How To Email A Recruiter?


A recruiter is a person who is responsible to recruit well-versed and skilled people for the job. Convincing the recruiter about your efficiency as an employer is a real task to accomplish. Applying for jobs and creating a positive impact about yourself is quite a serious and hard task to accomplish and as they say “The first impression is the last impression”. It is very crucial to convince the recruiter about your capability and expertise. We will discuss in detail how to email a recruiter, they do not and they do to attract positive engagement in your email. 

How To Email A Recruiter?

How To Email A Recruiter?

A recruiter gets thousands of emails daily for selection and recruitment. Now he or she can’t check every detail of everyone if it is in the same pattern and has no innovation involved in it. Your dissimilarity to other resumes and emails is something that is going to catch the attention of the recruiter and develop an affinity within him to know more about you and your job profile.

Well, there are uncountable ways to improve your email skills to attract the attention of the recruiter. However, one of the most important things that are to be kept in mind while writing an email is the written language. The language written should be lucid and easily understandable with minimum or no grammatical mistakes in it. Grammatical mistakes indicate your weaknesses yet it makes your email not worth it and irritating for the recruiter to read. 

Writing a letter to a recruiter should be on a formal basis and it is not informal. While writing an email one must be very careful about the formal tone used in the writing, this leaves a positive impact on the applicant and increases the chance to get recruited. You shouldn’t sound reluctant and reckless about the job and casually write an email, instead, one is required to be proactive. This is yet another way to email a recruiter. However, a deeper analysis of the ways to email a recruiter is given as follows.

The recruiter looks for new and fresh talent and allows them to work and gain experience. While the way mail has been written to recruiters matters, the qualifications and ability to carry out a task are of great importance. Forming a detailed and precise email message with a definite format just makes the task easier.

Ways To Email A Recruiter

Recruiters pay little or no interest in boring similarly structured emails. You must attract him to pay details to your email. The above-mentioned paragraph provides a gist of the ways to text a recruiter, here we will be  discussing the steps to email a recruiter i.e. How to email a recruiter:

  • Start With A Proper Introduction: Introducing yourself in a good and organized manner over anything is something that creates a positive image about you in your recruiter’s mind. The introduction should be framed in such a way that it should contain all about you in short, rather it should be like a 5-minute trailer of you. A well-structured introduction grabs 40% of the attention.
  • Clear And Accurate: The email written should be accurate and should not be based on false misleading statements. It should clearly describe you, your achievements, your experience, and any other related information in a simplified and brief manner so that the recruiter doesn’t find it tedious to go through your email. 
  • Intention: Your intention and seriousness about the post you have applied for should be maintained throughout the email. Your intentions must be positive and reflect a positive impact on you on the recruiter. 
  • Well Written: The use of fillers and irrelevant information is to be strictly eliminated. The recruiter should not be given filler content to increase the bulk of the email. It should be well written. This is one of the most crucial steps that are to be followed while mailing a recruiter about the job. 
  • Formal And Respectful: The language used should precisely be formal and respectful. Since you are applying for a job, if you act casual about it you will be taken for casual as well. Formal and respectful language is a step that leaves a good impact.
  • Distinct Features: According to statistics, only 2% of the people qualify for the recruitment process. It is because their approach contains a balanced proportion of all the steps mentioned above. Moreover, your email must contain distinct features. Your qualifications will be understood and read-only if you know how to throw light on them.
  • Recruiter Friendly: The content should be presented in such a way that it becomes easier for the recruiter to respond to it. 

These are a few steps that are to be followed while writing a letter regarding recruitment to the recruiter. 

Format Of The Email

While we discussed the steps to write an email, it is important to discuss the format of the email. Following are the steps to maintain a proper format of email to attract the attention of the recruiter:

  • Subject Line: A short and precise subject line that describes your job profile in just a few meaningful keywords is the first thing that is to be written. 
  • Salutation: Using the format “Respected Mr./Mrs. Name” creates a positive impact and increases the chance of getting selected. 
  • How Did You Get To Know About The Job: “The world revolves around references”. It is important to mention where you get to know about the recruiter and the job. This attracts the attention of the recruiter. 
  • Qualifications: After mentioning all the above-mentioned details in the same order, it is now important to write about your educational qualifications. It should be written in a particular order. Preferably in descending order for example Masters in Commerce, Bachelors in Commerce, 12th standard (board), and 10th standard (board). You can add some extra qualifications. 
  • Experience: A list of your experience and expertise increases the chance of being approached. 
  •  Show Interest: It is required to conclude the email by asking them for future interactions. 
  • Acknowledge: “Thanking you in anticipation” adding this as an acknowledgment after ending the email shows your gratitude towards the recruiter. 
  • Contact Details: Providing your name and contact details such as email id and phone number shows your interest in the job and further connections. It creates a complete impact on the recruiter and he would surely consider you while sorting out further proceedings. 

Things that should be avoided

Since we are discussing, how to email a recruiter it is of utmost importance to make a note of the fact that there are a few things that should be avoided so that your email does not end up being discarded or ignored: 

  • Vague: Writing an email just for the sake of applying for a job without providing requisite information is a negative point that is to be avoided. It is required to go through the details and apply for the job with the will to apply for it.
  • Bulky Information: Emails are supposed to be short and to the point. Making an application email bulky and filled with useless information is going to get your email discarded. So while applying for a job the enclosure email should not be unnecessarily long. 
  • Not Following the Format: If you start writing from your qualifications without providing your information the enclosed email will look incomplete and these emails have the highest chance of being discarded. 
  • Using Informal Language: You are not writing a casual email to a friend or well acquaintance. It is a formal enclosure and should be presented in the same manner. Using informallang language disrespectful towards the recruiter might be a reason your email might get discarded.


From statistical data, it is found that 51% of recruiters respond to people that have covered an email within 75-100 words. Since a recruiter receives numerous emails and inquiries regarding the job he is concerned with he would always search for a well-structured email that will contain all the details in such a way that it becomes convenient for him to go through them in such a way that is easy and consumes less time. 

“How to email a recruiter?” In simpler terms, it should be lucid, free from filler content, to the point, and apt. Your approach should be clear i.e. seeking the attention of the recruiter so that it becomes easier to get into the job. 

How To Email A Recruiter?

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