How Do I Share A New Job On Facebook News Feed?

Earlier LinkedIn was the only Social Media platform to connect professionals all over the world. Then Facebook leaped and became one of the versatile platforms that fascinated audiences from all backgrounds: personal accounts, business accounts, or brand pages. The competition on LinkedIn is higher for job seekers compared to Facebook which leads to more active users on Facebook. Let us know ‘How Do I Share A New Job On Facebook News Feed?’.

How Do I Share A New Job On Facebook News Feed?

Posting a new job and making it accessible to a wide range of audience has become effortless.

Below is a step-by-step brief on how you can post a new job from your business page

  • Login to your business page and visit the profile page: Login to your account and visit the profile page where the new job has to be posted. Remember, you should be the admin of the page to have access to the job posting. The Profile Page is the page that is visible to the user of Facebook. Like every website has a home page, Facebook has a profile page for its viewer. 
  • Go to the “Job” section: Once you are at the profile page, click on the job section which is visible above the “Write a post” column. When you click on the Job section, Facebook will take you to a new page where you will get an option of posting a new job, click on it. 
  • Fill up the job details: Be ready with all the necessary information about the job that you want to make public. Information like Job Title, Job Description, Location, salary, etc should be entered in their respective column. Try to provide accurate details to avoid confusion and get an application relevant to the job requirement. Other options like asking questions regarding the job requirement are also available with Facebook. These questions can be customized according to the needs of the job. This helps in choosing the right candidate for the next step. It will also help to further select candidates which fill in the description accurately. This option is available under “Free-Text Questions” to find out more qualified candidates. 
  • Preview the job details: Once all the job details are filled in, Facebook will give the option to preview the details. To avoid and rectify errors, take a quick look at all the information provided by you. There will be two options available to preview the job posting: Desktop Job preview or Mobile job preview. This section is basically for the final confirmation before posting the job live. 
  • Post it and make it public: Once you are convinced that the job post is just the way you wanted it to be, then go ahead and post it. Once the job post is live, you will start receiving applications. Review all the applications received on messenger or email (whichever preference you chose before posting) and make the final decision. 

Generally, the job post is valid for 30 days of posting. If you want to extend it, you can renew the job post once it is expired. Keep a tap on the job post and its expiry, if a suitable candidate has not been selected yet. 

How Does Posting a New Job on Facebook Helps Your Brand? 

One thing that makes Facebook unique is all individuals, brands, startups, and small businesses have a presence on this platform. By posting a job on Facebook, brands and small businesses get a lot of exposure: 

  • Visibility of the brand increases. 
  • If the new job posts are frequent, people will start following the brand to stay updated with the latest job. 
  • It is a perfect way to build trust among the users of Facebook. 
  • It is free of cost but if a brand wishes to improve visibility it always has the option of boosting the job post. 

How to Optimize a Job Post to Get Maximum Application?

  • Job Title: Applicants search for the Job Title to search for relevant field/industry jobs. So make sure the Job Title is generic and easily searchable.
  • Location: This plays an important factor in the job search because applicants use the filter option to look for a job in a particular area. Unless you are offering a remote job. 
  • Salary: The most crucial factor for both HR and Employee is to agree upon a pay scale. If it is revealed in the beginning, it becomes easy for the applicants to decide whether to apply or not. 
  • Job Description: Make sure to give an accurate and attractive description of a job that excites the applicant to apply. The more precise the work is explained, the more clear the applicant will be. 

Many other platforms can be utilized for posting or share a New Job, but only the Facebook news feed has the most number of active users compared to all other platforms. Once you master the game of attracting new applicants through Facebook, it will become a hassle-free process. 

How Do I Share A New Job On Facebook News Feed?

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