Does Giant Take Drug Test? – Know More

The Giant Food or commonly known as just Giant is a vast American Food Chain Business with about 169 stores and 159 full operational pharmacies in the cities of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Colombia. Customers visiting the stores have a wide variety of bakery items to pet foods and supplies to choose from. They also sell Dairy foods, meat, and other general items. The Food Chain was founded in 1936 and was earlier named Giant Food Shopping Center. Does Giant take drug test? Let us know more about it.

Does Giant Take Drug Test? - Know More

keeping the reviews of most people in mind, we can say that Giant Food doesn’t take a drug test. Even though it doesn’t, it is recommended that you tell your employer or interviewer about your past drug or medical history beforehand.

Does Giant Take Drug Tests?

  • Even though it is not mandatory, most of the high achieving companies and as a matter of fact, all companies should take drug tests of their employees for a healthy work-life. 
  • As of now, according to the reviews written by the former and current employees, Giant food stores do not take drug tests on their employees. It is pretty easy to get employed in giant stores, you get paid approximately $10 per hour, you might not get to work overtime and the employers at the joint do not ask for your drug test or background clarification to get the job. 
  • Once you have completed the application process and the interview you are good to go. Make sure that in your application you have mentioned the correct details. If in the column of background you have not mentioned that you have taken drugs previously (it could be a medication) and they get to know later that you have taken, then you might lose your job, and a case can also be filed against you. 
  • If you are employed at the store then you can be sure that you will not go to be drug-tested. But if you are employed at a warehouse, just to be sure, you should contact your Giant employer and ask for the details regarding this, because in a warehouse it is usually mandatory to take a drug test before an appointment.

Qualification For Working And Positions Available At Giant

  • The Giant food stores operate for 24 hours, all seven days a week. The minimum age to work at Giant food stores is 16 years. While applying for the job at Giant, you have to fill out an application and the quality of this information is something on which you will get selected. 
  • You can also complete online surveys regarding your application. The surveys take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to be completed. 
  • The questions regarding the surveys are regarding your history or background, your educational qualification, your availability during the job time, and other personal details. 
  • The candidates will be required to fill out the application forms with complete integrity. Once you have started filling out the form, you should be ready to answer some personality-based questions as well. 
  • The available job options at the giant food stores include the work at Bagger, Bakery associate cashier, clerk, and stocker.

Benefits Of Working At Giant

  • After filling out the application you are bound to receive a call back within a week of submission of the form. 
  • Then you can log in to your online profile and see the current openings of the job that you want to join at the food store. You can also speak with the hiring managers if you find any problem regarding joining. 
  • Once you get selected for working at Giant food stores you should know about the benefits of working there. The employees receive complete medical, dental, and vision insurance. 
  • The employees also can enjoy the benefit of paid time off and access to 401 K retirement plans. They are also eligible to receive discount coupons from Giant stores. 
  • Food safety is regarded as a top priority of Giant. They also practice ethical and sustainable practices to conserve the environment.

What Is Pre-Employment Drug Testing And Why Do Some Companies Ask Employees To Perform This Test?

  • Drug screening tests are usually performed by testing the blood, sweat, or saliva of the candidate. This test brings forth the employers the use of drugs like Cocaine or Marijuana by the employees in the past. 
  • Even though not all companies, but some companies do ask their employees to perform the test before employment. This method is used by the employers to make sure that the candidates they have chosen for selection do not abuse illegal drugs or medications. 
  • The drug tests don’t need to take place pre-employment only. The employees can be asked to take the blood test randomly, even if they have been employed for a long period. 
  • This usually happens when the employee has returned to work after a long time or had been taking medication post a grave injury. These tests help in making sure the workplace is a safe environment and the company can combat high turnover rates.

If you are applying for a warehouse job at Giant or any other store, you should be prepared to take a drug test in case the need arrives. Keep in mind that taking drugs( apart from medical use and under doctor’s prescription) is illegal and can have a great detrimental impact on your health. Its sibling company is Giant food stores. With over 35000 employees as of September 2021, this business in Maryland has seen its ups and downs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)I just had an accident and was under medication. Since Giant food stores won’t take a drug test, is it necessary to inform them about my drug history? Will it decrease my chances of getting a job?

Answer – Even though Giant doesn’t take a drug test, it would be better if you told them about your drug history beforehand. When telling them to be polite and completely honest. Don’t worry you would not lose 

your chances of getting the job. 

2)I just had a drug test done. I failed/passed it. What is going to happen after this?

Answer– If you have applied for working in the warehouse of Giant, the employers might take your drug test. If you have successfully passed the drug test and also did well in your interview, then you are very likely to get the job. If you have failed your drug test, even if you have acid at the interview, you may not get the job.

3) When Did Giant Food Come Into Business?

Answer- This company came into the business when David Javitch opened a meat market in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.The services offered by these shops include event planning, Money services, and online shopping with home delivery apart from the grocery. The giant food store chain has approximately 190 stores of which 156 are Giant stores and 34 are Martin’s stores.

Does Giant Take Drug Test? – Know More

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