O2 Employee Discount

Virgin O2  is the United Kingdom’s most well-grounded network company. It is an alliance between Liberty Global and Telefonica SA on 50% sharing. The company promises the fastest and most durable broadband network. Let us know about that the O2 Employee Discount.

O2 Employee Discount

The company Came into motion in 2021 and has become the fastest-growing network company in the United Kingdom having 4G and 5G networks in maximum cities and towns.

The company also has initiated one step towards a sustainable future, they have vowed to emit zero carbon emissions by the year 2040  which is a decade earlier than UK 2050 target.

O2 employee discount program

O2 has designed some benefits for its hardworking employees that will retain them long in the company. The benefits are as follows:- 

  • Pre-sale offers to the employee
  • Offering discounts to the employees-employee discount program
  • Conducting welfare programs such as yoga and meditation for their mental health
  • Offering them health and dental insurance
  • Besides giving the employee an abundance of benefits during their association with the company the most talked about perk is their employee discount program.

The employee discount program is named O2 open

It is an employee discount program that gives a discount not only to its employees but also to the companies which are associated with it. 

To avail of the O2 employee discount, the employee should check whether his/her recruiter has registered the employee’s necessary information. For this, the recruiter needs 5 character company code that is distinctive to everybody. And otherwise, the employee can connect to the O2 service team and can get their registration done.

To check whether the employee is eligible for the discount program he/she has to check the company for which they are working is qualified for the discount or not. The O2 open discount is only available to the companies that are using the network of the company.

Discounts are as follows:-

25% discount on 3GB and above 

15% discount on 1GB and above.

Steps to get registered

Either the employee can have a chat with his/ her recruiter regarding the registration or they can get registered by connecting with the O2 team or They can text Open and follow by the respective name of the company on the number 61202. Immediately after texting the employee will get the code to avail of the discount.

  • The employee has to buy a new phone or the O2 broadband service.
  • The employee has to log in to the account
  • The employees have to claim it within 28 days of the contract once their cheque has been checked, they can log in to their accounts and add their discounts, the discount will open from next month.
  • The monthly cost of the mobile phone/ broadband connection is not included in the discounts.  And if the employee has bought the connection not from the official store then they are not eligible for the discounts.

Terms and Condition

  • Firstly the eligibility of the employee is checked.
  • Then the employee should be registered

After the registration the employee verification is done the steps are as follows:-

  • The company will verify if the employee is eligible by verifying their pay slips at the time of registration.
  • At the time of registration, the employee should provide their work email address. The company will interact through emails only.
  • The pay slip should clearly display all the information regarding the employee and it cannot be more than three months back from the date of registration.
  • After the registration is approved the image of the pay slip is deleted automatically but due to some issue if the pay slip is deleted without being approved then the employee gets the time of one month to rectify the problem and re-upload the payment slip.
  • If the candidate has applied for the discount and his/her information has been checked one year ago then he/she has to apply and register again.

Additional information regarding discount

Eligible employees can only avail of the discount maximum of two times. Out of which one can only be for the phone and another one for the broadband connection. 

  • The discount will only apply to the mobile phone plan.
  • For the discount to work, all the eligible members must sign in to MY O2 account.
  • No discount will be availed for those devices which are excluded from the plan.
  • If the candidate opts for a new policy of tariff without completing the previous plan still the candidate will receive the previous discount.
  • On successful registration for the discount, the discount is active within 24 hours.
  • The life of the discount is valid up to 36 months maximum if the employee has left O2 or for some reason, their eligibility is terminated then the discount will stop and if the candidate upgrades his/her plan then they have to start afresh.
  • If the organization has eliminated its name from the scheme still the employee can be benefitted from it.
  • This discount cannot be used with any other offer.
  • The organization can terminate the offer if it found any kind of forgery.
  • The discount is not transferred and cannot be considered against cash.
  • The organization bears the right to cancel the discount at any time.
  • If the candidate is applying for a discount he/she should aware of the fact that the organization changes its course at any time.
  • If the terms and conditions are held invalid for some reason under any law the other terms which are not invalid they can still run.


O2  offers the UK’s most reliable connectivity like its name they have connected their employees and organizations with an excellent discount scheme. Discount is something which is enjoyed by both customers and the employee. A scheme is an excellent option for retaining the employee. 

  • If the candidate wants to leave O2 OPEN?

If the employee’s organization leaves its association with o2 still the employee can avail of its discount till his/her account is terminated in O2 refresh.

  • Any tariffs that are not included in discount scheme?

Non-o2 refresh tariffs, sharer plans other business accounts are not included.

O2 Employee Discount

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