Persuasive Letter Examples

Letters are one of the most used forms of communication, even in the fast technology-based twenty-first century. While emails are more common than written or printed letters, emails are still loosely connected to the former mode of communication. There is more than one purpose for writing a letter for many and a variety of circumstances. You may have to write a letter or more than one letter that is persuasive to convince someone to do something for you. Let’s learn about ‘Persuasive Letter Examples’.

Persuasive Letter Examples

Persuasive Letter Examples

Persuasive letters are generally the ones where you try to convince the recipient to do something for you or to think along the same lines that you are thinking. There are different forms of persuasive letters and you may want to be prepared for those scenarios. You may want to know a few templates and read through a few examples before you sit down to write one. 

In this article, you can see some templates and examples for persuasive letters, and make sure to ace your persuasive letter. As mentioned, there are many different types of persuasive letters, and here are some of the major ones with examples. Let’s read Persuasive Letter With Examples.

Important things to remember while writing any persuasive letter

You would have written a lot of letters and emails through the years and to sum some of the things to remember, you would have to be polite and get to your point right away. Since the person is not someone you know, refrain from using any short forms or abbreviations. Also avoid emojis and anything that would make it look like you are writing to a friend. 

When trying to persuade anyone, you would have to give enough reasons as to why your thought is valid and why the other person should spring to action. You will have to make the reader believe that your subject of the letter is indeed important. Writing in such a way that you are convincing is important. Remember that the reader might not follow the same ideologies as you do and even you might be wrong. But it is indeed worth a shot to try and convince someone through words. 

Letter to convince an editor about a public issue

This is a very important type of letter as not only does the subject matter affect you but the public at large. You would have to be persuasive enough to convince the editor of a newspaper to publish and to convince the public about the issue and have them think the same way you do. In this type of letter, you will have to anticipate different demographics of your readers and ensure you are being very clear on what the problem is so that you can convince everyone and make a statement. 

For this, you would have to remember to make your purpose and problem very clear right at the beginning instead of beating around the bush. You need to state your stance and the outcome you are expecting from the reader. Emphasize the reasons for you taking that particular opinion and if they are solid reasons, you can convince the leader much more easily. Finish the letter with a call to action and make it precise. For example:

Through the columns of your national daily, I would like to throw some light on the issue of high-interest rates for student loans and the impact it has on the next generation. Over 90% of the student community at college take loans to support their education and the interest rates are pretty high too. This leads to mental health issues and other such problems. 

I was a student with a loan and the high rate of interest made it difficult for me to repay it. But the constant worry also put me in a dark place and I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything else. This has to be corrected and the government should provide a better loan base for students with lower rates.

There have been petitions filed and some actions were taken but the interest rates are still high and nationalizing the student loan schemes will be of great help to our future generations too. 

For charitable purposes

This is quite often written, mostly by the volunteers at charity organizations, asking for donations or other such acts of kindness. In this letter, you would have to bring the attention of the recipient immediately and make sure to tell the purpose of the letter too. You can include more information about your organization and the sort of work that you have been doing. If you are asking for a donation or any act, be sure to mention where the money would be going and where you would be spending it. In short, mention why you need the help. 

I recently came across a study that said that the majority of Gen Z does not read any books at all. This is indeed a sad state of affairs since books prove to be helpful and positively impactful in the health of the human body and brain. 

With this in mind, we have planned to open a few libraries in the local area to promote reading and inculcate the habit of reading among young minds. To do this, we are looking for donations for the infrastructure of the libraries. 

We have been engaged in social work for the past decade and it would be amazing if we could receive help from you. 

Persuasive letter to the government official

A letter to an official is generally asking them to do something that is either out of their obligation or something that they wish they did. It is mostly about an issue and you would have to state your stance on it. You would have to support your stance and statement with substantial evidence. If you need them to reply to you, mention it in the letter, and remember to not use any phrases that would overstate your stance. 

These letters can be about any new scheme or plan that was introduced by the government. You can address either a particular official or the department that was involved in the scheme. 

I would like to talk about the recent budget that was announced while it supports many people under the poverty line, I feel that the budget allocated to the IT industry is more than needed. 

With the software sector blooming in the past few decades, it is imperative to develop the other sectors that do need the budget allocation too. The budget allocation for the IT industry for the past few years has been high and concentrating on other sectors would prove beneficial for the economy of the nation.

Consulting civilian economists would be of great help and would prove to be impactful too. The budget can be divided between the farming industry as well. 

Writing a persuasive letter in general

A persuasive letter in general has a few tips that you may want to follow. Remember to get to the point immediately and be precise in your letter. Do not include unnecessary details that the recipient would not be bothered about. If you have an opinion, state the reason why you have it. If it is an idea, give the reason why the idea would prove to be useful to the recipient. If it is a request, remember to give the benefits the recipient would have. The only purpose of such letters is to give the reader a thought about your statement and will them into doing something that you want. You can address the major reasons one wouldn’t want to go with your belief and make sure you accept that there will be cons, but that they can be overpowered. 


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Persuasive Letter Examples’, Just like any other letter, you will have to do a spell check and grammar check. Your tone must be polite and you should be prepared to get no for an answer. The recipient may not be convinced of whatever you are trying to say and it wouldn’t be your fault either. But don’t give up and try to improvise your letter-writing skills. These tips and tricks can also be used for emails and other forms of written communication.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do you write a persuasive letter?

A persuasive letter has to be something you are passionate about yourself. So try to think of something you love doing and write a letter about it.

  • How do you write a strong persuasive letter?

You would have to know your readers well and be clear in the way you are writing. Have and maintain order to not get ideas mixed up.

Persuasive Letter Examples

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