundreds of different invitation styles can be selected, including kinds that are unique, whimsical, and vintage. Include the following design elements in your wording to make your invitation letter attractive.

Symbols and monograms, borders and patterns, photographs of engagement, and some sweet expressions

The dress codes

Wedding invitation etiquette dictates that you should enclose details regarding the dress code at the bottom right-hand corner of your invite. The invitation will indicate the dress code regardless of whether you include a note about costumes. As an example, guests may anticipate a formal affair if the invitation appears very fancy, or conversely, if it is simplified, a casual dress code will be implied.

Separate RSVP Card

The majority of couples will include a separate response card guests will need to fill out and send back. Your wedding website can also be used to request RSVPs. Then include a separate card with the website address, as you would do with an RSVP card, and ask guests if they can drop by the site right after the reception.

Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

There are plenty of great wording options for wedding invitations, no matter whether you are planning an informal or formal affair. The wedding might not fall into one of the two categories shown above, but rather somewhere in the middle. A hybrid of traditional and non-traditional wording is often preferred by couples.

On the more formal side, you may choose to use classical wedding invitation wording such as, “We cordially invite you to celebrate the wedding of” or “We encourage you to share in our joy by attending the wedding of”. It might make more sense to suggest something simple and informal, such as, “Please join us at our wedding,” or “We will all be celebrating our love.” If you and your partner have a momentous phrase or motto, you can include that as well. Below is a list of greeting phrases you can use at your wedding invitation. In the blank space put the name of the bride and groom.

Formal Greetings and Phrases

____ wishes to have you as a guest at her wedding.

It would be our pleasure to have you at the wedding of ____.

The parents of ____ invite you to celebrate their children’s marriage.

Please join us in celebrating the marriage of __________________ together with their parents.

Your company would be greatly appreciated at the celebration of ____’s marriage.

The _____ family invites you to join us as we exchange vows.

The wedding celebration of _____ is just around the corner, and it would be a pleasure to have you there.

It is my pleasure to invite you to the wedding of _____.

Please join us at ____’s wedding if you can.

Your presence is requested on the wedding day of ____.

Join us in celebrating the wedding of _____, and we welcome your presence.

Informal Greetings and Phrases

It is requested that you attend the wedding of _____.

Your company would be greatly appreciated at the wedding of ____.

____ gladly invites you to celebrate love and commitment with them.

____ invites you to their wedding celebration.

Join us in celebrating the marriage of _____ with our families.

Come celebrate the union of ____ and ____ with them.

We invite you to join us at ____’s wedding.

As ____ and _____ enter into marriage, they invite you to join them in their joy.

You are invited to ____’s wedding on ____.

We invite you to our wedding reception for _____.

Come celebrate the marriage of _____ with us.

We dearly hope that you will join us at our wedding ceremony

_____ will say “I do”.

Join ____ and his bride as they say “I do”.

Please come help us celebrate our love.

_____ request the honor of your company as they exchange vows on their wedding. 

_____ invites you to be part of their wedding day with joyous hearts.

The wedding day of _____.

We’re getting married, please join us.

_____ join together as husband and wife.

_____ are getting hitched.

__________ would be honored to have your presence at our marriage ceremony.

Wording for post-ceremony

In the invitation, be sure to mention the post-ceremony celebration if you are hosting one. You should consider including an additional address or pointing guests to your wedding website if your reception is to be held at a different location. A simple phrase like, “Dinner and dancing to follow after vows” could be used to describe a more informal reception. For traditional receptions, you might say, “An evening of celebration to follow after vows” or “A reception to follow after dinner.”

Wording for an informal post-ceremony message

There will be dinner and dancing afterward.

There will be merriment.

The event is followed by dinner and dancing.

We will have drinks and dance afterward.

Then we’ll have dinner, drinks, and dancing.

Dinner followed by dancing and cocktails.

Afterward, there will be an adult reception.

Wording for formal post-ceremony communications.

There will be a reception afterward.

There will be a celebration that evening.

A fun evening of festivities concludes the event.

Different locations require different reception wording

A reception will be held at _____ immediately after the ceremony.

Dinner will be served at _____.

We will host a reception at _____ afterward.

There will be a reception at the residence of _____.

Wording examples for formal wedding invitations

These are some examples of wording ideas according to the hosts of the wedding. You can change names and dates as you wish.

Couple Hosting

Following is an example of how formal wedding invitations could be worded by the couple hosting the ceremony:

A wedding invitation is hereby extended to you

Maureen B. Keck


Clarence M. Wallen

Monday, the tenth of July


at three o’clock in the afternoon,

Arctic Venue Hotel

640 Jones Street

Fort Worth, TX 76112

Reception to follow

Couple & Parents Hosting

The bride and groom’s parents often host weddings for the couple and their children. In this case, the couple and their parents are hosting the ceremony. You should use the following words:

Together with

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Poe and Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Morgan

Amy L. Poe


Jeff C. Morgan

We are honored to have your company

At their wedding celebration,

Monday, the tenth of July

Two thousand and Twenty-One

At five o’clock in the afternoon,

Arctic Avenue Hotel

2663 Main Street,

Kirkland, WA 98034,

Reception to follow

Bride’s parents hosting

In case the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding, here is an example of how to word the invitation, so your guests know whom they are visiting.

