Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources

For a sustainable life, the consumption of natural resources should be controlled. Otherwise, our ecosystem will suffer serious damage. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is an agency in the United States, dedicated to controlling the use of natural resources to maintain ecosystem balance. It offers job opportunities to many citizens with its work. 

Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources

Wisconsin DNR conducts studies focused on the conservation of natural resources and living things. Covering a continent with such a rich ecosystem as the United States requires Wi DNR to be located throughout the US. For this reason, there is a Wi DNR office in almost every region of America.

Wi DNR was formed in 1967 in the US, by the coordination of The Conservation Department and The Department of Resource Development. As Wi DNR is a government agency, it can carry out large-scale studies. Since they already have a government agency identity, they do not have any trouble getting permission to work. In addition, since these researches are recorded within the government, they are carried out meticulously and the accuracy of the data is important. DNR workers maintain seafood, animals, forests, campgrounds, airspace, and water resources in collaboration with individuals and groups, all while encouraging a healthy, eco-friendly future and a diverse spectrum of leisure pursuits.  

Every country has its unique ecosystem. When a country’s ecosystem is damaged, that affects its future. At this point, environmental departments play an efficient role with the precautions they cause with their research. For instance, Australia is a continent with a highly diverse ecosystem. Especially after the catastrophic fire that took place in 2019, the natural habitats of the continent were in great danger. At this point, a serious effort is required to save the continent. This gives the related Departments a broad scope of work. Likewise, the research and studies of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are important so that the United States does not cause such natural or human-made disasters.

Wisconsin DNR Centers

Wisconsin DNR has 13 offices, which are all located in Australia. Currently, Wisconsin DNR centers are Madison, Eau Claire, Fitchburg, Green Bay, Janesville, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Rhinelander, Spooner, Waukesha, Wausau, and Woodruff.

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1-Madison /Central Office

Madison is the center of Wisconsin, so the central office of Wisconsin DNR. It is the most crowded city in Wisconsin. Four lakes pass near Madison. That means Madison has a rich habitat for sea creatures. Madison office locates on 101 S WEBSTER Street, MADISON WI 53703. Fax numbers for the Madison office are 608-266-2621 and 608-261-4380.

2-Eau Claire

ESU Claire is a touristic city in Wisconsin. That makes it important for the conservation of natural recourses and animals. Wi DNR’s EAU Claire office is especially responsible for plantations. A touristic place means the destroying of the city’s green places to new instructions. EAU Claire office locates on 1300 W CLAIREMONT, EAU CLAIRE WI 54701. Fax numbers for the EAU Claire office are 715-839-3700 and 715-839-6076.


Fitchburg is among the middle cities in Wisconsin. Its office is responsible for landscapes and deforestation research. Fitchburg office locates at 3911 FISH HATCHERY RD, FITCHBURG WI 53711. Fax numbers for Fitchburg are 608-275-3266 and 608-275-3338.

4-Green Bay

Green Bay, which is a “Green” district as it is named, is one of the important locations of WiDNR. Green Bay office locates at 2984 Shawano Ave, Green Bay WI 54313-6727. Fax numbers for Green Bay are 920-662-5100 and 920-662-5413.


Janesville has 800 hectares of parklands. That explains why DNR should locate here. Janesville office locates at 2514 MORSE ST, JANESVILLE WI 53545. Fax numbers for Janesville are 608-743-4800 and 608-743-4801.

6-La Crosse

The Mississippi River crosses along with the La Crosse. La Crosse office locates on 3550 MORMON COULEE RD, LA CROSSE WI 54601. Fax numbers for La Crosse are 608-785-9000 and 608-785-9990.


Milwaukee is a seaside city. It allows the office focuses on underwater resources. It is the largest city in Wisconsin. Milwaukee office locates at 1027 WEST ST, PAUL AVE, MILWAUKEE, WI 53233. Fax numbers for Milwaukee are 414-263-8500 and 414-263-8606.


Oshkosh office locates at 625 E COUNTY RD Y STE 700, OSHKOSH WI 54901-9731. Fax numbers for Oshkosh are 920-424-3050 and 920-424-4404.


Rhinelander office locates at 107 SUTLIFF AVE, RHINELANDER WI 54501. Fax numbers for Rhinelander are 715-365-8900 and 715-365-8932.


Cable and Spooner Lakes cross along with this city. Spooner office locates at 810 W MAPLE ST, SPOONER WI 54801. Fax numbers for Spooner are 715-635-2101 and 715-635-4105.


Waukesha office locates at 141 NW BARSTOW ROOM 180, WAUKESHA WI 53188. Fax numbers for Waukesha are 262-574-2100 and 262-574-2128.


Wausau office locates at 225051 RIB MOUNTAIN DRIVE, WAUSAU WI 54401. Fax numbers for Wausau are 715-359-4522 and 715-355-5253.


Woodruff is a city with a large number of forests. Therefore, it is rich in biodiversity. Woodruff office locates at 8770 COUNTY J, WOODRUFF WI 54568. Fax numbers for Woodruff are 715-356-5211 and 715-358-2352.


Wisconsin DNR is an essential organization for every state, even every country, that operates comprehensively within a single state of America. It is a very important step for the future of the state to work on many issues such as the protection of natural resources and the assurance of the life of living things. It has offices in almost every city in Wisconsin. Each of these offices works in different areas due to their location. Thus, the Wisconsin DNR appears to be an organization that conducts extensive and productive research. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1- Wi DNR offices accepting visitors? 

Of course, you can call to make an appointment or send a fax. 

2- What should those who want to work as a volunteer do? 

Volunteering application forms are published at certain times of the year. You can make your application by filling out the forms, and then you can show your willingness by sending an e-mail introducing yourself. 

3- Do I need criteria such as graduating from fields related to the environment to be able to work voluntarily? 

Since the working area of ​​Wi DNR is very wide, it is possible to volunteer in any field. Of course, some areas require professionalism, but you can volunteer in simpler areas that are suitable for you.

Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources

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