Bose Employee Discount

Bose Employee Discount

A BOSE FAN BIG TIME? THEN YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW THIS. Here is the title- Bose Employee Discount.

Bose has always been your music companion? The portable friend you always carry around be it a calm evening or a party or just listening to your favorite song with your best friend or a romantic evening with a lot of soothing tunes? The list can go on and on. Ever wondered about that small box-shaped companion you take with you, being in any mood with you would have originated. Ever wondered whose brainchild is BOSE? Well, here you go.

Bose corporation commonly known as Bose, is an American manufacturing company. They predominantly have audio equipment on sale. But Bose very well knows how to maintain their line of equipment. They have a variety of product lines. Let’s start with their automotive. Just like how they say the first attempt failure is always a charm. The first attempt to sell an aftermarket car speaker was unsuccessful, which was led to Bose’s first OEM audio installation in an MY 1983 Cadillac Seville. Since then, Bose has supplied audio supplied to a huge number of car manufactures. 2004 was a big break for Bose. They launched a prototype active suspension system. The highlight feature of this one was that, instead of hydraulic/pneumatic power, electromagnetic motors were used.

Interestingly, Bose home audio products range includes: 

•Car audio (which was mentioned earlier)

•Stereo speakers (a trademark which all brands will have)

•Home Theatre

•Speakers with bass

Despite, the already launched product lines, Bose also had established their label providing the best commercial sound systems. In 1972 Bose established a new line of products called Bose Professional division and started installing public address systems. Surprisingly, in 2009, the division was held responsible for almost 60% of Bose’s annual revenue. 

They have their company factories almost all over the United States. Precisely, they are located in Framingham, Massachusetts which is also their headquarters. They are also located in Westborough, Massachusetts, and Stow, Massachusetts. And internationally, they have their factories in Mexico which are located in Tijuana and San Luis Rio Colorado. Their international extension doesn’t end there. They have their Malaysian Bose factory in Batu Kawan. In addition to this, they have the company’s Asia-Pacific and their Middle East distribution from there.


It was 1964. Amar Bose along with T W Lee his angel investor, thesis advisor, and professor and his angel investor found the Bose Corporation in Massachusetts. Just like how we say necessity is the mother of invention, Amar was also driven by the same force and thought. It all started in 1956 when he purchased a stereo system. He was so disappointed in its performance that he made himself think about what can be done to improve one’s performance. He developed this whole idea of using multiple speakers which has the potential to reflect the sound and replicate the sound of a concert hall. 

In 1966, the Bose 2201 became the first product sold by the company. It was an unusual design consisting of 22 speakers, with many of them facing away from the listener. 2201 was designed to be located in the corner of a room, using reflections off the walls to increase the apparent size of the room. 2201 was a failure in the market and was discontinued after three or four years.


Bose, have this tradition of not exposing their method of manufacturing nor their employee program. They are particular about not disclosing their details and procedures. However, the Bose employees receive discounts on Bose products and have access to supplier discount programs for other products as well. There is a program called Bose Partner Purchase Program | Product savings | Wellness. So, basically, this program is a benefit provided by Bose to students and participating companies.


The whole purpose of an employee discount program is to help your employees save money on things they typically buy, experiences they have the services they need. When you offer these types of discounts, they will perceive this benefit as worthwhile. More than a reduction in the cost or the money they would save out of a discount, it’s more about the loyalty of the employee that is rewarded. There is a sense of belongingness that sprouts. Every single move of a person is generated due to some kind of motivation. Many for that matter. Our motivation to move, act, speak, work. Many things. The benefits an employee avail motivates them to give their full potential back to their company. This in turn gives the company quality work from the employee’s end. This satisfies both.

Bose Employee Discount

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