What is U-Haul Employee Discount?

U-Haul Employee Discount

All about them 

They started to operate the business in the garage that was owned by his wife’s family, the founders then expanded by making it a franchise within the gas station. In this article, we are going to see U-Haul Employee Discount and all about them.

How did they start the business?

In 1945, the co-founder of U-Haul Leonard Shoen and his wife Anna Mary Carty with the investment of five thousand dollars started to build rental trailers and split the fees for their use of station owners; they were franchised as agents. He created a one-way rental and enrolled investors as partners in every trailer, it was a growth method. In 1955, about ten thousand U-Haul trailers were created for the road and the brand became popular across the nation. 

Leonard Shoen had to take some time off for his family situations, he had about twelve children and he transferred about two percent of control to them. Both Edward and Mark successfully launched a takeover of the company in the late 1980s. Edward “Joe” Shoen took charge of the business as both chairman and president by owning about forty percent of the business through its AMERCO holding company.  

What is the marketing strategy? 

For being the biggest moving organization in the United States is known for being the most recognizable brand across the country. From the 1940s, the organization expanded from operating in the garage to operating more than sixteen thousand active deals throughout the nation. The brand recognition and growth represent the company’s social media presence, for example, they gained more than seventeen thousand Facebook likes. In recent years, the company undertook some of the biggest exercises for upgrading its social listening and responses. 

U-Haul realized that the customers wanted interaction with them through social media platforms. The company then decided to focus on its business growth including the marketing strategy to create content and establish a blog. The company launched its online newsroom called www.myuhaulstory.com at the beginning of 2015 to celebrate the biggest role in the community that was played by the company. It is also to enable U-Haul for reaching out with branded content. 

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What kind of equipment do they provide? 

They created U-Haul manufactured truck boxes in production plants that are located in many places across North America. The company has two equipment classifications in their fleet called “In-Town” and “One-Way”. The use of “One-Way ” is for one-way trips, which means pick up and drop off can be used at various locations. As for “In-Town” equipment to be used for pickup and dropout for the same location and this kind of equipment is for a local move. The company is building the latest one-way vehicles en-masse. 

What’s it like working in U-Haul?

Being an employee of U-Haul has top priorities such as training, and overall health and safety program, which starts as soon as they join the company. The company has a commitment to continuous education and advancements that outreaches the industry standards especially within progressive and proactive health and safety programs. 

For fulfilling commitment, every employee needs to go through a daily process of review and feedback. The company then integrates a process of awareness, assessment, and prevention for its health and safety program. This process is known for being constant within sustainable progress.

How to use the employee discount? 

The employees need to use the category list that shows discounts on products, services, and experiences. On their phones, they need to look at the category section and search for merchants. If they can’t find anything then they can contact for help through a chat or phone or email. There are vendor instructions to receive discounts that are listed on every category page. 

How to get the employee discount? 

The employees can get the discount by mentioning the Employee Network membership. They need to show their membership card or purchase at their website to redeem the discounts. If they want to buy anything on the site such as theme park tickets or movie tickets then they need to log in or register on the website. They can answer the question through their phone. They are free to contact the Employee Network Team to request a company code. 

What are the perks of being an employee of U-Haul?

Here are the employee benefits provided by U-Haul –  

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefit Plans
  • Disability, Term and Supplemental Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Savings and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Paid Holidays, Vacations, and Sick/Personal Time Off
  • Employee Discounts and Credit Union
  • Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Business Travel Insurance
  • Smoking Cessation and Healthy-Weight Programs

The company wanted to make sure that the employees get equal opportunities. One of the biggest complex challenges is to confront industry and nation for providing equal opportunity for every employee without any regard. 


U-Haul consists of different groups. The company, workers, customers, suppliers, and government are the main aspects of common responsibility for health and safety. 

What is U-Haul Employee Discount?

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