Dignity Health Employee Benefits- Salary Based on Departments

Dignity Health Employee Benefits

Dignity Health is one of the leading non-profit organizations located in the United States. The cooperation was founded in 1986 for the health-related benefit of the public. The company has hospitals and ancillary care benefits in Arizona, California, and Nevada. The organization got merged with Catholic Health Initiative in 2019 and became CommonSpirit Health. Here, let’s know about Dignity Health Employee Benefits.

All the employees are the soul of a company, and every company goes beyond its way to provide security to employees. Even for employees, their company or place of work is a second home, so in return, the company must help out the employees. Since every employee is essential for the smooth functioning of an organization, so they are given a variety of benefits. Want to know these benefits? Read this article till the end. 

What all benefits are enjoyed by employees at Dignity Health?

Dignity Health operates around the states with more than 55,000 employees working under it. All the employees find themselves lucky when it comes to benefits provided by the organization. Being a not-for-profit organization, the company still aims to give as much as it can for the betterment of all employees and their families. The list of famous benefits provided by Dignity Health is given below: 

Health and Medical Care: 

Taking medical and health care of the employees is the responsibility of the company. So, for the betterment of its employees and their families, Dignity Health provides several insurances for health care. Below is given the list of medical care benefits: 

  • Medical Plan (you can choose one of two plans given by the company): Under this scheme, a medical plan will be covered in which the employee along with dependants will be covered. 
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental Plan: You are eligible for dental coverage by the company. In which premium will be paid to residents and their dependents. 
  • Vision Coverage: You are eligible for vision coverage by the company. In which premium will be paid to residents and their dependents. 
  • Basic Life Insurance (paid by the organization): This scheme covers the life insurance of an employee. 
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance  (paid by the company): Dignity Health covers accidental death and dismemberment insurance for residents. Certain additional insurance can be covered under this scheme, but there would be an additional cost to it given by an employee. 
  • Voluntary/Supplemental Life Insurance: You can choose this plan but as an employee, you have to pay for it. 
  • Short-Term or long-term Disability (paid by the company): From the disability section, you have to choose whether short-term disability or long-term disability will be covered. If you choose both, then there will be an additional cost. 
  • Flexible Spending Account HealthCare: As an employee, you will receive a health care account that is tax-deductible. 
  • Flexible Spending Account for Dependent Care: Also, an employee can get an FSA dependent care account but you certainly need to pay for it. 

Paid Time Off Dignity Health understands that you have a life apart from your professional life. As an employee at Dignity Health, you are eligible to take leave from work for personal work. 

  • As an employee, you can take paid leaves after 90 days of working. 
  • Also, as per Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital, you can get a minimum of 8 days of paid leave from work. 
  • Along with that, you will find flexible working hours at the workplace. 

Retirement Plan: You will receive a 401k retirement plan with an employer match. 

Casual Atmosphere: The environment of the working location matters the most, so a friendly and casual environment is most suitable. 

Employee Perks and Discounts: You receive discounts and perks while working at Dignity Health. The list of perks are given below: 

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Mobile Phone Discount 
  • Free Lunch and Snacks
  • Gym Membership
  • Company Social Events

How much do employees at Dignity Health make?

Dignity Health is the largest health care community in the US with 39 acute care hospitals and 250 ancillary care sites set up in three different states. All the employees who work for this organization are paid a good amount of salary. Though, as per different cities and health care hospitals, the salary fluctuates. The average salary paid to employees is $105,579 per annum and usually ranges from $36,982 to $345,592 annually. Below is a given salary chart according to different departments and cities. 

Salary according to different departments in Los Angeles: 

DepartmentsAverage salary
Engineering Department$129,075 per year
Marketing Department $101,974 per annum
Design Department $127,363 per year 
Product Department$194,611 per annum
Operations Department$83,831 per annum

Salary according to different departments at Dignity Health in Washington are given below: 

DepartmentAverage Salary
Product Department$217,506 per annum
Engineering Department$116,544 per year
Marketing Department$146,819 per year
Admin Department $64,266 per annum
Design Department$114,428 per annum

Overall, if we see then employees from product department are being paid a good amount of salary. 

How to proceed with the hiring process at Dignity Health?

Dignity Health is big cooperation with many health care centers working under it. Each year a lot of vacancies are listed on the website of Dignity Health in each department. As per your area of interest and knowledge, you can apply for the job at Dignity Health and work towards the betterment of its customer’s health. The organization looks forward to hiring freshers and professionals with excellent skills and knowledge in their concerned area. The method of applying for the job is simple, you just need to follow the given steps: 

Step 1: Either you can directly visit the official website of CommonSpirit Health or you can visit Dignity Health. 

Step 2: In case, you are visiting the official website of Dignity Health then move to the careers section and you will be directed to the website of CommonSpirit Health. 

Step 3: You need to click on the menu bar, to check the careers option. You will find the ‘Our Opportunities’ option where all types of jobs are available. In case, if you are looking for a corporate role, then click on the ‘Corporate’ area. 

Step 4: All the jobs in that particular area will appear. 

Step 5:  From the listed job, you need to select the best suitable job for you. 

Step 6: Once you select the job suitable for you, everything related to that job will appear. 

Step 7: After reading all the information related to the job, you can click on the ‘Apply’ button. 

Step 8: You need to enter your email id to proceed towards filling your application form. 

Interview Questions: 

To be a part of Dignity Health, you need to clear an interview as it becomes a crucial step in hiring. As an employee, you should be well-prepared for this stage as recruiters will judge your personality and skills. Below are given few interview questions which can help you prepare for your interview:

Q. 1: Why do you want to work at Dignity Health?

Q. 2: What are your salary expectation from our organization?

Q. 3: If your co-worker keeps on highlighting your mistake in front of other workers, how are you going to handle the situation?

Q. 4: Why have you left your previous company and want to work at Dignity Health?

Q. 5: Apart from your professional achievement, what all things have you achieved? 

Q. 6: Have you ever solved a dispute between your co-workers? If yes, then how did you resolved it?

Q. 7: What sought of work pressures were there in your previous job, if such pressure is imposed by us then how would you deal with it?

Q. 8: How are you better than other applicants who have applied for the job role?

Q. 9: As a supervisor (job role you are applying for), what is the most important quality one must possess?

Q. 10: How much time are you willing to sacrifice to make a successful career at Dignity Health?


Dignity Health has a big name in California because of its objective to provide Health care to its customer without keeping in mind the profit. Dignity Health is considered to be the fifth-largest health care system in the US. With over 55,000 employees working in this collaborative organization, the company has become successful in providing health benefits to its customer. 

The organization does not concentrate only on the needs of its customer but also, on the wellness and needs of its employees. In this article, everything related to employees’ benefits is highlighted. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ques. 1: Is Dignity Health a good organization to work with?

Ans. 1: All the employees working at Dignity Health consider it a wonderful place to work because of the various types of benefits offered along with great salary. Most of the employees have said that the organization is caring about its employees and patients. Even you will find the perfect atmosphere to work at any health center of Dignity Health.

Ques. 2: Do employees at Dignity Health earn a handsome amount?

Ans. 2: The employees working at Dignity Health are satisfied and happy with their salaries. As an employee, you will receive around $21 per hour or $105,579 per annum. Overall, the employees feel they are paid well at Dignity Health. 

Ques. 3: What benefits do employees at Dignity Health receive?

Ans. 3: As an employee at Dignity Health, you are eligible to receive many benefits including multiple health insurances, flexible working hours, retirement plans, a casual atmosphere, and many other great benefits. 

Dignity Health Employee Benefits- Salary Based on Departments

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