What are the Employee Benefits at Hilton?

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Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. is an American international corporation founded by Conrad Hilton in May 1919 with the vision of enabling various hotels on earth to become welcoming and enjoyable places for travelers to stay during their travels. Its headquarters is in Tysons Corner, Virginia, U.S., and is currently managed by Christopher J. Nassetta. Hilton manages a wide range of hotels and resorts across 118 countries and owns 15 brands across various market segments. Hilton is well known for luxurious amenities and is located conveniently near airports and convention centers, which attract business travelers. It has served more than 3 billion guests in the past hundred years.

Hilton offers a myriad of benefits to its employees globally. Employees can access these perks by logging onto the official Hilton employee benefits site. The health and insurance benefits for full-time employees include life insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, temporary disability insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance, and long-term disability insurance. It also includes severance pay. The health insurance offered by Hilton covers a significant portion of employees’ health insurance premiums. 

The retirement and financial benefits Hilton offers are profit sharing, defined contribution pension plan, 401(k) plan, and defined benefit pension plan. Some of these benefits are tax-free, and employees can avail of tax deductions on those that are not tax-free.

Other employee benefits include family medical leave, reimbursement of tuition fees, and financial help in certain conditions. According to Hilton’s PTO and Vacation policy, employees are given 20 to 30 days off a year. Hilton’s benefits and PTO Package translates to an average of $500 -$1000 in cash value each month.

Hilton Employee Discounts:

The employee discounts provided by Hilton are called ‘Go Hilton Team Member’ and the discounts for family and friends are named ‘Go Hilton Family Friends Rate’. Using the employee discounts, the cost of a room becomes significantly lower. The costs of various hotels with employee discounts are listed in the table below.

HotelCost Per Night Per Room In USD
Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites35
Hilton hotels & resorts, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, and Tapestry.45
Canopy, Curio, and Hilton Grand Vacations55
Waldorf Astoria and Conrad75

Each employee is eligible to book 30 nights in a hotel using employee discounts every year. Whereas, using the friend and family discounts, one can book for seventy nights every year. Each employee can book a maximum of two rooms under his or her name and two rooms under the friends and family rates for a maximum of seven nights in a row. Alternatively, an employee can first book two rooms using the employee discount for seven nights and then book for another seven days using the friends and family discounts, making it a total of fourteen nights.

The employee discounts include free breakfast for two outside of the Americas and a fifty percent discount on food and beverages expenses worldwide. Furthermore, employees need not pay any resort fees and they will be given free access to the facilities and amenities available there.

If an employee works at Hilton for a minimum of 20 years, they can continue to redeem these discounts for the rest of their lives even after quitting their job. However, they would not be entitled to any friends and family discounts from then on.

Hilton’s Work Environment

According to Great Place To Work, ninety-three percent of employees feel that Hilton is a great place to work at. It is mentioned in several online reviews by Hilton employees that Hilton has a supportive and inclusive working community. Hilton recognizes the importance of the mental health of its employees. Therefore, it has come up with several mental health campaigns and it offers resources and guidance for its employees to use to ensure their mental well-being. Hilton strives to enable its employees to thrive physically and mentally both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Furthermore, Hilton provides its employees with free wellness programs and gym memberships in certain locations to help its employees to maintain their fitness and reduce their stress levels.

Hilton has earned itself the top place on the 2020 World’s Best Workplaces List. Moreover, according to Great Place To Work, Hilton is ranked the third best company to work for in 2021 among Fortune 100 companies. Hilton managed to get the third rank due to its continuous effort to take care of its employees and their community during the challenging time of Covid-19 in 2020. 

Hilton Employee Education Assistance Program

Hilton’s employee education assistance program provides up to $1,000 to each employee per year. Hilton has revised its employee education assistance program to incorporate Cengage’s Career Online High School program. It is designed to help more than 5000 employees to obtain high school diplomas. After graduating from this program, employees can choose to work towards a career certificate which is credentialed in four fields – basic preparation for a career, management of office, customer service in the retail sector, and food and hospitality. 

Alternatively, they can pursue one of four careers: Caring for children and education, driving in the commercial sector, homeland security, and protection officer. This program is free of cost for Hilton employees in the U.S. who have worked for at least six months at a Hilton office or  a property owned or maintained by Hilton.


In a nutshell, Hilton is a holistic place to work at and it offers its employees a plethora of benefits and discounts during their employment as well as after the termination of their employees depending on the number of years of their service at Hilton. Furthermore, Hilton also emphasizes the physical and mental well-being of its employees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much is the salary of Hilton employees?

According to Comparably, The estimated value of the average yearly salary with bonus included at Hilton is $123,026 and the estimated value of the median salary is $115,431. The highest paying job at Hilton is a Group Product Manager who earns a salary of $224,456 per annum and the lowest paying job is an Admin Assistant who earns $42,000 per annum. Half of the job positions at Hilton have salaries higher than $115,431.

The average salaries for various departments in Hilton are listed in the table below.

DepartmentAverage Salary
Business Development$112,074
Customer Support$136,829
  1. How much does Hilton Hotels make in a year?

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. made approximately 4.31 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020, down 51.63 percent from the total revenue in 2019.

  1. Do Hilton employees get free airline tickets?

Hilton provides a travel industry discount of 25% to 50% for airline employees staying outside of the United States. The discount is only applicable if it is used within 90 days of arrival.

  1. What are the rules Hilton employees must follow?

There are several rules all Hilton employees must abide by. They are as listed below.

  1. Employees should not use the resources in their job or their professional position to support politics.
  2. Employees must be willing to work harder during peak seasons for the same salary as off-peak times.
  3. Employees must not communicate with staff from other hotels and share information with them about Hilton’s business details.
  4. Employees must not use their professional position to make any money beyond their work at Hilton.
  5. Employees must not share any information they know about business partners or guests at Hilton with anyone or on social media.
  6. Employees are not allowed to accept bribes from the guests.
  7. Employees are not allowed to conduct protests and retaliate against Hilton.
  8. Employees are not permitted to reply or comment on reviews of guests.
  9. Employees should take the initiative to protect Hilton’s intellectual assets.
  10. Employees must be well versed with environmental laws as Hilton is committed to being more environmentally friendly.

What are the Employee Benefits at Hilton?

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