How Long Does A No Rehire Status Last?

A “no rehire” status is when an employee who isn’t a part of the firm anymore isn’t permitted to be hired again. In some situations, the status lasts longer than in others. There might be varying reasons for the inducement of the status. In some instances, the “no rehire” status is applicable for a predetermined amount of years. This entails you wouldn’t be eligible for rehire only for a few, select years. However, in other cases, it might be indefinite. It also depends on what grounds you exited the company. The status isn’t a legal matter and differs depending on the company policy. Some companies oblige their employees to sign a “No Rehire” clause right at the start. let us know about that the How Long Does A No Rehire Status Last?

How Long Does A No Rehire Status Last?

Please note that if you were to receive this status from a firm, it is applicable to only that company and its affiliates. You can still be hired by other, unrelated employers.

How long does the status last and its reasons?

The determinants of the “No Rehire” status are either the business or you. In certain companies, the status lasts for a minimum of two years. This warrants that you won’t be eligible to be hired by the firm for only the amount of time determined by their policies. It might also depend on the premise of your departure from them. Many companies have curated “do not hire” lists and this status is one of the reasons why.

Company Policy

The majority of companies do not have an infinite ‘no rehire’ period. This is because rehiring employees might be beneficial for the company. They save money and resources required to train new employees because former employees are already aware of most of them. However, mostly for legal reasons, some companies avoid rehiring.
Whatever the policy is, it is mentioned in your contract. Be thorough while going through it and you will find the answer to how long it will be before your former employer can rehire you.


Firms do not respond well to misbehavior. If your conduct towards the clients or colleagues isn’t appropriate you might find yourself ineligible to be rehired. This pertains to employees who were violent in the workspace, or have abused or harassed their fellow employees.

Poor performance

Employees with unceasing dissatisfactory performance with no scope for improvement might find themselves with a perpetual “no rehire” status. This isn’t for people who’ve made a few mistakes, here and there. It is for those whose work is a continuous series of goof-ups
Violation of company laws

Every company has its own set of rules that the employees are commanded to follow. Downright ignorance of the laws can lead to both termination of your contract and the “no rehire” status.

Job Abandonment

Job abandonment is when an employee stops reporting to work without notice. If this were to go on for an extensive time they will find themselves the recipient of an indefinite “no rehire” status.
If you were fired from your job for one of the aforementioned behavioral reasons, some chances of finding a new job will be tricky. Several companies make it a point to speak to your previous employer to assess your comportment and skills. If you didn’t leave on the best of terms, it might be an issue.

When is the status not applicable?

If your contract has expired but you wish to continue in the firm, most times you can renew it without hassle. You won’t be considered ineligible for rehire. If you do wish to leave, then it will be governed by the company policies.
In most establishments, if you are laid off due to reasons that aren’t in your control, like a budget cut, you won’t find yourself with a “no rehire” status.

Is the status changeable?

The recent trend of online applications for jobs has made it challenging to modify your status. Companies might not even permit you to proceed with your application once the system deems you ineligible. In such cases, it is almost impossible to change your status.
Some companies grant you an opportunity to explain your behavior. If you can convince them that you have changed for the better, you might be eligible to be hired again. If you are still on good terms with a couple of your former colleagues, they can put in a good word for you.

Can you check your rehire status?

Yes, you can talk to an employee from the Human Resources department. Often than not, they will let you know of your rehire status. If your status is a “no rehire”, you can inquire about the reason. Some firms permit you to know of it while some choose not to disclose it. There is no harm in wanting to know the reason, it will help you improve on your issues if any.

To conclude, there isn’t a definitive answer to how long the no rehire status lasts. It varies from company to company, employee to employee. However, hope that this article helped you figure it out from your perspective.

How Long Does A No Rehire Status Last?

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