What Does OBJ Mean? 

OBJ is one of those words that might confuse you if you’re just looking for a simple answer but instead get bombarded with multiple meanings and no context. After reading this, you won’t be lost in conversation or on the internet the next time you hear or see the word OBJ.

What Does OBJ Mean?

 OBJ has multiple meanings! 

Its most common meanings are “objective” and “object”. But that’s not where the list ends. You’ll find that some meanings of OBJ come from initials and acronyms that you may or may not know so read on to find out more definitions! 

How Many Meanings Does OBJ Have? 

If you’ve been scrolling on the internet long enough, you’ve probably stumbled across the word “OBJ”. Maybe you’ve seen it in some Google searches, articles, apps, or social media and you’ve ignored it because you had no idea what it meant. Or maybe instead of ignoring it, you looked it up and still didn’t find an answer that made sense. 

The meaning you’re looking for depends on what you’re doing or who’s asking, the term can be used in education, technology, and software, as acronyms for places, people, and a lot more!  Below is a list of various meanings and in what scenarios they are most commonly used: 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • OBJ meanings in education 
  • OBJ meanings in technology and software 
  • OBJ Meaning in military 
  • OBJ meanings in gaming 
  • OBJ meanings in businesses 
  • OBJ meanings in people, places and, events 
  • OBJ meanings in slang 
  • OBJ meanings in law

Meanings In Education 

  • Objective: A certain goal or intention in a situation. 
  • Objective: Critically viewing a situation or item with no personal bias or feelings. This term is mostly used in philosophy and logic. 
  • Objective questions: This refers to a section of an examination where the questions are accompanied by multiple choice answers.
  • Object: This generally refers to a thing or item which can be seen, felt and touched. It is tangible in nature. 

Meanings In Technology And Software 

  • Object replacement character: This refers to a Unicode that is shown on a device that cannot display a certain character such as an emoji or image. It may appear as a box with OBJ written in it or a box with a cross inside. 
  • Object file format: This is a file format shown or saved as.OBJ. It can be exported to 3D editing software for editing. 

Meaning in Military 

  • On board jammer: This is an electrical device used to interfere with radars or other forms of frequency and detection. It is mostly used to protect or deny information to the opposing side. 

Meaning In Gaming 

  • Objective: This is commonly used in competitive and group video games such as adventure and shooting games. It is used to discover and discuss the best way to attain the goal or pass a level in the game. 
  • Object file extension: Video game creators use this universal 3D format when enhancing 3D objects or adding effects and graphics. 

Meanings In Businesses 

  • Ottawa Business Journal: This is a news coverage site and journal based in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Oh, Be Joyful: A pale ale American beer from Deschutes Brewery.
  • Orlando Business Journal: A news coverage publication based in Orlando, Florida. 
  • Ontario Blue Jays: The Ontario Blue Jays are a baseball club and program based in Ontario, Canada. 
  • Ocala Business Journal: This is a news journal publication based in Marion County, Florida. 

Meanings In People, Places, And Events  

  • Odell Beckham Jr: Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr is an American football player for the Cleveland Browns team.
  • Orange Blossom Jamboree: This is an annual art and music festival that is held in Brooksville, Florida. 
  • Owen Bennett-Jones: Owen Bennett-Jones is a British journalist and former news correspondent. 
  • Oh, Be Joyful: This is a hiking trail in Crested Butte, Colorado. It also has a recreation site, camp, and church located around it. 

Meanings In Slang 

  • Occasional blow job: This refers to a blow job (also called fellatio) that is given once in a while or casually. 
  • Obligatory blow job: This refers to a blow job that is given by a woman to a man in return for him going down on her(also known as cunnilingus).

Meanings In Law 

Objection: A term used in law to formally protest action or procedure in court, usually during a trial.

Offences Brought to Justice: Mostly used in UK law, this refers to the number of crimes and criminals that were caught and judged by appropriate law enforcement. 


With the wide array of potential definitions OBJ has, it’s a good idea to know them all! It also means that you can better use them in sentences or know what to do when you come across them online. 

It’s easy to get lost on the internet when you see terms like OBJ used without any prior context. After reading this article, you’ve got nothing to fear when you see it next! Plus, you also are now properly equipped to provide people or readers you may have with context when it comes to using OBJ in speaking or writing! 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What does OBJ mean on social media? 

On most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, OBJ refers to object replacement characters. 

This is a Unicode that is shown when your device is unable to display certain characters such as text, emojis, or other images. 

  1. Can I use OBJ casually or formally?

While you can use the term any way you like, consider what setting you are in first. If you’re in a more professional setting then it’s best to avoid using the abbreviation and spell it out in full to avoid potential confusion or coming off as unprofessional.

If you’re talking amongst friends or close colleagues, then feel free to use it in conversation or text!

  1. What does the OBJ emoji look like? 

Depending on the device or software you’re using, the OBJ emoji may look like a dotted or open box with OBJ written in it or a box with a cross or an “x” inside it. Below are examples of the image. 

What Does OBJ Mean? 

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