Quest Employee Discount

Quest Employee Discount


Quest Diagnostics is an established brand name in the American clinical laboratory industry. Quest has entered into multiple tie-ups with a large number of hospitals and clients worldwide. Quest along with providing its basic testing services started coronavirus testing service in the year 2020. Other diagnostic testing services offered by Quest are related to diseases such as – cancer, cardiovascular problems, infectious diseases, neurological testing, and drug testing ordered by law. The Quest direct service offered by Quest allows the customers to avail health and wellness testing from their homes. As of the year, 2020 the Quest workforce contains 48,000 employees. These employees are provided various employee benefits and employee discounts to the workforce. This article provides information about the Quest Employee Discount.

Employee discounts

Employee discounts are a prominent part of the employee benefits package offered by the employer to its employees. In simple terms, employee discounts refer to the discounts offered by the business organization when the workers purchase products and services offered by the business organization. In some cases, the discount service offered by an organization may expand to products and services of other organizations as well. By offering employee discounts, business organizations can get several benefits which help to enhance their working and profits as well. Some of these benefits are discussed below – 

•Employee discounts can serve as a useful tool to help the business organization motivate its workforce, and make them realize their value in the eyes of the employer.

• Employee discounts as a part of the employee benefits package can help the business organization to attract new talent to work for the organization. Employees satisfied with benefits and discounts offered by an organization generally spread positive word of mouth about the organization.

•Employee discounts can help the organization to generate more revenue, as employee discounts provide the employees with an impetus to buy products and services offered by the organization. This is likely to boost the sales and revenue of the organization. 

• Employee discounts can help the organization to turn its workers into loyal customers of the organization.

Quest employee discounts 

Quest offers several employee discounts to its workers. These discounts extend to several other services apart from the services offered by Quest itself. The various employee discounts offered by Quest are discussed as follows – 

  • Quest offers discounts to employees who purchase the shares of the organizations and employees can purchase the stock at discounted prices. 
  • Employees working with Quest can avail themselves of attractive discounts on car-related services. Employees can get discounts from major car rental companies in the United States. Employees can register for these discounts by visiting the website of concerned companies.
  • The employee discounts offered by Quest extend to various hotels and theme parks across the United States. Quest employees can use these discounts to book hotels and purchase tickets for theme parks at discounted prices.
  • Quest specializes in medical testing services, so the employees working at Quest are also provided with special discounts on these services. Employees can avail themselves of laboratory testing at discounted rates for themselves and their family members.
  • Employees are also provided with comprehensive discount rates on various plans offered by cellphone service companies. Employees can select the network provider which is covered under the discount scheme offered by Quest.
  • Quest also offers discounts to employees who engage in online shopping. These discounts can be availed if shopping is done from a company that is covered under the Quest employee discount program.
  • Quest also offers several plans to help the employees maintain their well-being and good health. The medical, dental and vision opens offered by Quest facilitate discounted pricing on these medical services. The coverage for expenses related to employees depends on the plans chosen by the employees for themselves and their families. These medical plans are pretty helpful for the employees and one of the most useful discount plans offered by Quest.

Conclusion – To conclude it can be said that the employee discounts offered by Quest are quite useful for the employees. Quest stresses the need to provide employees with discounts and benefits along with competitive pay packages. The money saved by employees from these discounts can be put to other uses by the employees.

Frequently asked questions 

Question 1. Does every organization offer employee discounts to the workforce?

Answer 1. Most of the organizations that are well established in the market offer employee discounts to their employees. However some organizations may not offer employee discounts owing to reasons such as the small scale of business operations, declining profits, and the firm being a newcomer in the market.

Question 2. Does every organization provide similar employee discounts?

Answer 2. Generally, employee discounts vary from organization to organization. The organizations offering products tend to provide more employee discounts as compared to service offering organizations. This results from the fact that products offered by an organization are of diverse categories.

Quest Employee Discount

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