BMO Vacation Policy and PTO

Bank of Montreal is a financial service-providing company operating in North America. It provides services of personal banking and financial investment advice. Like any other big organization, it has specific policies related to the welfare of its employees. One such approach is paid time off and vacation policy. Here we will see about BMO Vacation Policy and PTO.

BMO Vacation Policy and PTO

Paid time off (PTO) allows a specific number of hours or days with a paid status to utilize for any purpose as willed by the employees. In BMO, it is the time duration for which an employee takes leave from work, and the company also pays for these vacations. 

BMO has designed a PTO or Paid time off policy that combines the off days of employees with sick days and vacations rather than assigning separate hours or days to each category or reason. The company has done this because there are no specific laws related to the timings of minimum vacations, so PTO serves as proper guidance to employees regarding their vacations and work-off timings. The PTO policy allows their employees to have 10 to 15 days off in a year which are paid leaves. The monthly package of the company for all the employees in this regard is around $1000 to $1500.

Pros of BMO’s Paid Time off (PTO)

For Employees

One of the advantages of BMO’s paid time off is that it gives more time for vacations to those employees who do not use the bank’s working hours to do their stuff. If the time is available, then employees have the opportunity to utilize it for unexpected situations. The employees can maintain a balance between work and personal life because of short off timings availability.

For Company

Their PTO policy has also served as an incentive in their hiring process for new employees. The company can keep employees happy by allowing them to avail of paid time off in case of sickness.

Cons of BMO’s Paid Time off (PTO)

For Company

The company must pay the paid time off even if the employee leaves. Sometimes the employees keep their vacations intact, and many employees may simultaneously take their days off at the end of the year. The reason is to avail the paid holidays in the end and relax, but this causes difficulties for the company to manage their work during those hours as there might be no alternate staff available.

For Employees

The employees may avail of their PTO at once, and when they become sick later in life, they might still have to work or take leave without any payment. Some employees think that individual representation of their vacations and sick leaves is better than collective representation as Paid Time Off.

BMO Vacation Policy and PTO

The employees of the Bank of Montreal consider the paid time off policy as one of the best-paid policies of the company after health benefits. The company has kept, on average, $1000 to $1500 cash per month for PTO and benefits packages for its employees. 

The paid time off consists of 10 to 15 days, depending on how long you have been serving the company. The sick leaves consist of 5 days; vacation days are ten, whereas 4-5 days constitute personal days off. 

The days off can also be carried forward to the first quarter of the following year if you did not avail it throughout the year.

PTO at BMO Facts

According to, 49% of employees get a floating holiday. 65% of the employees said they are paid the benefits under PTO when leaving the company. There was an agreement among 48% of the employees that PTO is easy to apply, whereas 13% stayed neutral in replying to this query. Some disagree and say that PTO is difficult to use. 

According to 93% of the employees surveyed by Indeed, paid sick leaves are to reset each year. The working hours of the majority of the employees are also flexible.

According to 53% of the employees, they received 10 to 20 paid leaves in a year, whereas 28% were also able to grab 20 plus paid days off in a year, continuing from their last year. 43% of them availed the complete paid vacations in a year, whereas 20% only availed of a week’s paid holidays.

48% of employees could grab 6 to 10 days of paid sick leaves, whereas 25% could grab five days of paid sick leaves. Personal days off were given to 31% of the employees for 10 to 20 days as asked by them. This shows that applying the BMO paid time off is easy and flexible. 

No paid personal days off were provided to 16% of the employees for unknown reasons. 14 % and 9% of the employees could grab seven and 20 plus personal days off in a year. 4 % were lucky to enjoy it for a month because of their experience and a more significant number of working years in the company.

The majority of employee are happy with the company’s maternity and paternity leaves policy. Overall the employee benefit policies, including the paid time off policy, are flexible and easy to apply.

Facts about the Bank of Montreal

Number of full-time employees43,863
Earnings per share$12.52
Past five years’ growth rate10.47%
Total Revenue26,282,000
Average estimated annual salary$87,588

According to the company workers, they work at a fast pace, which is also comfortable. The number of working hours per day for the BMO employees is 8.2 hours. The company provides feedback on performance to employees once a year, and the employees consider their work environment as positive in the majority. The Paid Time off policy of the company comes under highly appreciated benefits offered by the company. The employees have also enjoyed this on job searching websites like indeed and glassdoor.


Bank of Montreal is among the most influential financial institutions in North America. It has kept its employees happy with its employee benefits policies, including the Paid Time off Policy. This policy is among the best approaches exercised by the company. Not only is this paid, but it also has the option of being carried forward to the first quarter of the following year. The company employees work positively when they know that their company cares for their mental health by providing them with desired paid leaves. Through this article we have learned about BMO Vacation Policy and PTO.


What are the pros of joining BMO as an employee?

BMO gives vacation and paid holidays to its employees along with sick leaves, disability leaves, and maternity leaves. All this time off from work is essential for the well-being of the employees, so it serves as a big pro of joining BMO as an employee.

How many days of paid leaves are given to the employees of BMO?

The employees of the Bank of Montreal are given paid leaves of around 15 days, including sick leaves and other vacations.

What is the advantage of paid time off for the Bank of Montreal?

The paid time off the program of the Bank of Montreal helps it present it as an incentive for potential employees to join them and work harder to avail of their paid vacations all at once.

BMO Vacation Policy and PTO

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