Duke Employee Benefits- Know More About It

Duke’s overall benefits program has long been acknowledged and respected for its thoroughness and market competitiveness. Aside from the typical advantages such as medical treatment, oral treatment, and pension. Duke also provides a variety of family-friendly and cultural perks to recruit, promote, and reward the competent employees who help Duke maintain its position as a leading education, research, and health care institution. Let us know more detail about ‘Duke Employee Benefits’.

Duke Employee Benefits

Duke Employee Benefits

Does Duke do customer service?

They reply quickly. When we require anything, it is considered an emergency by our parts and service department. Emergency services are provided in Rochester, Ithaca, Dansville, Auburn, and across Upstate New York. They can service our equipment and order replacement components on our behalf.

When it comes to renting equipment and obtaining building and ice control supplies, we can count on the duke to be the quickest and most dependable. Let’s read Duke Employee Benefits.

Medical Insurance

Duke has four insurance options: Duke Select, Duke Basic, and Blue Care, which are all free HMOs, and Duke Options, an Accountable Care Organization (PPO). Under the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Duke’s health coverage is deemed “grandfathered” also known as National Health Care Reform.

  • Duke Select is an open access Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) for employees in zip codes beginning with 272, 273, 275, 276, and 277. If you pick this plan, you should seek care from a qualified provider. You do not, however, require a recommendation from your primary care physician to see a networking expert.
  • Duke Basic is an open access Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) provided to employees living in zip codes beginning with 272, 273, 275, 276, and 277. If you pick this plan, you should seek care from a qualified provider.
  • Blue Care is a Health Care Program (HMO) that is offered to all North Carolina employees. You must receive therapy from a certified physician if you choose this program.
  • However, you wouldn’t need a referral from your primary care doctor to consult a network specialist. This plan is handled by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
  • PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization, and Duke Options is one of them. You can choose between in-network and out-of-network providers. If you pick a provider outside of the network, your out-of-pocket charges will be greater. Blue Cross/Blue Shield administers this plan.

Duke dental insurance

Plan A and Plan B

Plan A and Plan B allow you to see any licensed dentist. Both plans have deductibles that must be reached before non-preventive treatments are covered. Plan A participants are compensated based on the permitted usual and usual (U&C) charge for each service to members. When a dentist charges almost as much as the U&C fee, the member is responsible for the change.

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Plan B provides a very modest benefit, with payments based on a predetermined fee schedule.

Plan with Preferred Provider Option (PPO)

Participants in Plan A are reimbursed based on the authorized usual and customary (U&C) price for each service provided to members. When a dental costs more than just the U&C fee, the difference is the patient’s responsibility.

Vision Insurance

While Duke’s health plan provides yearly eye exams, the university also provides a national vision treatment plan to aid with the cost of spectacles, corrective lenses, and eye tests.

Reimbursement accounts

You can make pre-tax contributions to a health care reimbursement account and/or a dependent day care reimbursement account under this plan. When you incur qualifying expenditures, you utilize the pretax money in your account(s) to repay yourself. As a consequence, your total tax burden is reduced. Duke provides a health care card that allows workers to spend cash from their health care reimbursement account at the point of sale to compensate for most eligible expenditures. The health care card operates similarly to a debit card.

Tuition Assistance for Employees

The Employee Tuition Aid Program would pay full-time employees with two or more years of regular service for tuition linked to an employee’s employment and/or ongoing career advancement at Duke for up to $5,250 each calendar year. The incentive is valid for up to 3 classes per semester or quarterly at any North Carolina higher learning institution recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges.

You will be eligible for the Children’s Tuition Grant program after 5 years of full-time, length of service at Duke University. Following the payment of a deductible, the program will pay up to 75% of current Duke tuition for undergraduate tuition expenses. The incentive may be used to fund the child’s full-time education at the associate or baccalaureate level at any recognized, accredited institution of higher education anywhere else in the world for him or her to achieve his and her first bachelor’s degree.

Life Insurance for Employees

You are automatically protected by $10,000 in basic life insurance and $10,000 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Duke also gives a death benefit to your spouse or estate if you die while you are an active, full-time employee. The award is one month’s pay for each year of regular service, up to a maximum of six months’ pay.

Insurance for Travel Mishaps

When traveling on Duke business, you are instantly covered by this coverage, which provides up to $200,000 in the event of injuries resulting in death, dismemberment, or loss of hearing/sight, as well as up to $5,000 for related medical expenses. Furthermore, if a covered individual suffers a covered loss while covered by this insurance, the plan will pay a $5,000 benefit.

Vacation/Sick Leave Program

Duke offers a significant paid time off benefit. Each pay period, your time is accrued, and your vacation time is deducted. 

The benefits include the following:

  •  Every year, there will be 13 paid holidays.
  •  Sick Leave – Duke provides compensated time off for illness or caring for people who are ill.
  •  direct family Employees are entitled to twelve sick days per year. Unused sick leave 
  • Vacation – During their first three years of employment, employees are entitled to three weeks of vacation every year.

After a specific number of years, employees will be entitled to four weeks of vacation each year, depending on their benefit classification. Your specific benefit category can be communicated to you by your recruiting manager or the Benefits Office. If your job is terminated, you may be able to get your unused vacation time back.

Personal Accident Insurance

You may get the car, homeowners/renters, and excess liability coverage with this package. Each pay cheque, the premiums for the coverage you choose will be withdrawn. The service is available through the Auto and Home Insurance Benefit of Mercer Voluntary Benefits.

Short-term and/or long-term disability granted voluntarily

People who work at a minimum number of hours per week are entitled to voluntary short-term disability insurance, which covers a portion of their income in the case of disability. There is a 4-week waiting period after the beginning of impairment before disability payments become available, and benefits are paid for a total of twelve weeks from the onset of impairment. Conditions for which you got medical care in the last 12 months are eligible for a maximum benefit of two weeks. There is also the option of accepting long-term incapacity freely. There is a 16-week waiting period before receiving disability payments.


Now we have learnt ‘Duke Employee Benefits’, In the above description, we have wrapped almost every element of the perks and benefits Duke employees receive. Going through the dissertation will help you in developing a fleeting impression of the topic.

Duke Employee Benefits- Know More About It

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