What are Verizon Employee Benefits?

Verizon Employee Benefits

Verizon Employee Benefits

Working with any organization should avail you of some benefits that are designed for you as their employee. Also, benefits help reduce the overhead cost on your salary and provide you with a decent advantage that assists you as an employee in your spending. For example, as an employee who just joined the Verizon family, you would access various benefits that the organization has designed for its employees. Although some benefits might not be accessible to you on the first day at work, as you grow gradually with the organization, you would be compensated with some benefits that Verizon has prepared.

 The good thing is that working for Verizon as their employer grants you access to various benefits. You start working on day one the same way your benefits should start with the organization as well. To easily explore how you can benefit from working with Verizon, different comprehensive benefits plans are already designed for their employees. In the following section, you will learn about benefits such as stock together, paid leave for new parents, and many more. 

Stock together 

As an employee at the Verizon organization, the business creates the network that moves the world forward. The business aim of Verizon is to ensure all homes and individuals have access to a good network for communication. In the same vein, the Verizon organization wants its employees to join in the movement and embrace the organization’s purpose, mission, and vision.

This is why the company introduces the stock together plan to benefit the employee and make them feel like a partner in the organization.  The stock together benefits a broad-based equity reward program that gives the employees an opportunity for everyone to share in the business’s success. The Verizon Restricted Stock Units reward the value created by Verizon through the hard work of the employees.

  • Restricted Stock Unit at Verizon: This is a hypothetical share of the Verizon common stock. The stock award is earned over three year period with 1/3 of the RSU vetting requirement for the award. In addition, you will receive the cash reward of the investment, which is equivalent to the RSUs that you invested in.
  • The RSU Vetting schedule: Although as an employee of Verizon you are eligible for the RSU, you must remain active in the organization each of the three years vetting dates before you can enjoy the proceeds of the investments

Paid leave for new parents

Whether you have just adopted a new baby, or you have just put to bed, or your spouse has just given birth, as an eligible employee, you are qualified for up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave at a 100 percent base pay. More so, expecting moms working with Verizon are eligible for about 16 weeks of paid maternity leave between the short-term disability and your parental leave period. The good thing about working for Verizon as its employee is that you will enjoy these benefits without any additional stress or feeling assured at your job duty post. 

Verizon invests in you

Aside from the above benefits, you get to learn on the job and through Verizon’s training and other educational materials. In addition, the company’s competitive salary and other incentives are available for all employees of the organization. You would also enjoy special discounts on the Verizon products and gain access to adoption expenses assistance, while you are also eligible for the company matching gift programs.

Verizon helping you stay healthy

If you want to feel the best, then working with Verizon is the right place for you as an employee. The organization wants you to feel the best and offer you the best in class benefits relating to your health, and creating various accounts will help you with any health bills. More so, there is an on-site fitness center and discounts for employees who visit the participating gyms. Aside from this, the organization also provides the employees with a healthy pregnancy program designed for female workers.

Time Off Work

At Verizon, the company thinks of your welfare in all aspects. There is generous time off work for you to be with your family and friends. The time off is designed to make interesting memories with your close pals and connect with loved ones who might feel neglected during your active working days. As an employee of Verizon, you would have access to holidays and personal time in the company’s policy. You are expected to make the most use of those times off from work to build a long-lasting relationship with friends and family.

Verizon learning Culture

At Verizon, you are provided with learning and development materials to help you bridge the gap between the known and unknown in your field of expertise. Through the learning culture, you can easily enhance your career and develop better job skills that would allow you to become the best version of yourself. Of course, career progress doesn’t just come through job experience; you would have to invest quality time in studying. However, with Verizon’s tuition assistance and award-winning training, coupled with online development tools and access to industry research, you will eventually have an advanced career. 

Employee Assistance Program 

The employee assistance program created by the Verizon organization is available to its employees as benefits for free. The good part is that the program is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while the program provides you with professional assistance for eldercare services, adoptions assistance and child care services. Besides, you would get access to mental health, financial challenges support, substance abuse help, and stress management through the employee’s assistance program. The program is packed full with the necessary assistance that the employees of Verizon might need.


Over the years, employees have struggled to benefit from most of the organizations they work for. However, companies like Verizon have put their employees in the best position to enjoy all necessary benefits that will make working with the organization more interesting. 

The benefits are majorly designed to keep you healthy, safe, and sound while having an environment that has your best interest at heart. Working with Verizon also gives your family and dependents access to a great healthy lifestyle provided by the organization.


Do Verizon employees get free service?

The company provides discounts for its employees on plans that are offered but not on the phones sold by the company. To access a free phone, you must participate in sales contests and other mediums where the phone is being given out as a gift by the company.

What is the starting pay at Verizon?

Based on the information posted on the pay scale, the table below shows a breakdown of the pay earned as an employee at Verizon.

Job TitleRangeAverage
Job Title: Customer Service Representative (CSR)Range:$11 – $23Average:$16
Retail Sales RepresentativeRange:$10 – $18Average:$13
Sales AssociateRange:$10 – $21Average:$13
Retail Store ManagerRange:$12 – $24Average:$17
What are Verizon Employee Benefits?

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