Landry’s Employee Discount

Landry is America’s most famous multipurpose company that delivers the most memorable experience. The company excels in dining, hospitality, and the gaming sector. The company is headquartered in Houston and has an employee strength of 58,000. The company has Fertitta Entertainment as its parent Organization. Let us see about Landry’s Employee Discount in this article.

Landry's Employee Discount


The organization has a philosophy to reach every stratum, and every age of society delivering they can cherish lifelong. The organization values its customers and has placed its centers near retail stores, or monuments so that it can get a maximum customer base at any time. The main focus area of the organization is to provide services that customers can talk about.

Landry’s Employee Discount

The Landry’s employee discount program is one of the perks that employees have. The program gives benefits to the employee to get amazing deals on various products. Being a member of the program depends on the employee. The candidate who is not a member of the program he/she will not get the discount on the products. At working hours they will not get coffee, tea, or any kind of drinks that are free of charge.

  • As soon as the candidate has registered for the discount program  following changes will be made to the candidate’s profile
  • The employee who is a member of the discount program will be visible on the candidate’s cheque.
  • That corner is treated as verifying card to see whether the employee has availed of the discount program or not.
  • At the time of payment, the candidate needs to extract his/her card and present it in front of authorities to claim the discount offer.
  • Employees need to present their card for the discounts at every place, excluding the places where e-meals exist.
  • While visiting any place it is the duty of the candidate to follow the proper code of conduct and treat their customers with utmost sincerity.
  • The breach of any rules regarding the discount program will end in the termination of the candidate.
  • It is advised to the candidates that they should not mix their cards with other discounts.
  • The employee discount card will not be valid for the following places- with any type of bar card, drink card, or any kind of gift card.

Employee discount at Landry’s restaurants

  • The candidates can only benefit from the program if he/she dines in the restaurants that are associated with the organization. Employees can bring along their friends for dinner, a maximum of four in number.
  • Employee’s friends cannot enjoy this privilege in the employee’s absence. 
  • The 50% discount is active on the delicacies and all mocktails. If the employee opts for alcoholic drinks then he/she has to pay the full price of it including taxes which is levied on it.
  • The candidate is advised to give 17% amount before the discount.
  • The participants will get unlimited coffee and other drinks at their workstations during their work hours. 
  • When the candidate visits restaurants after working hours they have to 50% of the amount on the soft drinks.
  • Candidates cannot order straight away from the bar.
  • During working hours the candidate will only get a discount on their meals which are entitled to be shift meals. 
  • To get the discount on all meals the candidate has to be in casuals and his shift must be over.
  • Some of the locations do not have landry’s employee discount programs such as GOLDEN Nugget where their restaurant is not part of the scheme.
  • This scheme is not applicable to already discounted programs going on in restaurants such as happy hours, or buffet systems. 
  • The scheme is also not applicable to any tale away orders.
  • If the employee will visit on the holidays such as public holidays, especially Valentines’s day then he/she cannot avail of the discount.

Some of the areas only offer a 33% discount and employees are allowed to bring 3 guests along with them. The areas are as follows:-

  • The Palm
  • Vic & Anthony
  • Devon’s Seafood
  • Morton’s
  • Brenner’s

These areas sometimes are not able to give discounts due to some issues, the candidates are advised to reserve their seats beforehand and also ask whether they can the employee discount is active or not.

Areas, where an employee discount scheme is not offered, are as follows:-

  • The buffet
  • The grille 
  • Chick-Fil-A

The discount scheme is not offered to employees at the beginning of their careers. To avail of the offer they have to connect with their managers.

Discount at stores associated with Landry

  • The employees get 30% discounts on the products in the stores that are associated with Landry.
  • Some of the locations offer only a 25% discount on products.
  • the discount is applicable in stores located in car showrooms and is only applicable to regular items not to special items.
  • Employee’s family members can enjoy the privilege only in the presence of the employee.
  • The scheme is not applicable to the offers such as buy two get one free or buy two get three free.
  • If the employee has to avail of the discount in the shops in a hotel that are associated with the organization, the purchase should be above 5 dollars.
  • The employees cannot avail discount on the past purchases.
  • The scheme is not applicable to alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

Discount in Kitchens

The employee can avail 20% discount online from the official website of Landry kitchen. The employee can type the discount code given to them at the time of checkout to avail of the discount. This offers is exclusive only to the employees, not their family members.

Lesuire Sector

The employees can get a 50% discount on all the entertainment areas that are associated with the organization. Such as rides, etc. the employee can bring along his/her four guests.

Luxury Hotels

To enjoy this privilege the employee has to book their rooms before their arrival. While checking in they have to bring along their discount card and their identification. The employees should be 21 years of age and should be accompanied by any other employee.


Landry’s employee discount program is an excellent idea to retain employees. The discount program covers all the major points that are related to the welfare of employees. Though it is mentioned that the scheme is only valid for the participants knowing all of the provisions of the scheme no employee can say no to it.

Landry’s Employee Discount

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