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Garcia

Request the honor of your presence

at the wedding ceremony of their daughter

Talia Garcia


Daryl D. Rhode

Sunday, 1st August

Two thousand and Twenty-one

At Four o’clock in the afternoon,

Arctic Avenue Hotel

2656 Stiles Street,

Bridgeville, PA 15017

Reception to follow

Groom’s Parents Hosting

Following is an example of an official wedding invitation that can be used if the groom’s parents are hosting the wedding. Guests should thank the groom’s parents for hosting the wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Dalton B. Ehrlich

Request the honor of your presence

At the marriage of

Megan C. Devlin

to their son

Stephen B. Ehrlich

Friday, 1st of August


At Four o’clock in the afternoon,

Arctic Avenue Hotel

2656 Stiles Street,

Bridgeville, PA 15017

Reception to follow

The couple’s parents are hosting

For casual wedding invitations, here’s one example for when both sets of parents are hosting:

The Garcia and Ehrlich families

Joyfully invite you to the marriage of

Talia Garcia


Stephen Ehrlich

5:00 PM, 15th September 2021,

Arctic Avenue Hotel

2656 Stiles Street,

Bridgeville, PA 15017

Unique examples of wedding invitations

Let’s look at examples of some unique wordings you can use on your wedding invitations. The below list is a combination of all types of invitations listed above.

  1. With utmost pleasure,

Cristina O’Neill


Martin Williams

Cordially invite you to join them

At the celebration of their marriage ceremony,

Saturday, August 9, 2021

At 2:30 PM

Saint Paul Catholic Church

2186 Marigold Lane

Coral Gables, FL 33134

Dinner and dancing to follow at Arctic Avenue Hotel

  1. With utmost pleasure join us for the wedding of

Tom Bailey & Andrea Jackson


The 4th of November 2019

At seven o’clock in the evening,

Saint Paul Catholic Church

3821 Hampton Meadows

Acton, MA 01720

Reception to follow at Arctic Avenue Hotel

  1. Kathryn & Paul Terry

And Rachael & Colin Watts

Invite you to celebrate with their children,

Randy & Alicia

At their wedding day,


Tuesday 08th  November 2019  4:00 P.M

4534 Thorn Street,

Campbell County WY

Saint Paul Church

Dinner and Reception at City Arctic Avenue 5:00 PM

  1. Amy and Randy Osborn

Are getting’ unified!

August 9th, 2019

Join us at 4 o’clock

4534 Thorn Street,

Campbell County WY

Saint Paul Church

Merriment to follow soon City Arctic Avenue at 6 o’clock

  1. William and Katheryn

Dr. and Mrs. Seth Thompson

and Mr. and Mrs. David Krueger

You are invited to celebrate the wedding of their children

Nancy Miller and Percy Campbell

Saturday, the Seventh of October, 2012

Six o’clock in the evening | Saint Paul Church Serene | Palmetto, Arizona

Followed by dinner & dancing

  1. Jonathan & Nancy

Are getting married

November 17th, 2019

Five o’clock in the evening,

At the

4534 Thorn Street,

Campbell County WY

Saint Paul Church

Dinner and Reception at City Arctic Avenue 5:00 PM

  1. Doctor and Mrs. Megan Farmer

Mr. and Mrs. Antony Sweeney

They have invited you to share in their joy

At the wedding of their children

Thomas Johnston and Lisa Reese

Saturday, the twenty-first of September

Two thousand twenty

at seven o’clock in the evening,

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn, New York

Dinner and dancing to follow at City Arctic Avenue Hotel

Black tie invited

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Jason Singleton

Request the pleasure of your company

At the wedding ceremony of their daughter

Anna Johnson


Thomas Baker

Saturday, the twenty-first of September

Two thousand twenty

at seven o’clock in the evening,

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn, New York

Dinner and dancing to follow at City Arctic Avenue Hotel

Black tie is must

  1. Together with their families

Cindy Gonzalez Matterson


Jim Russell Kealey,

You are invited to join them in a special wedding ceremony

As they tie the knot,

Saturday, the twenty-first of September

Two thousand twenty

at seven o’clock in the evening,

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn, New York

Dinner and dancing to follow at City Arctic Avenue Hotel

  1. James & Whitney

Your presence at their wedding would be greatly appreciated

June 23rd, 2020 | 6 o’clock in the afternoon,

            Botanic Garden

            1999 Sunset Drive, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

            Reception to follow at City Arctic Avenue Hotel


In the process of wedding planning, it is exciting to send out custom wedding invitations. Make sure RSVP cards are included and that you utilize the RSVP functions on your wedding website in case an RSVP is lost in the mail. It is a good idea to keep a couple of invitations – they are ideal for scrapbooking, crafting, and making shadow boxes or photo books. Send a thank-you card to the wedding attendees after the event to let them know how much you appreciate their support and love.

What Are Wedding Invitation Wording Guide?

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