Victoria’s secret employee discount

Working in the fashion industry, especially for girls, is a blessing. For people who are fashion-forward and want to make the most of it, working in big brands could change the course of your careers. The chance of getting into a popular brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Victoria’s Secret doesn’t come for everyone. With the shining opportunity of working in these lavish brands, being an employee there can be overwhelming and exciting. We have heard of great deals of employee discounts and benefits these brands provide. The ultimate goal of having employee benefits & discounts is to appreciate and encourage the employee to do more on the job. But, extensively the brands like Victoria’s Secret’s employee discount are more than just appreciation. Let’s elaborate on the above statement and see what Victoria’s Secret employee discount is about. 

Victoria Secret Employee Discount


Do I even need to do a debriefing of what Victoria’s Secret is? Victoria’s Secret is an American lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer company whose standards have been vouched for since it started in 1977. The history of Victoria’s Secret has been tough as the company served as the largest lingerie retailer in the 1990s in the US. Then the brand started to expand internationally in 2008 and by 2016 the company’s market share experienced a downfall. Facing criticism and controversy against unsavory behavior and business practices under Wexner and Ed Razek, Victoria’s Secret quite struggled to be on the market. But now in 2021, Ed Razek resigned and changes to ownership and management were implemented. The CEO of Victoria’s Secret was also replaced by Stuart Burgdorfer to Martin Waters in 2021, and thereafter the brand reported an increase in sales in all completed quarters of 2021.

The product line of Victoria’s Secret has been focused on lingerie, activewear, swimwear, and beauty division including make-up and bath & body products. Over time the range of products differed with trend and compatibility, the collection of bras and lingerie has been the pride of Victoria’s Secret including the ‘Incredible bra’ launched in 2010, the Designer Collection in 2012, and more. 


There can be many benefits from trying new collections, huge discounts, and free gifts if you are working under a global brand like Victoria’s Secret. Well, the reality is it comprises all. With hard-working hours and crazy needs for the role of an employee as an in-store sales girl or manager in Victoria’s Secret is a thrilling job. Many employees mentioned working with Victoria’s Secret to be hectic yet fun. If you are a girl then things can turn hot when you hear about the employee benefits. 

One of the biggest employee benefits the company has shared to be in his policies is discounted price for any item at the store even the new stocks. Also, with your joining, you will receive one bra-free. The criteria for a discount on Victoria’s Secret items are not fixed and may vary over location, store type, and necessary factors. Though the general discount is 20% discount, after part-time completion of 2 months gives you 30% discount, and full-time employment means to receive 40% discount. This employee discount applies to all products in the store or the company in general. In addition to the in-brand employee discount, the employees at Victoria’s Secret have the benefit to get a discount on limited brands store products as well. Namely Bath and Body Works, C.O Bigelow, The White Barn Candle Company, Henri Bendel, and La Senza which offers a 30% discount on the products. 

Disclaimer; the employee discount in Victoria’s Secret is strictly for employees only. To apply the discount, it is verified that the purchaser is the employee only with an employee ID card or sometimes with a photo ID. There has been misuse of employee discounts for friends which isn’t acceptable. Don’t ever pass your employee ID to anyone for a discount, it may hamper your benefit privilege or your job itself. So, take care of your employee benefits and happy shopping!


Employees discounting any job in any company has benefited both the company & employees. And the discounts on Victoria’s Secret are unbelievable. If you see the general pricing of Victoria’s Secret products their lingerie range starts from $10 to $25 and other products fragrance mists, body cream & bath crystals could go higher at $35 to $58. So, you see the small discounts offered can make a lot of difference when buying Victoria’s Secret products. Plus, if you like the brand, it is worth spending every penny. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the brand Victoria’s Secret knows how to treat its employees. 


1. What perks one can get from working at Victoria’s Secret?

Along with the employee discount offered by the company, there are many employee benefits provided. The annual retirement contribution, flexible health & dependent care, field bonus program, Stock purchase program, all come under the culture benefits. 

2. Does Victoria’s Secret have a dress code for employees?

Yes, it is business casual. With proper dress pants, blouses, dresses, and shoes.

Victoria’s secret employee discount

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