Nike Employee Benefits- Know More

Nike is an American multinational public company. This company designs, develops, and manufacture its product worldwide. It deals in selling footwear, equipment, services, athleticwear, access cities, apparel call ma, etc. Nike is the world’s largest athletic apparel company, founded on January 25, 1964, and headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, US. This company’s products are worldwide popular and it’s a major manufacturer of sports equipment. Nike ranked 89th in the Fortune 500 list of United States corporations by total revenue in 2018.  Here we will see about Nike Employee Benefits

Nike Employee Benefits

How to get hired at Nike:

Nike tries to give authentic and enthralling experiences to its candidate. It tries to make candidates feel relaxed and welcome.

Following are the steps to apply in Nike company

  1. Applying for the job: the candidate needs to apply to the job by filling the application form. It is advised to re-review the application form and make sure that the information you are giving is accurate and up to date without any grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  2. Meeting the recruiter: The next step is to meet the recruiter who will provide you with tools and insight into the company. The recruiter will reach out to you if your application is selected for an interview and they will keep you updated for the entire process.
  3. Interview: Interviewing the recruiter will then accommodate an interview of the candidate with the interviewers. It is advised to the candidates to have in-depth knowledge about the company and its work culture. Interviews vary from position to position and aim to provide an authentic and personal experience.
  4. If you clear the interview round you are there working as an employee.

Nikes working and labor conditions

Nike company publishes detailed information about its audits, remediation processes, the list of suppliers in the final stage of production, the supplier’s policy, etc. The company aims to empower the skilled and unvalued workforce for retaining growth and sustainability worldwide. 

From the past five years, the company has developed and implemented the engagement and well-being survey to measure the level of engagement and experiences of the workers working in the factory. This initiative is taken to support the grievances of the employees working in the company.

The company respects the human rights of each individual and elevates human potential on a global scale. The company is committed to respecting human rights as described in its policies, supplier code of conduct, code of business conduct, privacy policy, code leadership standards, etc. These commitments and not only for the employees but are also applicable to its communities, its sponsored athletes, partners, suppliers, consumers for a well functioning of the company.

Nike company forbids the employment of child labor UN bonded labor. There is also eligibility that the worker who wishes to work in the company should be at least 16 years of age or have passed the national legal age of compulsory schooling or minimum working age. It has also taken initiative not to allow workers between the age of sixteen and eighteen to work at hazardous sites, exposed to chemicals, use of heavy machinery, etc. The workers between this age are also not allowed to work at night or more than six hours a day.

The company respects its employee’s freedom and so it gives its worker the freedom of association to collectively bargain maintaining the decorum of the law.

Nike works to create gender equity and it forbids discrimination among its employees or workers based on compensation, hiring, promotion, or any other aspect of employment. It ensures equal and fair opportunities to all its employees.

The benefits of working in the company:

  1. Flexible working Hours: Nike provides fitter flexible timing of work in the company. Flexible shifts and hours and also it gives its employees the option to work from home. The average working are often employ is around 5 8 hours, and it cannot exceed 12 hours. The company works in two shifts and, the employee can choose any of the shifts according to his or her convenience.
  2. Discounts to the employees: The company gives fitness opportunities and discounts on its products. The employee gets a discount on all sale items, converse shoes, clothing, apples, etc there is a discount of 20% on Nike factory stores, 30% discount at Nike town and if an employee buys from employees store in person or online, he or she gets 40 to 45% discount. The employee upon his hiring it is Steve’s one pair of shoes and two outfits from the company. The employee in the course of his or her work gets one outfit every six months and one pair of shoes every year free of cost. The additional perks are given depending on the events happening in the company.
  3. Health benefits: The Nike gives different types of health and insurance benefits to its employee like life insurance, health insurance, vision, dental, temporary disability, long term disability insurance. The company also gives speed sick leave to the employee.
  4. Leave Benefits: The company gives parental leave and maternity leave to its employees, even if the employee is a part-time worker. It also gives paid sick leave, paid holidays, and vacations to its employees once a year.
  5. Financial perks: The company gives decent paid time off, competitive pay, tuition reimbursement, stock purchase plan, retirement savings plan. The average pay at the company ranges from 13 dollars per hour to 21 dollars per hour, the paint differs from department to department and from position to position.
  6. Office perks: The company gives different office perks to its employees like legal assistance, unique office space, and Company social outings.
  7. Other benefits: Other benefits in the company includes free lunch, gift cards, free coffee, a mentorship program, an employee assistance program, employee mentorship program. The company also rewards the volunteers with bonuses and also supports their future. It assists the employees to move to a new city or across one of Nike’s campuses free of cost. This company also provides training opportunities and gym membership to its employee to work in a better manner.

The perks and benefits of the company at a glance:

The company’s benefits are globally consistent and locally relevant. The business development department and the finance department at Nike get the highest number of perks and benefits. The employees who have worked in the company for less than one year I’ve given slightly fewer benefits than the person who has served the company for more than 10 years. There are around 75,400 workers employed in the company.

The article is written in such a way so that the reader gets all the minimal information about the company. The article has all the information about the work culture and working environment of the company. This is an accumulation of all necessary information regarding the company from average pay to benefits the employee gets.

  1. Does Nike work on holidays?

The company do work on holidays but only for some departments.

  1. Does Nike operate in an online platform?

Yes, the company has an online website for delivering the products to its customers.

  1. Do candidates need to give the exam to work in Nike?

No, there is no exam but there is an interview which judges the capability of an employee for the job.

Nike Employee Benefits- Know More

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